Niall Horan's family was going through change fast . After his brother left for the military his mom found a new home , a new job , and a new husband . They moved into the Styles home where Niall was forced to get along with his new step brother Harry Styles but what happens when Harry decides to get a little Too friendly with Niall ?


7. Chapter 7.

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Niall's P.O.V 


My eyes opened as I woke up with Harry in my arms . I rose from his mattress removing my arm from behind him. I grabbed my phone and unlocked it seeing messages I missed . 

Dude practice is about to start where you at - Zayn 

Oh sorry I fell asleep I'll be there in a second - Stiff

I rubbed my eyes getting off the bed and running into my room . I changed into some Nike shorts and a t shirt . I put on my Nike crew socks and my new Jordan's packing my cleats and the rest of my stuff in a gym bag . "Ni .." I heard a voice . I turned around to see Harry standing there . "Hey .. What's wrong ?" I asked him . "I just wanted to ask .. Why did you do that ?" He said . "Do what ?" I asked . "Why did you kiss me ?" He asked .

"I just .. You has something on your--" He cut me off . "No .. Really " He walked closer to me . " I .. I wanted to see if I felt something .." I admitted . "And .. What did you feel ?" He asked. "Soo many questions " I groaned . He chuckled . " I have to admit ... I felt something I have never felt before .. And It wasn't just because It was my first time kissing  a guy .. I guess I kissed a perfect guy . And you were the only guy which makes it more special "I explained .

".. You felt something special when you kissed me " He blushed . I chuckled . "Your blushing " I whispered . I took his chin between my fingers and stared at the oddly beautiful boy . He tried to look away . "No No .. Let me look at you "I turned his head towards me . I let my lips brush against his perfect pink ones .

A smile crept o his face before I kissed his lips slowly . I stuck my tongue in his mouth and I let him to the same thing to me . Then the moment was interrupted by my phone ringing . "Oh that's probably Zayn I gotta go " I said getting my phone and my bag . "Let me come with " He said . "Alright come on " I held out my hand . He grabbed it and we both walked out to my car together . 


When we got there I ran over to the guys as quick as I could . "Sorry I'm late I was dealing with Harry " I sighed . "It cool get out there Lou needs to see" Austin said pushing me out to the field . Some fat kid was at the goal blocking . "If you can make the ball through him in a bad ass routine .. You're on the team " Louis said . I sighed "Okaaay" I sighed . I sat the ball down in front of me .

I started to kick in a nice routine I got closer to the goal then kicking it pass the fat guy . He wasn't so good at moving . Everyone clapped except the guy on the floor who was in pain . Then a bunch of girl started running towards me . I just shrugged walking back over to the guy . "You are the first one to actually make it through him .. He usually pops the ball to stop it " Austin chuckled .

I smiled . "Welcome to the team " Zayn smiled giving me a purple jacket that said the Cheshire Jaguars on it , the number 23 and Horan on the top . "Thanks . This is an honor" I smiled . "No problem . Well we gotta go get ready for the pep rally tonight make sure you look nice and wear your jacket " Louis said to me .

"Okay see you then " I said . The all walked away meeting up with their girlfriends and whatnot . I grabbed my bag and my phone off the bench . "Niall that was amazing! " Harry yelled running towards me . "Thanks ..are you coming to the pep rally with me ?" I asked him as we started to walk out . "Yeah .. Do you want me to " He asked smiling .

"Of course .. I'd love you too " I said making him blush once more . "Ok ... I'll go as long as you let me wear your jersey ." He smiled . "Okay fair enough " I said as we walked to the car . 


I sat in the front with the rest of the team and admired how sexy Harry looked in my Jersey while he was talking to Carter and the twins . It was surprising how fast me and him got close . And it all happened over a kiss . Of course  never thought I would become gay . I've always liked girl I've always been straight but I didn't think It would change once I met my stepbrother . I hated him at first I don't understand what is happening to me . I just wanna kiss him all the time now and I don't know why . Maybe I'm falling in love .. I don't know . 

"Now we have some epic entertainment for our team . I would like to introduce a band .. Starring my boyfriend . My hubby . My boothang --" Alex took the mic from Amber "Ladies and gentlemen Introducing Nocturnal " She said . Everyone clapped . Liam , Zayn and some other guys walk on the big stage . They started to play a song that must be an original and everyone started dancing . I looked from a far at Who was dancing with the twins in a weird fashion I just laughed to myself . When they finished everyone cheered "Shout out to the team and shout out to our new player number 23 Niall Horan" Zayn said . Everyone cheered as I stood up . Who ever thought the whole student body would be cheering for me . nothing like this would have ever happened at my old school honestly .. I guess I'm happy I'm here . 





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