Niall Horan's family was going through change fast . After his brother left for the military his mom found a new home , a new job , and a new husband . They moved into the Styles home where Niall was forced to get along with his new step brother Harry Styles but what happens when Harry decides to get a little Too friendly with Niall ?


5. Chapter 5

Niall's P.O.V


After the class I went straight to the football field with Carter . Practice begins at 3:00 and right now its 2:47 . "So do you like having Harry as a step brother ?" Carter asked . He's been asking me questions since we got out of the building

"Well its only been 2 days and I already wish I had a chair for a brother instead of him " I said honestly . He laughed . Carter is weird but a good type of weird I guess . Is it weird I find him kinda attractive ? . We finally made our way to the benches the players usually sit . 

Players were already there for practice so I just moved their stuff making room for me to sit down . I watched the guys start to do stretches and noticed the familiar faces of those guys from earlier . I knew one of their names was Louis because all day Harry was hanging out with him .

"Hey aren't those 3 Harry's friends ?" I asked  Carter pointed to the guys on the field . "Yeah that's them " He smiled "So .. All his friends play except him ? "I asked to be sure . "Pretty much .. except Liam of course " He shrugged .

I've heard so far alot of bad things about this Liam Character . But when I talked to him he wasn't so bad .. I don't know I guess . I shrugged my shoulder moments later almost getting hit in the head with a football . "Hey!!" I yelled . "Whoa calm down I'm sure they didn't mean it " Carter said . I watched them all laugh

. "Oh they meant it alright " I growled . I grabbed the ball and walked over to them "Wait Niall !!" Carter yelled soon then following me . 

"Hey fuckers " I said getting all their attention . "Watch where you kick the ball next time yeah ?" I said tossing the ball back to  the Louis guy in the middle . "Well sorry damn its not like we meant to do it on purpose " He pointed out . I rolled my eyes getting ready to walk back . "Wait aren't you Niall ? or something like that " I heard a different voice .

I turned back "Why ?" I asked crossing my arms . "You're Harry's step-brother everyone knows that .. I'm Zayn .. that's Louis right here is Austin " He responded . They all held out their hands . Well atleast they act nothing like Harry .

I shook their hands giving a little smile . "H-Hey Carter" Austin stuttered . Carter was looking somewhere else . I elbowed him "What ?! Oh .. Hey Austin " Carter then waved . I just looked at them confused as they gave each other some awkward eye contact . "Um anyway .." Louis began snapping me out of the gaze I had fixed on Carter and Austin .

"We are having a little party tonight at Austin's everyone's gonna be there you should come with Harry " Louis suggested . I had to think about this . Do I really wanna go with Harry .. I could just go by myself but I don't know how I'm gonna get there . "I'm coming too atleast you won't be by yourself " Carter said .

"Yeah Stiff is coming come on Niall " Zayn pleaded . I chuckled . "Alright .. But I won't be coming with Harry .. I have my own car " I said just lying . "Oh cool what do you drive ?" Austin asked . "Oh um .. a 2014 uh .. Challenger .." I thought up the lie . I thought it up quick . "Nice I got the same car mine is black " Zayn said .

"Mine is black too .. I just got black rims on it " I said . "Cool " He said . I smiled a little confident in myself . Though I didn't really have a car and the fact if I did have one it wouldn't be a Challenger I felt like I was wanted with these easily impressed people . "Lou!!" I heard a voice yell .

And right then .. Harry came running towards us . "Hey El said she couldn't make the party tonight . She said she already had plans with the rest f the cheerleading team .. Sorry mate " Harry mumbled . "She's cancelling on me a lot lately .. Oh well I guess I don't need her while I'm hanging out with my best mate in the world " He wrapped a arm around Harry's shoulder .

Harry was smiling until he looked up and saw me standing there . My smile disappeared when he came over here . "What is he doing over here ?" Harry asked . "Oh we were just inviting him to the party tonight . He's really cool . He could become one of the guys " Zayn smiled .

