Niall Horan's family was going through change fast . After his brother left for the military his mom found a new home , a new job , and a new husband . They moved into the Styles home where Niall was forced to get along with his new step brother Harry Styles but what happens when Harry decides to get a little Too friendly with Niall ?


4. Chapter 4.

Niall's P.O.V


At this point I really just wanted to stay back and take the heat from mum later about skipping school but instead Malinda called me a limo and had Terrance monitor me to make sure I don't sneak away to anywhere . They are so protective over me and Its only been a fucking day . I glanced over at Terrance sitting next to me . "You know you didn't really have to come with me " I said to him .

"Master Niall we know how you already feel about Master Harry .. Yes he's a devil child and you're just trying to get away from him " Terrance sighed . I looked at him "Really ?" I asked . He nodded . "I don't blame you for not wanting to be around him " Terrance said . Wow this dude really speaks the truth .

"I just say .. because you're a good kid .. I want you to go to school and get educated and not worry about Harry .. He's gonna be around school being stupid as always but I know you're different .. you're gonna make a change to the Styles family for good "He smiled . I smiled back "Okay " "Atta boy !!" He slapped the back of my head . "Hey ! Don't make me slap you with your own white glove " I pointed to him . He chuckled . 

When I got to school I immediately walked in ignored the eyes starring at me and walked into the office to get my schedule . I came back out into the hallway scanning everyone . It was just like highschool in those movies for some reason .I walked down the stairs getting little whispers about me from girls .

I felt welcomed . I came to my locker putting in my combination and stuffing my stuff in there . "Hey you must be new
" Someone said . I looked around my locker door to see some guy "Um .. Yeah I'm new "I said closing my locker and putting my bag on my shoulders "Cool .. I'm Carter " He smiled . "Niall" I said as we shook hands . "So what made you come here ?" Carter asked . "What are you upset that I'm here ?" I asked .

"No of course not " He chuckled . "Well if you really wanna know .. My mum got married to my step brothers father and we moved here .. You know Harry right ?" I asked . "You're step-brother is Harry Styles ?!" He asked shocked . "Yeah I know .. Surprising right ?" I sighed "Yeah .. He's a douche " Carter scoffed .

I laughed " You're funny .. I like you " I smiled . He smiled back "Speaking of the douche bag here he comes now " Carter sighed . And I looked down the hallway seeing Harry walking with a bunch of people surrounding him as he strutted down the hallway "Who's everyone else ?" I asked .

"Oh see those 2 .. Thats Austin and Zayn . Both on the football team .Zayn's Co-Captain and Austin is .. Austin. followed by Liam the school bad boy he's in the band Nocturnal with Zayn . Lead singer too . They're pretty good . and right there is his girlfriend Amber . she's the school whore but of course Liam doesn't seem to care  . And that girl on the side is Alex Amber's twin and Zayn's girlfriend .

Shes an Epic volleyball star and straight A student . And right there is Louis Harry's bestfriend . Defends Harry through everything kind of guy . Captain of the football team . Every girls dream guy "  Carter said . Wow these people are so serious . The bell then rung . "Well we gotta get to class now " Carter smiled . "What class do you have first " He said picking up his bag off the floor . "Umm .. English " I said . "Cool me too " He smiled "Cool" I smiled back . I like that I have a friend so I won't be alone . I feel a little better about coming to school now . 


Carter said to meet him at next period after lunch which is the last period before we go home . I actually am going to the football field to hang out with Carter and watch the team practice . He said they were pretty good .I avoided Harry as much as possible and he has noticed me a lot  I walked to the music room door the door was closed but I could here music playing from inside .

 Someone was singing Jesse Mccartney and it was really good . I slowly opened the door too see who Carter told me to be Liam . He was sitting on the Choir stand singing Beautiful soul into the mic . I couldn't argue he was really good . When he finished I snapped instead of clapped . He turned around alarmed "Wow you are really good " I smiled . "Yeah I guess " He sighed .

The he took a double take at me "Hey didn't I see you this morning ?" He asked . Oh yeah they did come over to get Harry . "Oh yeah at Harry's flat .. I'm his Step-Brother "I nodded . "Yeah but .. Weren't you at the party too .. You were the one yelling at everyone " Liam explained " Yeah I know I know .." I said . "Okay then .. Well see you later " He got his books and stuff

. "Cool uhh .." I said "Liam .. My name is Liam " He said . " I'm Niall " I said . He nodded then walking out . That was the awkwardest conversation ever . Students began to walk in and fill the choir stand . I saw Harry and that Louis guy walk in together . I tried to hide my face as much as possible until

"NIALL COME SIT DOWN HERE !!!" Carter screamed . Every face turned to me . I have never been more embarrassed in my life but I walked down there anyway . "Isn't that your step-brother you were talking about ?" I heard someone ask "No .." Harry mumbled . Its said he pretends like he doesn't know me .. Okay then . "Hello class I'm Mrs. Elliot " The teacher walked in. Let the games begin 


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