Niall Horan's family was going through change fast . After his brother left for the military his mom found a new home , a new job , and a new husband . They moved into the Styles home where Niall was forced to get along with his new step brother Harry Styles but what happens when Harry decides to get a little Too friendly with Niall ?


25. Chapter 25.

Niall's P.O.V

Today Was finally the day . We got our all day practice in for the big championship tonight . Its hard to believe I actually did something active in school for once that's gonna get me on the charts . My brother would have been happy for me . After kicking the ball around for a while as the others practiced their passing and helped our goalie I started to think about what I actually wanna do now that me and Carter are so close .

I'm so happy to actually have him in my life . Carter is just , the sweetest person . And he deserves someone who loves him as much as I do . And with that being said I felt it was time to make things semi official with a Promise Ring . I purchased one before I came to practice and showed all the guys to make sure I got the right one . Luckily they said it was nice .

Soon after we were finished with practice and coach left to prepare the plans for the game . That left us the players to go to the locker room shower up and go home to rest until the game . "We've been training so hard for this day . I bet we lose or some shit " Austin shook his head . "Shut up Austin!" Everyone shouts . He always says something dumb. "Yeah . We're already nervous enough" Zayn groans "Besides . The last thing we need is doubt . All we have to do to win is do what we practiced . Our skills will take us a long way " I nod . Everyone agrees . As we all began to chat among ourselves we notice the door of the locker room open and Louis with his Football warm ups and cleats walking in . "Sup boys" He waves . Everyone says hey and such . I just glared as he began to speak . "So .. Good news . Coach is letting me play tonight and take my spot back as captain " He says excitedly everyone cheers .

"Which means the dream team is back on , Zayn , Austin , Me , .." He listed off . All 11 spots we're taken . And not once did he say Niall . "Wait what about me ?" I asked . I mean none of the other guys said anything but I've busted my ass on this field taking his position as captain and on top of that , I've won most of our games for us . He let out a devious chuckle . " What are you talking about Horan ? . What do you mean what about you ? . You heard me , Dream team only " He got up close and personal .

I managed to not lose my cool . MAYBE . Just maybe he was kidding with me . "Urm . I'm just saying because .. I'm one of the best players on this team as well. I busted my ass to get here and there should be no reason why I shouldn't be working with this team to win the championship we wouldn't even have with out me . " I crossed my arms . He laughs again . "Are you bad at listening Niall ? . Because I believe I said . DREAM TEAM ONLY ! . Did I not ? . I think I did right guys ?" He nods his head . Some people agreeing but the guys just standing there .

"So . Therefore you're benched . Its my decision I'm captain " He gives me an unapologetic smile and walks off . Okay . Maybe holding in my anger was a little hard with my short temper . "No" I said . He turned around once again . "What?" He said the smirk wiping right off his face . "I said ... No .. I'm not gonna sit out are you fucking kidding me lad ?!! . I'm nobodies fucking bench warmer I came here to play today and not even a fucker like you is gonna tell me what to do . " I growled in his face things getting serious . " Bet you won't play today" He said back . " Watch me " I spat back . "You know I think its fucking hilarious that you're telling me how to run my team just because you had a lucky shot at the fucking goalie where you could find more talent in a fucking Bottle cap !! .

It takes more than a powerful kick to be on my team . And you . You're nothing ..." He scowled at me . I could feel my face getting redder and redder with anger . My hands balled into fist . "So go ahead Horan . Show up . But I bet you'll be sitting on that bench just like the next and any other fucking reject on this team . And trust me . You don't wanna stand up to me ... You don't wanna go against the guy who knows everything about what you've been doing behind closed doors . You're sex life is no secret to me ... You and my Fiance are no secret to me .

 " He says . I could feel myself about to attack him and attempt to kill him . How did he even find out about me and Harry ? . "and if you don't walk out that door right now ... It wont be no secret to the whole school . " . Though I was mad . I felt like .. Crying ? . This was the only thing I thought everyone agreed I was good at , and it felt like nobody was on my side here . I looked around at everyone who just looked at us in shock . I just backed away and towards my stuff . "Niall Wait" Zayn tried to stop me . "Niall" Austin says as I walked out . As soon as the door closed I began to cry violently covering my face to hide the fact I was completely humiliated .

How could I have trusted these people ? Making myself think I was fucking good at what I did . I soon stopped walking as I bumped into someone . Then I heard Carter's calming voice . "Oh there you are Nial-- Niall .. What's wrong ??" He asked as he took my hands from my face holding them gently . I wiped away some of my tears and managed to calm down before saying " I-I just wanna go home alright . " . He nods and takes my and leading me to his car since Zayn took me to school today .

But who knows how they feel about me now . They don't wanna talk to me . They don't wanna be friends with me . They might as well just hate me .

I'm such a fucking loser . Not anything I'm not used to .


LIEK FOR MOAR !!!!!!<3





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