Niall Horan's family was going through change fast . After his brother left for the military his mom found a new home , a new job , and a new husband . They moved into the Styles home where Niall was forced to get along with his new step brother Harry Styles but what happens when Harry decides to get a little Too friendly with Niall ?


26. Chapter 26.

Louis's P.O.V

The whistle chimes loudly , yet another time out from coach . It was getting frustrating because we were so down in the game and there was no way in hell it was possible . Our team was always undefeated . "Well I don't know why you guys are standing here !! Get the hell back out there !! . Tomlinson get control of your team now !" Coach shouts .

I nod running towards the guys who were probably still pissed for yelling at their little friend . But I just didn't care . He didn't seem too fond of me dating his brother , and Harry was being completely honest about him and Niall since I proposed . I wasn't gonna let Niall get in my way .

"Guys . what's up . This is championship if you haven't noticed at all --" "Yeah well guess what . We're losing . If you haven't noticed" Zayn shouts . He has such a sassy mouth . "Hey ! Don't get sassy with me Mr.Malik . You get out there and play right before yelling at your captain !" I spat back .

"How about you be a better fucking captain and help us win this game !!" Austin yells them both walking back to the front to their position . I rolled my eyes going to the front to kick the ball . They're such ass holes sometimes . 

The ref blows the whistle and I threw my leg back to kick the ball . I run the opposite way stopping the ball and taking it the other way . As soon as I got there a defender came up to me kicking my ankle to the point you could hear it snap in 4 . I fell to my feet in my . The whistle blows again but not from coach . Because for the first time in my life . I was injured . 

Niall's P.O.V

"Ni . The cookies are done !!" Carter smiles bringing in a big plate of chocolate chip cookies and 2 glasses of warm milk on a tray . I laid upon the couch my face in my sweatshirt . I felt so embarrassed about it all . I don't ever wanna play soccer again . I heard him sigh sitting the tray down on the table and taking me in his arms . "Babe . You've got to cheer up . Its okay " He says in my ear . I took my face out of my sweatshirt and looked at him tears still coming down my face . He wipes them away .

"Don't even worry about Louis . He's an ass for talking to you like that . "He comments . "Yeah but what if he's right .. What if I'm .. Not everything I'm making myself look like . And I'm just a loser . And everyone is just being nice to me because I'm the new kid " I sniffle . He pokes out his lip kissing my temple .

"Baby its nothing like that . Zayn and Austin were you at some point . I was you with them at some point . They would never do anything like that to you just like they never did anything like that to me . No wonder they called me stiff for so long  . You can't let Louis put stuff like that in your head . You're too good for that .

" He tells me . I just looked at him as he spoke nothing but the truth . And I loved him for that . All I could do was pull him into a hug that I really needed as I began to cry once again . He squeezed me back kissing my cheek .

"Niall . You're so warm " He giggled as he cuddled into my chest . I laughed sorta as I was trying to control my crying . After I controlled it I noticed him laying on my chest playing with my hair . Which soothed my crying anyway . "Carter . Can you sing to me ?" I asked him . He looked up blushing . "Um .. O-Okay . What do you want me to sing ? . " He said . I smiled and grabbed his hand taking him upstairs to my room .

"What are we doing " He laughed . I dug in my closet after I sat him on the couch in my room I pulled out my guitar by its neck and put the strap over my shoulder . "Oh my gosh I didn't know you played . " He gasped . "Yeah I'm a little rusty but .. I just wanted to know if you knew this song " I sniff up the rest of my tears and began to play Jra- Handle with Care . He smiles and puts a hand on my thigh . 

"This is a perfect night to me .. " He sings . I smile .

"Just you and I snuggling infront of the T.V " . "Just hanging out with out Pj's on ... Watching law and order , SVU . All night long . "

"Do you feel it beating ?" I come in surprisingly . "Do you hear what its saying to you ?" "Cause mine is fleeting .. And I think I'm falling " 

"Oh Oh Oh this could be L-O-V-E " We sing together . "Oh Oh Oh this is what I dreamed it would be . Dreamed it would be now now "

"You got my heart on a leash and I just cannot speak I won't go anywhere just handle with care my heart . Please don't break it . No . Please don't ... Break it " "Please don't.. break it "

"There's no place I'd rather be than to be with you underneath these sheet , Oh to feel like this no it can't be wrong no it can't ... be wrong " He sings 

"There's no place I'd rather be than to be with you right in front of me . With out lips locked . Our eyes close shut . Got me thinking this could be .. Love .." I sing after finishing the song . I leaned in after kissing his lips . "I love you Carter ." ."I love you Niall . " He says . I smile hugging him . He laughs as I take off my guitar and attack him with tickles . Just then the door bust open . "Niall!" I hear Zayn's Voice . "Zayn whats--" "We need your help get your soccer stuff and come on " He says . "Zayn I can't go back out there -" He cuts me off again .

"Niall . We need you . We're down 20 points and Louis is injured ... Please . Captain" He says . I look at carter who was smiling really big . I rolled my eyes grabbing my gym bag and cleats and taking Carter's hand .

Time to kick ass 

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