Niall Horan's family was going through change fast . After his brother left for the military his mom found a new home , a new job , and a new husband . They moved into the Styles home where Niall was forced to get along with his new step brother Harry Styles but what happens when Harry decides to get a little Too friendly with Niall ?


28. Chapter 28.

Niall's P.O.V

Malinda trailed a lint roller against my very expensive black leather and white shirt and my close to skin tight dress pants making everything nice and Neat for graduation day today . I was excited to finally get away from school . And I don't know if it was just me but the year went by fast right ? . "Highschool graduate eh ? .. Have you thought about any good schools yet Niall ?" Malinda asked me . I sighed and smiled . " I've really been looking at University of London then there's University of Greenwich I visited with Carter and I think we both like that one better " I explained . She smiled and giggled . "Carter is really important to you .. A little Birdy told me you're getting married to him as well " She says . I nodded . "Yeah . It was supposed to be a promise kind of proposal but .. I don't know I felt it was right ." I say . Just thinking about him walking down the aisle makes my heart flutter . "I bet . I can't wait to go to your wedding . Carter is a respectable young man , and cute too . " He says making me laugh a little . She pinches my cheek a little before taking her grooming stuff and leaving my room . I sat on my bed with my phone in my hand just looking at my lock screen . Just visualizing me and Carter and suits and Bow ties , dancing to our favorite slow song under the starry light . With nothing stopping us from doing it . I could just imagine our wedding now .

The right door of my room opens and I sit up straight seeing Harry standing there in a neatly pressed button up shirt , tight black jeans , and boots . His chest showed with a cross necklace right in the middle , His long curls pulled into a bun on his head . He looked amazing . He looks up to me as I looked at his face . "Hey ... " He utters out . "Hey .. You look amazing " I sat quickly regretting I said that . He laughed a little . "Thanks . You look amazing too " He says . I nod hiding my blush . It was quiet between us . But once again he decided to blurt something out to break the awkward silence " Niall .. There's something I wanna tell you ". I got up making our bodies a-lined . "I . I just don't know how to put it but .. I feel I've made a mistake " He admits . I don't know what the hell he's talking about but . "What do you mean-" "I mean .. Forgetting about you .. About us " He cuts me off . I furrowed my eye brows at him as he spoke the words I thought he would never say . "I've made alot of mistakes in my life and I've regretted alot , but why don't I regret ever falling in love with you .?" He questioned me . I began to blush . "Harry--" "Niall I'm serious . Why is it so hard to forget about the things we said to each other . Or the things we did together . Not only am I scared to leave you here . I'm scared to see you run off with someone else " He looks down at my finger that my engagement ring was placed on . I didn't want one but carter got one made for me . "Niall . I love you . And I wanna be with you " He grabs my hands but I pull away as quick as I could . "W-What's wrong " He asked . " Harry you don't get it do you ? ."  I cocked my head to the side "What are you talking about Ni--" "Do you know .. How long I've waited for you to say that .. Say those exact words that came out of you fucking face just now?!! . Do you know how long I've said I've needed you . And how long I wanted to hear you say you needed me back . That you cared about me . And that you never wanted to leave me . " I said . I was kinda upset truth be told . I don't know how I got so mad . "Niall I know what you're saying and I'm sorry for that I wasn't thinking --" "But look on the bright side .. I'm not the only one that's moved on . " My eyes moving to his beautiful diamond engagement ring . "So we're even " I say straight and to the point . I leave with out a word . I've got a boyfriend to pick up . 


Walking across that stage was a rush . I never expected my senior year to be so good . I made so many new friends and the best part of it all . School is over for a year . "Carter Reynolds our 2015 graduate and Valedictorian of 2015" They announce . I shout an scream to the top of my lungs "AYYY THAT'S MY FIANCE!!" I shouted above the entire student body everyone laughs who's around me . "Harry E.Styles our 2015 graduate " . The entire student body goes bananas . I clapped not to be rude . But I still didn't know how to respondents as to what just happened before we came here . I thinking about how much I do love him .. But how much a broken heart has tooken over me . And nobody knows how much I hate it .

about 20 minutes later everyone walked across stage . I saw all the guys with their girlfriends and other friends . I just wanted to soak in the moment for a second . "And now presenting the 2015 graduating class Of Cheshire's own Queen's Park High School !!!!" . Just when that was said we threw our hats up . Everyone hugged each other and screamed and I just couldn't believe it . "Ni !!" I heard Carter's voice . I ran towards him as soon as I saw him and picked him up in my arms . "Babe " I kissed him . " Well . Its over how do you feel " He asked . "I survived . Thats how I feel " I laughed , He laughed with me kissing my cheek . Graduated with the boyfriend . Put that as relationship goals . 


"It was really nice meeting you Carter " My mum squeals . "Most definitely . We will be looking forward to seeing you again soon " Robin nods . Carter nods after shaking my step dads hand and hugging my mum . "Well this was nice " He said grabbing onto my hand . I sighed "Yeah . My mom hasn't had a meet the family dinner since my brother and his wife so you're a lucky one " I laughed . He laughed back as we got to the door . "Well I guess I'll see you tomorrow .. Landlord meeting??" He says . " Landlord meeting " I nodded . He smiled and kissed my cheek . "Bye " . "Bye . I love you " I said . He turns back . "I love you more " . He walks out the door to his car . I smile shitting the door behind me . I turn around and retreat back upstairs . 

Everyone must have been sleep by now . But I was on my phone texting all my friends back only because I couldn't during dinner . Just then light from the door being open made me look up . "Niall .." I heard Harry's voice . I clapped my hands turning on the light . "Harry it's late what are you doing ..?" I asked him . He said no more . He made his way over to he and softly touched my face as he met our lips together . I couldn't move away . Or anything . I was hooked once again . My hands met his back as he touched and kissed on my skin . "I've missed you" I pushed him back . I watched his lip go into his mouth . "Show me . How much you've missed me . " He replies with a smirk . I smirk back . Suddenly . I had no regrets . 

Something didn't wanna let me tell him I was leaving tomorrow . 



let me know who wants a part 2 of this story before I get out of hand with new stories lol . And YEAH 

LIEK FOR MOAR !!!!!!!!


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