Niall Horan's family was going through change fast . After his brother left for the military his mom found a new home , a new job , and a new husband . They moved into the Styles home where Niall was forced to get along with his new step brother Harry Styles but what happens when Harry decides to get a little Too friendly with Niall ?


14. Chapter 14.


Niall's P.O.V


The next morning I woke up early enough to get dressed eat breakfast and leave before I saw Harry . I had an enormous headache last night from crying . I couldn't even focus at practice . I've never cried over falling in love with someone so I didn't know how bad it hurt . It literally kills me that Harry is in love with Louis but I was already torn having to watch them kiss before .

I got dressed in a big sweater and some jeans . I was cold this morning . I was putting on my red converses when my door creaked open and I quickly assumed it was Harry . "I don't wanna talk to you Harry " I said still continuing to put on my shoes

. "Its Carter dude . What's wrong with you and Harry ?" He asked a bit confused . "Oh .. don't worry about it mate . What are you doing here so early ?" I asked him while I finished tieing my shoes . "Oh I just .. really need someone to talk to . " He sighed .

"Really ? About what ?" I asked him kinda messing with my hair in the mirror . I hesrd the bed creak meaning he sat down on it . " Well .. I just don't wanna lie to my parents anymore ... I think its time to tell them that .. " He stopped . I turned around to him rubbing his eyes . "Carter comeon . If you don't tell me what's wrong I won't know how to help " I sat next to him rubbing his back .

 "I um .. I need to tell them that . I'm gay " He finally admitted ."You're gay ? " I asked . I kinda didn't know I thought just maybe Austin had a crush or something . He nodded . " I know you might not wanna be my friend anymore but I really needed someome to talk to about it and .. right now you are all I have and .. " He sniffled tears going down his red face from embarrassment.

 " I'm sorry I'll go" He got up but I caught his arm . "Sit down . " I told him . "You accept me .. but I'm --" "I'm Bisexual Carter .. " I admitted to him . "Noo " He whispered in shock . I chuckled

"Yes .. You're not the only one who has to tell their parents . My mum doesn't even know about me  . They should accept you for who you are . You are a nice , sweet person and .. hey if they don't accept you I'm still here . I'm not going anywhere and I accept you if nobody else does . I'm happy to call you my best mate  " I told him .

He sniffled smiling "Thankyou Niall" He hugged me . I hugged him back ."Stop crying okay ?" I told him . He nodded whiping his tears . "You ready to go to school " I asked him . "Can you buy me a doughnut ? " He asked . I rolled my eyes " Yesss" . He clapped like a child making me chuckle . We both got up getting our bags . I opened the door and once I herd Carter say "Good Morning Harry " I looked at the ground . "Hey .. Hey Niall " He said hoping I would answer but I didn't . There was no way I was gonna talk to him . No matter how much of a good mood I was in . 

(During Class) 

"Hurry back Mr.Horan " The teacher said . "Okay " I nodded taking the pass of her desk for te bathroom . I really didnt have to use the bathroom . It was more of I didn't wanna hear that bitch talk anymore . She was so annoying .

I didn't know what she was talking about and I was sitting next to Zayn who was literally sexting Alex who was sitting across the room and he was moaning . So I guess I really need silence . I walked in the bathroom looking at my phone with I looked up to see who was there . It was Harry . 

Harry's P.O.V

When Niall walked in the bathroom my heart literally stopped . I didn't wanna hurt him yesterday I had no intintions to. "Niall" I said . When he saw my face the blood drained from his . "I can't be in here " He shook his head turning back around .

"Niall wait !" I yelled . I ran over grabbing him before he walked out the door . I locked the door so nobody would come in . "What ?" He asked . "Listen to me . I'm sorry what I did Niall . I knew I was wrong for it and I'm not gonna accept that you won't talk to me .

" I explained to me . "Harry this is bullshit let me go " Niall said trying to move passed me . I wasn't gonna let him go like that . I pushed his back against the wall and pinned his arms down . I couldn't help attaching my lips on his . I has happing when he kissed me back but he let go .

"What the hell are you doing ?!" He yelled . "Just shut up " I growled . I put my lips back on his kissing him "get down " I told him . I took off my shirt having him lay on the floor . I took off his sweater throwing it . "You do realize this is a public restroom right ?" He asked .


I didn't listen pulling down his jeans and underwear leaving him naked . I pulled down my jeans and underwear pumping myself a couple times . "Niall . I love you Niall . I love you I would never hurt you on purpose . " I tried to explain to him . " I don't believe you " He whispered tears coming from his eyes .


I slowly began to lower myself inside him . A moan escaped from him as I began to thrust in and out of him . With every moan he got louder and I went fast . "I-I'm close "He moaned . "I love you Niall" I repeated over and over . The more I said it the more the tears came down his eyes .

We both moaned loudly as we both released . Both of us sweating I kissed his lips and something was different in the kiss . He was really . Truly . Kissing me back . His hands met my face . "I love you Harry " He whispered . I smiled . "I love you too . " I said back kissing him . I love Niall . 

Liek for moar!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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