Niall Horan's family was going through change fast . After his brother left for the military his mom found a new home , a new job , and a new husband . They moved into the Styles home where Niall was forced to get along with his new step brother Harry Styles but what happens when Harry decides to get a little Too friendly with Niall ?


2. Chapter 2.

Niall's P.O.V



Today mum and Rob are leaving on vacation for the next month . Which means that I'm gonna be stuck here with my step-brother from hell . I refuse to stay in the same room even breath the same air as Harry .

I only knew him for 24 hours and I'm just praying someone kills me now . "Okay we'll be back soon . Harry .. try to stay out of trouble and no skipping school " Rob said . "Yeah yeah whatever dad" He rolled his eyes .

"Niall ... " He began . I looked around . " Good Luck okay " He said . "Um yeahh ..." I said . They waved bye and walked out the house shutting the door . "Parents leave in 3 ..2..1 perfect " Harry yelled .

He pulled out his Iphone calling up numbers "Hey Louis call up the babes and the guys we are having a party " Harry smirked . "You can't just have a party " I scoffed " And why not ?" Harry said . " No where in your fathers rules did he say .

Throw a fucking party as soon as I leave " I crossed my arms infront of my chest . He laughed " Okay 'father' .. I'll tell you what you can stay in your room . I'd rather not have your weirdness scaring my guest away " He continued to laugh walking away .

\I don't wanna be apart of this train wreck anyway . I went upstairs to my room and shut the door . I could hear the music beginning to play and people arriving . I want no part in this . I'm just gonna stay up here . For some reason the vibration of the floor was putting me to sleep and 5 minutes later I was knocked out !! . 

(8 Hours later )

It was 1:35am when I woke up . I was surprised to still hear music . The party was still going on ?! . I got out of bed and opened the doors to my room and walked out seeing 5 million teenagers running around dancing ,drinking , kissing . It was weird .

My mouth dropped at the huge mess and the fact that there was at least 8 pieces of pizza on the wall and vomit everywhere . I said I wasn't gonna be apart of it so I just ignored it . I went back in my room and called my bestfriend Iris .

She's been my bestfriend longer than I can even remeber . It sucks I had to move away from her like that . She's was more heart broken than me . "Hello ?" She answered . "Guess who?" I said . "Omg Niall!!! I miss you !!" She screamed . I laughed "I miss you too . " I smiled . "Well . How's cheshire treating your soul?" She asked .

"Um .. I almost feel like dying right now " I smiled . "Noo Ni don't say that " She said . "I don't like it . I mean My step dad is okay and I'm happy that mum is happy .

Its Harry " I growled saying his name "Harry ?" She asked . "My new step-brother .. I swear he is a fucking brat I hate that " I complained . "Well you have to remember you were a brat too " Iris said . I couldn't complain . She was right "Yeah .. your right " I said. As soon as I said that someone bust through the room door .

"Partaaaay!!!" He screamed and a bunch of people came in with beach towels and a kiddy pool and started filling it with the water hose coming through my window . "What the fuck?!!" I yelled . "What's wrong ?" Iris asked .

"I'm gonna call you back okay ?" I said and hung up . I ran downstairs "Harry ?!" I yelled . "Let's fuckking party!!" I could hear him yelling . He was drunk I could tell when he came up to me "N-Niall let's party " He yelled . He started to touch on me .

"You're drunk harry !!" I said . "No I'm not don't be so uptight !" He yelled . I groaned . I walked into the living room picking up a mega phone I saw on the table when I came

"Hey !!! If your name is not Harry Styles get the fuck out !!!!! And take your trash with you ass holes !" I yelled . Everyone awwed grabbing their stuff and leaving the house was a fucking mess .

"Harry what the fuck were you thinking ?!" I yelled being the big brother I'm supposed to be . " I wasn't thinking I'm sorry .. let me make it up to you " He growled trying to kiss me "Harry no !" I said . The guy was strong .

He pushed me on the couch and straddled me . He roughly started kissing me . He wasted no time pulling down my jeans and pulling out my length . "Its so big " He smirked . "Harry we shouldnt-" I couldn't say anything as he took the whole thing in his mouth . I gripped the leather couch . I couldn't help the moan that were escaping every five seconds . "Ohh fuck" I moaned .

He chuckled continuing to suck me off . I can't believe I'm letting him do this . I didn't even know I was gay .. or am I really .. When he stopped he started to kiss me again . It was only 5 seconds later until he passed out on my chest.  I gently moved him and pulled up my pants running off .

I went upstairs to the hallway bathroom shutting the door "oh my god I cant believe I just did that " I yelled. Now I went from hating this place to completely weirded out . He fucking did that ! Of course he was drunk and probably won't remember this . But its gonna be weird when I'm around him now . And he won't even know why .

Liek For Moar!!!!! 

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