Niall Horan's family was going through change fast . After his brother left for the military his mom found a new home , a new job , and a new husband . They moved into the Styles home where Niall was forced to get along with his new step brother Harry Styles but what happens when Harry decides to get a little Too friendly with Niall ?


8. Chapter 8.

Niall's P.O.V

For the first time in forever I have actually been excited to come to school .I have friends ,I'm in social groups , and most importantly I'm on the football team .I woke up this morning with a smile on my face just imagining how good this year is gonna be . I even let Malinda run my bath . Usually I would stop her but I was too in a daze to even see her come in my room . I got in and washed my body . I brushed my teeth and dried my hair into a perfect quiff . I went to my closet then putting on my favourite outfit with my favourite pair of vans . After I finished getting dressed my phone then started to buzz . I picked it up reading my messages 

Hayyy Nialll ♥♥-Amber

We're really excited about you playing in the game tonight mind if we skip and come over your place -Austin 

Sure I dont mind :)-Niall

Hey I heard the team was skipping today .. I want in :3-Carter

Lol okay come over to my flat everyone will be here -Nialler 

I smiled at the fact my phone was buzzing with more than one number . Okay so maybe it wasnt like I was lonely or something in Ireland . It was just that I could only trust one person . How do I know I can trust these guys ? I have no Idea . I just hope I can because I love this chapter of my life and I just don't want it to go away that fast .

I let my room going downstairs and literally jumping into the kitchen . I opened the cabinet getting out a cup and get out the 2% milk . "Good Morning Malinda how are you this morning ?" I asked the already stressed maid . "Um I'm fine how are you Master Niall" She asked confused

"I'm just . GREAT . Today is a good day " I smiled chugging down my milk . She chuckled walking over to me with a napkin and wiping away my milk moustache . "How about you go wake up your brother for breakfast . I have a lot to do this morning " She sighed . I nodded running up the stairs to Harrys room .

I slowly opened his door to see him on his back with the pillow over his face . "Harry get up" I said . He didn't answer which told me he was sleep . I closed the door behind me and walked over to the bed . His snores got alittle louder . I started to shake him "Harrrry time to get up " I said . He still didn't wake up . I climbed ontop of his torso and took the pillow off of his head .

His pink lips parted while he snored . He looked so beautiful . I couldn't help myself from resting my hand on his chest and slowly kissing him while he slept so peacefully . Just then I heard a groan come from him and I quickly pulled back and immediately covered my face .

"Niall I know your right there " He chuckled . I looked between the crack in my fingers . "You must have really wanted to see me this morning huh ?" He smirked . "Malinda told me to come wake you up " I admitted . "Well good morning " He rose his head from the pillow and gently planted a kiss on my top lip .

I smiled into the kiss he began to continue . "Master Niall ,Master Harry your friends have arrived " I heard Terrances voice come from the other side of the door . "Um how about you get dressed and meet us downstairs we'll wait for you " I said getting off of him so he could get up . "Okay " Harry said . He got up from the bed walking to his closet .

I walked out the room and downstairs to the front room where Austin , Louis , Zayn , Alex , and the rest of the team was trying to fit on the couch . "Hey guys" I chuckled "Hey Niall!!" They all yelled . "Where's Carter ?" I asked them . Just then Terrance opened the door to Carter who was carrying all their football equitment .

"Oh N-Niall hey .. Get this off my neck!" He choked . I helped him get the stuff off of him . The Harry came downstairs dressed in the same colors as me and the same shoes ."Are we ready to go ?" He asked me . "Looks like we are . Who's up for waffle house ?" I asked everyone and I swear Alex was the first one out the door .

"Sorry she can be a little crazy when it comes to food .. Babe wait up!!" Zayn yelled . While everyone walked out I slipped my jacket on and grabbed my keys . "You riding with me ?" I asked Harry .

"Mhm " He hummed putting his jacket . I let him walk out first and I pinched his bum when he walked out . "Niall ! " He yelped . I chuckled "Sorry" . I shut the door behind .  

Liek for moar!!!!!!!


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