Niall Horan's family was going through change fast . After his brother left for the military his mom found a new home , a new job , and a new husband . They moved into the Styles home where Niall was forced to get along with his new step brother Harry Styles but what happens when Harry decides to get a little Too friendly with Niall ?


29. Chapter 29.

Welcome . To the last chapter of brothers . Don't cry . We shall get through it together :D


Niall's P.O.V

Today was probably the last day I was gonna see any of my friends . Me and Carter found a big house in New York and met with the landlord today to sign off for the house . Its a good place as well because its close to Columbia University where I got my free ride scholarship to play Football . I was amazed at how fast I planned out my future I forgot how I'm gonna miss my friends and family . And Harry .. I didn't wanna tell him I was leaving but I had no choice . I didn't wanna leave him with no saying . But anyway before I cry . I invited everyone to the park where a professional helped me set up a bonfire for all my friends . We sung songs to my guitar , ate food , Drunk beer , and played a lot of games . Like regular teenagers . And as the day ended we roasted marshmallows and talked about me and carters move and yet . Harry still hadn't shown up . 

"Are you guys gonna be gone forever ?" Alex asked snuggled into Zayns arm . "No of course not . " I said . "I wanted to come back and visit as much as I can . Thought its a long way from here . " I shrugged . "Besides . We have to have our wedding down here for you guys" Carter walks back over with a bag of marshmallows . They all agree. " Didn't you invite Harry and Louis . Where are they ?" Liam asked . I sighed " I don't know . I called . Nobody answered " I lied . I expected Harry to at least come . So I didn't bother calling . "Eh its alright . They missed out of a fun night that's for sure " Austin said taking a swig of the tequila bottle . Everyone laughed . I smiled slightly now thinking as to why Harry didn't come . "Everything okay Ni ? . " Carter asked as he leaned in and kissed my ear . I looked at him and kissed his lips . I hate to lie to him . But I don't wanna say what's really wrong anyway . " Yeah . Everything's perfect " .He lays his head on my shoulder as I played more songs on my guitar and sung as everyone clapped and enjoyed themselves . especially me



Terrance and Malinda helped me carry my stuff to the car . Even though I told them a thousand times I didn't need help . They've been too generous . "Are you sure this is what you want Niall . You can always turn back now " My mum pleaded . I laughed "Mum I'm fine . I promise" . "Yeah let the man go .. Man . You're a man . " Robin pats my shoulder roughly . It kinda hurt . How much does he lift . I smiled . I've warmed up to Robin over the pass few days . I slipped up and called him dad once . Didn't correct myself . "Aww . Okay . But Niall there is something that came in the mail for you " My mum says running over and grabbing a box . I looked at her confused as she begged me to open it. I tore open the package seeing a camo jacket with a bunch of buttons on it . I gasped . "Where did this come from ??" I asked . She handed me a card . On the back was a picture of Greg . My brother . Which told me it was his jacket . I turned it back over seeing a note neatly written 

Niall , 

I bet you won't guess who this is .. Haha . You probably know already . anyway . Mum told me how good you're doing. You graduated . You're getting married .. All of that . And I'm really proud of you . You've been brave enough to do things I never thought you would . Coming out and actually putting your soccer skills to use .And since I heard all this I've been itching to tell you Denise is having a baby ! I know scary right ?! . But me and her decided to move to Cheshire closer to mum and Robin so that way you wont have to travel so far to see us and you're new niece or nephew . BUT of course that won't be until January when I return from base officially . It won't be too long until I'm here for your wedding . Love you lots ❤❤


I smiled . I began to laugh a little to stop my tears from falling . They were tears of happiness of course . I put the jacket on my back and put the card in the pocket . Mum rubbed my back . " I can't wait to see him neither" . I put my head on her shoulder .


I went upstairs and open the doors to my empty room . No posters on the wall . No blankets , no clothes . Like the way it was when I moved in a year ago . I smiled . I remember the first day . Iaid on the bed talking to Iris . Who I completely forgot to call back .. Oh well wont worry about that now . I just looked around at so many un noticed memories . "So .. This is it huh ?" Harry said . I turned around to see him standing by the door .

". Yeah .. Why didn't you come to the bon fire I was waiting on you " I asked him while I still could . Though I didn't care anymore . "I don't know . I guess .. I was trying to figure out how to tell you good bye " He mumbled . As he knew I was quiet he walks over slowly . "But I know one way" He looks at my lips and back at me . "Harry . I-" He cuts me off crashing his lips against mine .

I promised myself I wasn't gonna give into him . But it was hard to forget about how he loved me .. But he betrayed me , hurt me , forgot about me . "Niall . Carter's waiting babe !" Mum called . I let go of harry "Niall don't go -" I cut him off . I'd never thought I'd be ready to get over him.. I'll never get over him. "I have a husband"  . I said . I walked out as fast as I could to the front door .

I kissed my mom goodbye and gave my step dad a large pat on the back . I got in the drivers seat of the jeep after opening the door for Carter . I gave him a big kiss on the lips and a smile . "I love you Carter " I said starting the car . "I Love you too " He says back .

As I drove out of the drive way I noticed Harry . Outside .

He watched me go . He actually watched me go . And you know who pulled up as I pulled out . Louis . 

Kissing Harry's lips and giving him the love I guess I could never give Harry . 

Because we're just Brothers after all . 

But life goes on . 

👬💞------------------THE END---------------💞👬

booomm!! . Did you like it ?? Did you enjoy yourself . ?

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