Niall Horan's family was going through change fast . After his brother left for the military his mom found a new home , a new job , and a new husband . They moved into the Styles home where Niall was forced to get along with his new step brother Harry Styles but what happens when Harry decides to get a little Too friendly with Niall ?


6. Chapter 6.

Niall's P.O.V


I woke up with the worst headache ever! I don't remember how I got home . Nor do I remember getting into my pajamas . Oh well at least I had a good time .The bad news is I still had to come to school today . Not excatly what I expected yah know .. Having a major headache and all .

My mum would have kept me home . I walked in the school building and walked to my locker and put my stuff in . "Hey Niall" I heard Carters voice . I turned to him waving at me . "Hey what's up ?" I said . "Nothing .. Just have a huge headache ! My mum wouldn't let me stay home " He groaned "Neither would my maid or butler so I guess we're both stuck here" I sighed .


"I'm thinking of making up a lie so I can go home .. Like it was a half day . Everyone who went to Austin's party is leaving at 11 o'clock " He chuckled . I chuckled too . "Oh my god your shorts go up your ass!" A girl yelled . "Don't hate because you can't rock this " The other girl said "Oh shut up .. Hey Carter " The girl waved .

The 2 girls were twins except one had curly hair and the other had long straight hair . "Hey I see you 2 are fighting again " Carter said . "I'm done with her " The curly haired one rolled her eyes . I chuckled as the Long haired one stuck her middle finger out at her .

"Oh guys this is Niall . Niall these are the twins Alex and Amber " Carter introduced . I waved "Hi" I smiled . "Hello " Alex waved . "Why hello Niall .. Wow you are really cute " Amber walked over to me . I felt very uncomfortable as she squeezed my arm "Wow you are really strong " She smirked .

"I see what you mean by school whore " I whispered to Carter . He nodded . I heard a high pitched scream come from Alex . "Zayniee!!" She squealed running towards Zayn who was walking this way " Whoa babe wait til I get to my locker next time " He chuckled . She giggled as he kissed her lips .

Oh yeah now I remember Alex . "I've missed you " He smiled . "I've missed you too " She smiled at him . He looked up "Hey you know Horan right babe ?" Zayn asked Alex . "Yeah .. Wait aren't you Harry's stepbrother " She asked . "Uh .. Yeah Stepbrothers since last week . " I nodded .

I'm surprised at how many people already know I'm Harry's stepbrother and I haven't even been here for a week . Its weird . "Hey what's up you guys . Hey beautiful " Liam walked up to everyone and kissed Amber . He looked up and saw me and Carter "Hey what's up Stiff .. Niall " He smiled . We both waved awkwardly .

"You know what I'm just gonna .. Go get some starbucks you want some ?" Carter asked me nervously . "Uh .. Yeah " I said . He grabbed his bookbag and speed walked away . "So uh Niall we were thinking and we are looking for a New member of the team " Zayn said . "A new member as what the water boy " I chuckled . "No .. We need a new Halfback Cody hurt his leg and can't play anymore " Zayn sighed . "Oh .. Well yeah sure .. I guess " Though I was hiding it . I was happy I was fitting in just fine .

At my old school yeah I had a lot of friends but it wasn't that easy to make friends . I started out with Iris and after that it took me a couple months . "Cool Meet me at the field so we can see what you've got . " He said "Okay .. See you then I guess " I said and he grabbed Alex's hand and walked off with her .

"Well um babe I'm gonna go to study hall I'm coming over tonight . Bye . Love you " Amber said and kissed Liam's cheek then walking away . "Wow she's uh .. something else " I chuckled "Yeah I know . That's why I fell in love with her " He smiled .

I smiled back "That's really nice " I said . "Thanks .. Well I got band practice .are you gonna come to the pep rally tonight after practice for the game tomorrow ?" Liam asked me . "Um Yeah sure "He nodded smiling . He nodded back then walking away . Liam is pretty cool .

Though he can be a little scary .. I look pass that . I picked up my book bag and began to walk down the hallway "Hey Niall !" Louis called . I walked over to him "Hey what's up ?" I asked . "Have you seen Harry anywhere ?" He asked . "No he left before me this morning " I said. "Oh okay well when you see him tell him I need to talk to him . Its important " Louis said . "Alright" I said . He then walked away . I began to walk again and I came to the side of the school door .

As I walked passed it I saw a figure sitting there . I walked back to it seeing Harry sitting there his hood on his head . He looked upset . Though I strongly disliked him I couldn't stand to see him like that . I walked out the door and slowly walked towards him . I stood infront of him and when he looked up his eyes were very red . "Whoa Harry are you alright ? . What's wrong ?" I asked him .

"I don't feel so good " He pouted . "Why what's wrong " I asked . Before he could answer he vomitted everywhere . and it was green "Ew gross . Are you sick ?" I asked him patting his back to make sure he was finished "I don't know " He groaned . I sighed . I don't wanna take him to the nurse we all know they don't do much of shit . "Come on I'm gonna take you home " I said . I picked him up and carried out out the other way through the gate and to my car . I put him in the backseat and got in driving him home .


When we got home I carried him in the house and took him upstairs "Wow you're strong " He said . "Oh shut up Harry " I sighed . This had to be a hangover . I opened his door putting him in his bed . "Alright stay here and rest til I get home " I said about to leave . "No stay " He pleaded . "Why ?" I sighed . "Because I wanna talk to somebody " He said .

I rolled my eyes walking over to his bed and sitting on the bed with him . "Lay down " He said . I did as told and laid down on the bed . Anything to make this bastard feel better . I guess . "You know .. I remember alot about last night " He said . "Yeah Harry I'm pretty sure you do " I said closing my eyes . "I do .. Like Zayn kissed some girl and Austin . Liam kissed pretty much everyone .. And you kissed me " He mumbled the last part . I looked at him a little shocked "Excuse me ?" I said .

"N-Nothing "He said . "No .. I could have sworn you said .. I kissed you " I repeated it . "Well you did " He said . I started to stress . "Okay okay calm down calm down this can't be happening " I panicked . "Come on you don't need to stress about anything .. our parents will never know " He said . "SO WHAT ?! I'm just supposed to forget I kissed my own brother "I yelled . I sat back down on the bed with my head in my hands ".. Well if I means anything to you .. I liked it " He admitted .

I looked at him "Really ?" I asked him . This cannot be real . He nodded biting his lip . I thought for a second . I kinda remember that too . I never felt a kiss like I felt that one and it was weird . I wanted to kiss him more . I turned all the way around and pushed him back on the bed . "Whoa what are you doing ?" Harry chuckled .

I got ontop of him "Just let it happen " I said . I attached my lips onto his kissing him slowly . I don't really know how I felt about what I just did . It was weird but it felt so right He began to kiss me back pulling on my hairs in the back of my head . Like what I just said . Just let it happen 

LIEK FOR MOARRRR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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