Niall Horan's family was going through change fast . After his brother left for the military his mom found a new home , a new job , and a new husband . They moved into the Styles home where Niall was forced to get along with his new step brother Harry Styles but what happens when Harry decides to get a little Too friendly with Niall ?


17. Chapter 17.

Alex's P.O.V


I was in the only place I could go after school . Home in my bedroom . Of course Amber was out being the "Golden Child" yah know . Doing whatever she wanted . It sat in my bomb ass bedroom drinking apple juice and eating Teddy Grams while watching vines .

I could say having a peaceful house is pretty bomb . All the food belongs to me which is also bomb . My parents aren't home .. but that's just a plus . As I sat there laughing I heard a tap on my window by my sitting window ceil . I looked at it confused hoping it was just a bird or something but then the tapping continued .

I walked over to the window ceil climbing on it and opened the blinds seeing Zayn on the roof waving to me . I groaned opening the window . "How the hell did you get up here ??" I questioned this .

" I'm surprised you're parents are still taking down christmas decorations love " He said referring to the ladder . I rolled my eyes smiling as I pulled him through the window .

" What are you doing here . You know I'm grounded " I reminded him . " I don't care . I wanted to see you we haven't spoken all day " He whined kissing my lips .

" I know . My parents --" " You know there's a good question . Why don't your parent's like me ? " He sat on my bed . I sighed . "I don't know . " I responded . " Well I don't know either . They obviously can't see that I'm trying . My grades are good . I blew my SAT'S out the fucking ass and already have 2 scholarships . They may think I'm doing this for sports but I'm really doing it for your parents blessing . " He said .

" Their blessing for what ??" I asked him . I turned to him who looked down shaking his head . "N-Nothing I didn't mean to say that .. " He mumbled . I rolled my eyes . I hated when Zayn did this back in Junior High . I got on my nerves . I walked over to him sitting on his lap wrapping my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck .

" What are you doing ??" He chuckled ."What did you mean by .. you needed my parents blessing ?" I questioned . He sighed " I don't really wanna talk about it --" " Well I do .." I cut him off .

This is the first time I have ever talked to Zayn like this . "What's bothering you and what's so important about my parents ?" I chuckled a little . He looked at me for a while then he turned away beginning to speak .

"You know how I've been living with Liam the past few months ... Um its because my father he .. he um .." He stopped for a while his face turning red as his eyes filled with tears . " Babe .. what's wrong ?" I said beginning to wipe his eyes . "My father was in a car crash a long time ago now ... and He has been in a coma for so long . I don't even know if he's alive still " He shook his head crying .

" But .. What about your mom ? " I asked .

"After my dad got in the car crash her cancer got worse .. I was disappearing from school because I was checking on her every second . My little sisters when to live with Doniyah in New york so .. I was taking care of my mom but she told me she didn't have much time left that day ... I didn't wanna leave her so I slept in the chair at the hospital and everything .. when I woke up the next morning her bed was gone .. She was gone . They told me that she passed away . " He said .

The tears started flowing more rapidly and he was trying so hard to stop them . I have never seen him cry before . Before it hit me I had tears running down my face but I wiped them away as they fell .

" I need you're parents to accept me because as you can see now . I don't have parents . I'm trying to push pass that my father is brain dead and my mum is gone but its difficult Alex . I know that one day . I'm gonna propose to you . Today . Tomorrow .Whenever . and I just want them to see me as their future son not as a fucking delinquent who has no sense and only wants to be with you because of your looks . Because you're more than looks , You're Smart , Strong , Funny .. You're remind me of my mum who had me at a young age but held herself together . " He said wiping the tears off my face as he seen them fell . "I just wanna know that if we're gonna get married one day . I wanna know that you're parents are gonna support me too . Especially when I'm in an issue like this " He finished . I nodded .

" How about you come for dinner sunday night .. so my parents can get to know you for you . " I said . " Alex I don't think they would --" "Just trust me . I'll plan it . " I told him .

I he sighed as he began to smile . "Alright . I'll come .. I Love you baby-Cutlet " He kissed my lips . "Love you to ugly " I giggle playing with him . " If I'm ugly you must be blind "

He growled tickling me . We both collapsed on the bed play fighting . 




(more coming later)

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