Niall Horan's family was going through change fast . After his brother left for the military his mom found a new home , a new job , and a new husband . They moved into the Styles home where Niall was forced to get along with his new step brother Harry Styles but what happens when Harry decides to get a little Too friendly with Niall ?


12. Chapter 12 .

Harry's P.O.V 


I was pretty sure Louis didn't even wanna say a word to me . Coach came in to speak with Mrs.Jones and Louis isn't aloud to play Half the season because of me .

I'm such an idiot and as much as I wannasay sorry he's probably not gonna listen to me . But I feel its the right thing to do . " Louis .." I mumbled . He looked over to me . He shook his head then turning his attention back to the front of the classroom .

"Louis I'm trying to apologize to you " I told him . "Well I dont wanna hear it . the last thing I wanna do is forgive you " He said . It felt like a knife going through my heart . " This is gonna go on my record .. London is never gonna give me a scholarship now " He chuckled shaking his head .

"I said I was sorry . you might as well forgive me because I'm not gonna stop until you do " I told him . "And why should I .. you fucked up apart of my life over a fucking kiss " He growled "The kiss meant something it wasn't just a fucking kiss .. " I looked away folding my arms . It was quiet between us .

I didn't look his way though I was tempted to . "What did the kiss mean then ..? " He asked ."What ?" I looked at him . "You said the kiss meant something .. tell me what it meant ." He said .

"It meant that ... I just couldn't take the fact that you were my crush and .. you've always been straight .. talking about your future with El and I get jealous . I can't accept the fact that I can't have you and I want you and Love you " I truthfully told him .

" I can't keep waiting for you when I need you now .. Yes I have somebody else .. but nothing will be right between us " I looked down . " Well can I tell you a secret .. " He asked . I looked at him . "Me .. Me and El broke up because I told her I was Bisexual .. and that I loved you .. " He said a little above a whisper his gaze never leaving the floor .

"Nobody could ever understand me like you .. not even my own mum .. And I love that you actually listen and you care .. " He rubbed his eyes . Hearing this felt like a weight was lifted off my shoulders .

Keeping my head the other way I could hear footsteps approaching me . Two finger brought my face around to look at his beautiful eyes . He got on one knee and pressed his lips onto mine .

I melted into his touch quickly not wanting him to ever let go . His hand went from my facr to my belt in one swift move unbuckling it and beginning to take off my jean . but I stopped him .

"Louis we're in a classroom . " I reminded him . "We're okay I promise" He whispered . He pulled down my jeans to my ankles and began to touch me over my black tight boxers . I began to tremble in pleasure , getting turned on quickly . "Shh " He shushed me .

He put his lips back on mine jetting his tongue in my mouth as he pulled down my boxers showing my fully grown erection . His lips left mine attaching onto my neck sucking and licking over his marks . His hand met my length taking his hand up and down it slowly .

He kissed me again before taking his head down and slowly began to lick me . I tried not to moan too loud biting my tongue . I felt myself touch the back of his throat thus sending pleasure down my spine . He went faster making me shoot a load in the back of his throat .

He swallowed it rubbing me and again bringing his lips back to mine . "You're mine and I'm yours .. " He whispered brushing his lips gently against mine . I nodded "Okay " . He pecked my lips one more .

As all of this was happening I didn't even notice my phone was vibrating . He sent kisses down my neck as I answered the text from Niall

 We need to talk . Please -Niall ​ 

GOT CAUGHT UP IN THE LARRY VIBES ONCE AGAIN LOL !! Sorreh it wasn't a lot I was typing on my tablet and didn't wanna have like a shit load of mispellings so .. yahh

LIEK FOR MOAR !!!!!!!!


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