Niall Horan's family was going through change fast . After his brother left for the military his mom found a new home , a new job , and a new husband . They moved into the Styles home where Niall was forced to get along with his new step brother Harry Styles but what happens when Harry decides to get a little Too friendly with Niall ?


24. Chapter 24

Niall's P.O.V

The next day I woke up for school and For once Harry was in his room , not gone before me . I felt bad at what happened with Him and Louis . Last night he cried for hours and Kept saying sorry to me and I didn't know why . He didn't have to feel sorry for me now . But his apologies were genuine .

They meant the world to me . I stood in his doorway as he slept and walked towards him looking at his face of dry tears and still some falling from his eyes . I sighed kissing his lips before whispering . "Bye . I love you" . I got up and began to walk out when . "What are you doing ?" . It was Terrance . He saw me . Kiss Harry . "Uhh . What are you talking about ?" I asked looking around nervously .

"I saw you just kiss Master Harold-" I cut him off pushing him into the Hallway . "Look it's not what it looks like okay " I shouted . "Oh it wasn't . If I didn't just see you kiss him then what did I see ? . " He folded his arms not messing up the sleeves on his neatly pressed white shirt .

" Uh .. B-Brotherly love ??" I shrugged hopefully it saved my ass . It didn't "I'm telling your father at once !" He walking towards the stairs . "No !! " I yelled stopping right in front of him . He looked at me with his pruney face . I sighed . "Please don't tell . You can't tell anybody about this okay ? . Just let me go to school . I'll tell you everything when I get back okay .. I promise ?" I held out my hand .

His 2 fingers grabbed onto my index finger as if I didn't just get out of the shower . "Very well . But I'm vaguely disgusted Master Niall " He says . " so am I . After I found out what you and Malinda do when we're not home ... But I just put a little baby kiss on my brother " I say making his eyes go as white as his gloves .

"Later Terrance " I run down the stairs and out the door before it gets more awkward in there . 


Once getting to school I knew the only way to get my mind off what happened was to talk to my boyfriend . So that morning I looked all around for him and I couldn't find him until I walked passed the music room and I could hear his angelic voice singing a beautiful song and another voice as well . I quietly opened the door as it said on the door 'Quiet Please . Music Practice in session :)' .

Don't let me . Don't let me , Don't let me goo . Cause I'm tired of feeling alone " Him and another guy sung as the guy plays the guitar with it . It was a beautiful song . "That was good " The guy told him after they finished . "I don't know. Do you think Niall will like it ? . I feel my notes were too short " He says . "You're notes we're perfect " I interrupted them . They turned their heads towards me .

"See" The guy says making me smile . "Did you hear all of it ?. Did you like it ?" Carter asked . I ignored the first questioned and skipped to the last "I loved it ... I'll never let you go " I told him . Carter smiled and began to run towards me . He jumps on me and kisses me . He was so small I just held him up with ease . I never wanted to leave this position . I could help but realize Everytime I'm with Carter my feelings for Harry flow to the back of my head . I don't mean for it to . I love them both . But sometimes . I feel me and Carter more . He releases from the kiss and looks me in my eyes as I set him back on the ground

" Niall . I'm in love with you " he blurts out . I wasn't sure how to answer him at first with my mixed feelings about everything . But then I knew just what to say . "I'm in love with you too .. " . He smiled as I kissed his lips and pulled him into a tight hug . He hugs me back wrapping his small arms around my waist though it was so cute he was standing on the tips of his toes .

I could never let him go . But I could never let Harry go . I don't know what to do . 

Harry's P.O.V


I wasn't going to school , I wasn't meeting at the football field . I just wanted mope around alone . All I could think about was yesterday . Why did Niall come save me ? I thought he would forget about he since he had Carter . It sucks that I believed he would actually leave me but I knew that I could trust him for anything . The chime of the door bell circulated into our large living room and I felt to depressed to open the door . But nor Malinda or Terrance were here so I had to get up . I walk to the door and open it and Oh Lucky Me . Its Louis . "Harry . Why weren't you at school ?" He asked .

"You're my reason . Get the fuck off my porch " I mumbled shutting the door but instead he just opens the other one . "Harry . I know you're upset with me . But I really need to talk to you we can't just end it like this .  " He says . I roll my eyes . He closes the door behind him . "Harry I'm sorry " He says . "No you're not . You're just saying that so I can just forgive you . Well fuck that Louis Its done . " I shouted . " I'd never lie to you . You know that " He said .

"Well you did . You talked me into going to this party come to find out . I was drugged . And you didn't care Louis " I could feel the tears on my cheeks . I turned away not wanting him to see me cry . I never really cry . "You think I don't care about you .. You think I asked you out because I don't care . No Harry . I need you okay . " He says . I shook my head as he continued . "My whole relationship with Eleanor was stressful and tiring . I didn't wanna lie to myself but I couldn't run away from my doubts about myself ... I have a drug addiction Harry " He blurts out .

I turn back and look at him in shock . "How come you didn't -" " I never got to tell you . And it hurts having to deal with this addition everyday and I can't shake this feeling .  But you .. You always lead me in the right direction . You make me feel like I can change . I don't wanna live like this . And I don't wanna live without you " I don't think he noticed he was crying . I couldn't watch him cry either but I was stuck in this position . "No professional can help me the way you do and the way you are . You are my everything Harry Styles . And I came here skipping school today . To ask you if you would marry me " He says his voice shaking a little .

I cover my mouth as he continues pulling a box with a ring in it out of his jacket pocket and holding it out on his knee . I couldn't stop the tears form uncontrollably falling out my eyes as I walked over to him and fell to my knees in front of him . I grab his jacket pulling him close as I nodded saying yes . I never though I'd be crying on the floor with Louis when he proposed  . I never thought my life would get this hard . We both calmed down and I looked down as he was placing the ring on my finger . "I love you so much Harry" He kissed my forehead . "I love you too Louis " I sniffed up my tears hugging onto him . I was in love . And I couldn't help it . But .

What about me and Niall ?


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