Niall Horan's family was going through change fast . After his brother left for the military his mom found a new home , a new job , and a new husband . They moved into the Styles home where Niall was forced to get along with his new step brother Harry Styles but what happens when Harry decides to get a little Too friendly with Niall ?


11. Chapter 11.

Niall's P.O.V

As I watched the clock in class I thought about last night . The fact that I just might be in love with Harry . But we're siblings its supposed to be just sex and I don't even know if he likes me that way . But our heated moments have turned to Love , I was his first , He was my first . Do I really think of him that way ? .

I looked over across the room at Harry sitting with Louis . They were writing in a note book together but I don't know what they were writing . "Hey Niall " I made eyes with Alex who was waving to me . "Hey what's up ?" I asked her . "Nothing . You might as well tell the guys I can't come to practice tonight . I'm grounded " She shrugged .

" Grounded . Never would I think you would get grounded . " I told her .

" Ha . Its my parents and Zayn . They don't really like him that much . But noo Amber gets to date whoever the hell she wants and theres no problem " She chuckled shaking her head .

" Oh so you guys are like those type of twins ? One gets everything and the other gets the cold shoulder ?" I questioned . "Yeah Its not fair .. Amber is THE biggest whore I know , bad grades , shitty record , Fucked every boy in school but her own boyfriend who's a sweet guy . But I'm a star athlete have a star student boyfriend and good grades and I'm treated the worse " She rolled her eyes .

I shook my head . "Its okay ." I patted her shoulder . "Your lucky you don't gotta go through this with Haz.  I know he can be a handful " She sighed . "He's okay . " I smiled pretty confidenfly . "You are so cheeky " She punched my shoulder I just laughed .

Of course she wouldn't know ehy I'm so cheeky today . Its not because I had sex with my brother or anything (he said sarcastically ) . 

Harry's P.O.V

As I wrote notes back and forth to Louis I would look back at Niall who was laughing with Alex the whole time . I couldn't help but get jealous though I shouldn't really be . I have never been bottomed before and Niall was the first person I have ever let bottom me . I couldn't help but gain these feeling for him . I can't help but love him . I want him to love me . I have a feeling he doesn't love me the same way .

They way he laughing and talking with Alex . Both of her feet on both sides of his chair as she rested her palms on his shoulders . I looked away before I got really upset . "You okay Haz ?" Louis asked me .

I looked at him , smiled and nodded . "Are you sure .. you seem to be eyeing Niall pretty hard .. Something go on at home ?" He asked me . I shook my head . I saw him put down his blue pen and turn his body towards me .

"Haz . I know when you're upset . You've been acting a little out of character since Niall came .." Louis crossed his arms . "I just .. I don't know . He's really grown on me as a sibling I haven't had a sibling in a long time It just feels different you know --" I was cut off by Alex and Niall laughing louder than before

. "I can't take this shit anymore !!" I screamed jumping out of my seat . " Harry what are you talking about--" I cut Louis off planting a kiss on his lips . Everyone in the classroom gasped at my actions and I began to feel him kiss back . I glided my tongue over his bottom lip making his lips part as letting me slip my tongue inside his tongue . "Mr.Styles !!" I heard Mrs.Jones arrive .

The class ooed loudly and I let go of Louis leaving him confused and shocked a the same time ."Mr.Styles you and Mr.Tomlinson have detention with me tonight . I'm reporting this to your Coach Mr.Tomlinson " She told Louis .

"Everyone take your seats now !" She yelled . I sighed closing my eyes and leaning back in my chair . Well I just got in trouble but more importantly Louis might get suspended off the team because he just got detention .

I looked over at him to see his head in his hands . "Um may I use the bathroom please ?" Niall raised his hands .

"Take a pass please " She told him continuing to write on the board . " You okay Niall ?"Alex asked him . He nodded . He glared at me then looking away and walking out of the classroom . I sighed putting my head down . I felt so terrible . I let my jealousy take over . Somebody just shoot me now . 


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