Niall Horan's family was going through change fast . After his brother left for the military his mom found a new home , a new job , and a new husband . They moved into the Styles home where Niall was forced to get along with his new step brother Harry Styles but what happens when Harry decides to get a little Too friendly with Niall ?


23. Chapter 23.

Niall's P.O.V


I was sitting at lunch of course with Carter and the others on the football team who were spazzing on about the championship this weekend . I have to admit I'm pretty nervous about it to . Coming from a school where I was even too embarassed and had no guts to even be on the football team and now I am and on top of that I'm captain . It's weird . Its like my whole life is flashing before my eyes . It was only yesterday I was known as Harry's step-brother , now its more like .. Harry's step-brother Niall . 

"Look babe . this one is so cute " Carter squealed as he showed me yet another picture of a kitten . I just smiled as I hugged onto his waist and rested my head on his shoulder . I'm so happy that I have him in my life . Carter is just what I needed to make me feel that . maybe I belong here in Cheshire . Besides . I think Harry forgot about me by now . I haven't even seen him in a couple days . Normally I would see him after Football practice but now he's never at home and I don't know why . Sometimes I wanna question it . But I shouldn't because I'm sure he's having a hella good time being apart of LARRY STYLINSON . What a dumb fucking name .. and I'm jealous again . Just what I needed in my life . 

I was interrupted from looking at Carters cats by Zayn who walked over and sat at the lunch table across from me and Carter . "hey guys " He sighs . "Hey .. What's wrong " I asked as he looked very glum and out of sorts . He twiddled with his fingers and bit his lip . He closed his eyes and finally blurted out . " I think . I wanna propose to Alex " . Carter then screamed like a little fan girl ran over to zayn and hugged him . I shrugged and smiled "That's pretty cool" I said . "Its more than cool Niall . its special . Him and Alex have been dating since the 6th grade when those petty little kisses behind books were cool . Don't you understand . He's in deep deep love !!" Carter said like he was just spilling his heart out on the pages . I just sat there , with my head in my hands just watching Carter talk to Zayn about his proposal . I knew where Carter was hinting at and . I don't know . I think I wanna marry him maybe . Its kinda to early to see it but . I know what my heart says and I know what I want sometimes you know . I know I want to love him forever . 

"Niall !!!" I heard someone scream over my thoughts . Suddenly I was snapped out of them as Louis was running towards the table . "Niall we have a problem " He said . As much as I didn't wanna hear about whatever him and Harry were doing or are planning to do and how they want me to get involved I had to listen because he was already talking . "I can't find Harry " He says . I stare at him blankly then shake my head a couple times "You what ? . What the hell do you mean you can't find Harry " I shouted a little above a whisper . "I can't find him! . All I know is . We went to this party last night at a friends . We rolled a couple and next thing you know I lost him this morning . I had to rush here to find you before you left --" "Rolled a couple . Are you fucking telling me you gave my brother drugs ?" I growled . "I mean .. It was only a little it was nothing . " He put his hands up in defense .

I heard the bell ring for last period and everyone scatter out of the cafeteria . I shook my head "I gotta go find him . " I said getting put and grabbing my stuff . "What about practice Ni ?" Zayn asked . "I'm gonna have to skip . I have to find my brother " I said running out of the cafeteria and through the front doors of the school to my car . "Wait Niall . Let me come with you " I heard Louis's voice . I turned back with anger  "Why should I ? . Haven't you done enough already . Its bad enough he's missing because you obviously can't keep an eye on your so called boyfriend . Now you wanna act like you care once he's gonna probably close to his fucking death " I spat in his face . "You should because it's MY boyfriend . apart from him being my boyfriend I know where he might be . Look you might not like me and I get it . I'm obviously no good for your step-brother but that doesn't mean I won't love him any less . And I'm gonna help you find him just for that reason " He says . I stared at him anger still feeling my body . "Just give him a chance babe" Carter buds in . I couldn't say no to him .  l sighed " lead the way " . He smile and followed me to the car . anything to find my brother 


He instructs me through this place . There I see kids playing in the fire hydrants and people standing on their porches either fighting or being civil . and here I am driving in a nice car and nice clothes and hoping I don't get robbed . "This house right here " He says pointing to one of the worst houses on the street . It looked vacant . "You mean to tell me that your friend lives in a vacant lot " I looked at him with a ' what the hell ' look . "I mean . this street is all I remember . He has to be around here some where " He said getting out the car . I roll my eyes and get out to as I follow him to the 2nd to last house on the street . He knocks on the door and a guy answers . He looked so bad ass compared to Louis's baby face . I never thought he would even do drugs to be honest . "Hey Nick . You seen Harry anywhere after last night . ?" Louis questions the scary figure .

"Um . Nah not after last night . Last time I seen him was last night actually when he ran out the back door screaming for someone named Robin ?" He said confused . Robin . My Step-Dad . "Oh . Well okay thanks for letting me now . Do you have my pint ready now ? " He asked ."Louis!!" I shouted getting his attention . "What ?!" He said . I motioned him to come on and he sighed . "Well maybe next time . I'll call you " He nodded . The guy nodded back and went in the house . "We don't have time for fucking games you idiot !" I shouted . "Ay. I don't play with my drugs leprechaun . " He said . I groaned "Just help me find my brother before I punch you're 5'7 ass into non-existence !" I spat walking toward the abandon house . "I'm 5'8 you prick !" He yelled . I just ignored him walking into the house . 

Cracks in the floor and old furniture . There's no way Harry could be in here . "Well this is fucking great . we're in the wrong place " I sighed smacking my tired arms to my side . "This has to be the right place . We just have to keep looking " He said . "Keep looking . with a pothead like you . Ha yeah . No thanks " I said walking towards the door . Just then as my ears were close to the stair case I could hear moans of pain . "What's that do you hear that ?" I said . "HEAR WHAT !!?" Louis said loudly . I slapped the back of my head continuing to listen . "

Niall " I the moaning noise said . It was Harry . "Harry !!!" I yelled running up the ragged stairs to see him in an empty room in the corner sounding like he was crying . "Harry .. " Louis said confused .  I began to walk towards him and I watched him look up to me . "Niall" He said . "Yes ?" I said . "I'm sorry" He cried . I got down to the floor and took my little brother in my arms he hugged me back . "Its okay . Everything is okay now ." I rubbed his back . "Harry . Love we came to get you " Louis said . "Go away Louis !" Harry screamed at him his face red . Louis stepped back in fear . " W-What" He said . "Let me speak to him .. " I told Louis and he walked away .

"My head hurts . I feel Dizzy . " Harry sniffed up his tears . "I don't ever want you back here again . What the hell we're you thinking ?" I asked him . "I -I don't know . Louis wanted to come to this party and . I had some drinks and . smoked something I don't know what it was . I let him get all in my head and .. I'm so sorry . I never listen . I just I'm so stupid . " He began to cry again . "No . You're not stupid . yeah you don't listen but . We can work on that " I smiled . He looked up at me is eyes still spewing tears l kissed him . I'm surprised he actually kissed me back as I pulled him closer and he held onto my waist . I released from him and looked in his eyes "Lets go home okay ?" I said . He nodded . I pulled him off the ground and held onto his and taking him out to the car . 

And here comes my feelings for him . Chasing after me like they always do

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