I looked back at Harry smirking "Yeah .. One of the guys .. Well I'll see you at home Harry . See you guys at the party ." I waved . "Later Niall " Carter said waving back . I walked back to the bench grabbing my things . I could see the pissed off in Harry's eyes but I didn't care . It didn't bother me how upset he will be when he gets home . It just proves luck is getting a little better for me . 

(At Home)

I looked in the mirror fixing my hair . Austin texted me saying to look nice but I don't know how nice he meant so I dressed as nice as possible . I walked out the bathroom seeing Harry standing by the wall with a scowl on his face . "Stare much ?" I asked walking into my room . "Who the hell do you think you are ?!" He asked following me .

"Um Niall Horan .. "I answered putting on my black varsity jacket . "No you can't just fucking steal my friends ! " He yelled "Correction they chose me " I said . "Like they'll ever accept you . They're just using you " Harry said . "Using me ? All they did was invite me to a fucking party calm down " I yelled .

"Yeah to fuck with you .. They're gonna invite you to this party just to fuck with your mind thinking you're their friends " He said . "Look I don't care if you don't want me to go . You can stop me all you want to " I said pushing passed him about to walk down the stairs . "You know what . I fucking hate you . I wish you weren't here and I wish you weren't apart of my family !!" He yelled .

I stopped in my tracks . I didn't know If I should feel angry or upset . But I know that I always mean what I say . I let my words spill fr my mouth "You weren't saying that when you had my dick in your mouth now were you ?" I asked coldly .

He tensed up . "What are you talking about ?" He asked kinda confused . Then I thought about what I said . I forgot he was drunk and didn't remember any of that "N-Nothing " I mumbled . "Master Niall your car is here " Terrance called .

"Oh uh .. Here I come " I said . I looked back at Harry just standing there . He looked at me and I quickly turned away walking down the stairs and outside to my rented Challenger for tonight . I don't think I could look at Harry another second . Those perfect green eyes stared back at me making me forget everything I said about him .. wait what ? . I shook all the thoughts out my head and started the car then driving down the street slowly .This is a rental I can't risk getting in any crashes or anything . 


I arrived at the party soon meeting up with Carter and a couple people from lunch earlier . They're a bunch of rejects but I don't mind hanging out with them . "Hey Niall !" I heard someone call my name . I turned to Austin who was calling me over to a booth with the rest of his friends and some whore . Literally whores from school . Me and Carter walked over meeting up with everyone .

"Hey Carter sit next to me " Austin smiled . Carter smiled back sitting down next to Austin .. Is he really that excited ? . "So we are gonna play dares shall we ?" Zayn smirked "What about truth ?" I asked . They laughed "There is no truth " Zayn chuckled . "Oh.." Was all I said . I looked away then seeing Harry walking through the crowd of people . I didn't think he would come after what I said .

"Harry hurry we're about to play " Louis called . Harry came over faster sitting next to Louis . he glanced at me then looking away . "Everything okay with you 2 ?" Liam asked . "Y-Yeah lets play " Harry beat me to the words before I could say anything . I looked down a little playing with my nails .

"Okay then  first dare .. Zayn I dare you to kiss the person to your left " Austin said . He looked to his left at the girl and shrugged kissing her lips . everyone ooooed . "Don't worry I won't tell Alex" Carter said . I chuckled . 


I was drunk .. Everyone was drunk . Every sweaty body made their way to the middle of the floor just to pass out soon after . We were still playing the game and at this point Liam kissed Louis and had a 3 some with someone , Zayn and some girl made a sex tape . It was crazy . "Niall its your turn .

I dare you to kiss anybody in the entire party " Liam said . I know he was drunk but It was a smart drunk . I got up . Harry was now across from me and for some reason I craved his lips . I wanted to kiss him .

I walked over to him and took his face in my hands . I tongue kissed him so passionately . He began to kiss back touching me . I let him touch me and I touched him back . I know we were drunk ... But this moment felt like we were sober .

PHFFFTTTT!!!!!! LONG UPDATE SAY WHAAA ?! (That was soo out of place and wrong :\)



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