Niall Horan's family was going through change fast . After his brother left for the military his mom found a new home , a new job , and a new husband . They moved into the Styles home where Niall was forced to get along with his new step brother Harry Styles but what happens when Harry decides to get a little Too friendly with Niall ?


20. Chapter 20.

Harry's P.O.V


Since last night with me and Niall its been nothing but awkward between us . I shouldn't be too worried I guess considering I have a whole boyfriend but ... Every time me and Niall fight and we just make up after it makes me feel really bad that I feel I'm losing feelings for him over Louis . I can't tell him that though . Its only gonna break his heart . 

I walked in the school building , into the cafeteria like normal , to the same table with the same people at it . " Babe !" Louis shouted . He ran over jumping in my arms as I caught him .

I kissed his soft lips letting him down by my side . "Morning Babe . Morning guys " I waved . Everyone waved saying good morning back . "I've been missing you . I thought you were coming over last night to help me babysit " Louis said . Shit I forgot . "Oh um .. I was just a little tired after doing my homework and stuff . I kinda just crashed on the couch. " I told him which was far from the truth .

"Oh .. " He said back . I sighed . " I'm sorry " I kissed his cheek ."Its alright . Hey . I'm babysitting again tonight . Its just the twins this time . They'll be easy . Which will leave more time for me and you " He smirked rubbing on my stomach .

He got closer to me kissing on my neck sucking on it . I moaned quietly to ourselves knowing there were still people around . I took his lips off my neck bringing them to my lips .

As I kissed him my eyes darted off else where noticing the noise coming from The band geeks, choir and volley ball team who were walking out of the cafeteria and caught in the mix was Niall and Carter . I saw Niall look over to me give me a stare and gradually look away . I couldn't believe it . Is he trying to make me jealous ? .

"Are you okay Haz?" Louis asked me . "Oh . Y-Yeah . " I smiled . The bell rung finally concluding breakfast . "Um . Lets go to class" I smiled taking Louis's hand and walking him out . 

Niall's P.O.V

After football pratice I pulled on my sweats and grabbed my gym bag before going in the school to get Carter from Choir practice . I thought it was really cool he decided to do something he's always wanted to do and I can't wait to hear him sing for the first time . I found the music room and opened the door and the sound of people singing flooded my ears . I Closed the door quietly and stood by the door just listening to the Choir sing Bruno mars Locked out of heaven . 

Toward the end I heard the most angelic voice for the last verse and I didn't even notice at first that it came from Carter . Once he ended I clapped so loudly it made everyone laugh for some reason . I don't mind embarrassing myself though . I've already embarrassed myself enough at the goddamn school .

As their director released them from pratice Carter ran towards me giving me a big hug . I picked him up and spun him around happily . "Was I good ?" He asked me . "Goods not enough . You were absolutely amazing " I told him . His cheeks turned red as he blushed and I kissed his cheek making them turn redder .

"Babe .. " He said . "Hmm ? ." I smiled at him . Everyone was leaving around us but we didn't seem to mind . " Do you wanna maybe .. Come to dinner tonight .. Meet my parents . I've told them a lot about you already and they are really anxious to meet you " He kinda squeezed my hand a little nervous at my answer .

" Yeah . I'd love to . If they dont expect you home right now I definitely need to change " We laughed together softly . "Yeah They don't expect me home til about 6 " He smiled . I smiled back . "Why are you still standing here come on !!" He screamed rushing me out of the room . I laughed .

Amber's P.O.V

Its friday night . Liam is at home or probably chilling with the guys like always . Which meant . time for me to mingle . "You're gonna come see me mommy?" The sexy older guy smirked . "Definitely . Just be sure you can slide a couple dollars my way " I bit my lip as he pulled out his wallet slipping a couple hundreds in my shirt as I giggled . "I'll see you soon " I kissed his cheek .

He slapped my ass as I walked away . I just laughed as I walked out the door . but my smile soon faded as when I walked out Liam was standing right by my car . I gasped kinda then smiling a little . "B-Babe what are you doing here --" " Why were you in there ? .. are you fucking kidding me amber " He said almost yelling . "Who told you I was here ?" I asked . "Alex . She told me everything you were doing behind my back how could you .. after everything I fucking done for you . For us ?!" He shouted in front of everyone . I could tell he was angry .

and its not that I don't feel bad for what I was doing . "L-Liam babe I'm sorry--" "Shut up Amber . You know what .. Its over . I love you I guess but after all this and you expect me to fall for you all over again. You're crazy " He walked away shaking his head . He opened the drivers seat door of my car .

"Wait where are you going ?!!" I yelled . "I walked here . This car is also in my name . " He said pressing the button to start the car . " Lose my number " He said before speeding off splashing me with gutter water .  I couldn't believe this . and there were actual tears falling out my eyes . I tried to resist them walking home . 

I came in the house leaving my muddy heels at the door and walked in the dining room to my mother and Alex laughing up a storm . I hate Alex so much right now . When they saw me my mother gasped . " Amber what the hell happened to you ?" She said walking over to me and drying my face .

 "Liam kinda broke up with me . took the car ." I sighed " honey . I doesn't take that long to get to Liam's where were you ?" She asked . Alex just stood there , her arms folded and a smirk on her face . " I was .. Um .."  I mumbled . "Go head Amber . Tell mommy dearest where you were this evening .
Or matter of fact . I'll tell her " Alex smirked . "Alex please no--" "Too late !! . Amber was at a club for prostitutes . " Alex shouted . My mom gasped "S-She's lying mom . you know Alex . " I tried to save myself . "No . She's been every week . I sent Liam to go get her after he was looking for her ass all afternoon . " Alex spatted back .

I couldn't respond . My mom looked angry as Alex smirked devilishly . " .. Go upstairs your grounded . You are not allowed to leave this damn house until I say so ." My mom yelled . "Mom come on cut me some slack damn ! . " I yelled back . She looked angrier . "I'm gonna go upstairs :)" Alex walked out of the room as soon as she hit the stairs she began to laugh walking in her room and shutting the door .

" Cut you some slack .. Really Amber ? . I didn't raise a fucking slut you hear me ?!! " She yelled . I was quiet . I couldn't argue with her . "Get in that room right now !" She pointed out the room . I turned around and walked up the stairs and slammed my door .

Might as well get used to my surroundings .

I won't be leaving here anytime soon . 


LIEK FOR MOAR !!!!!!❤❤❤

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