Niall Horan's family was going through change fast . After his brother left for the military his mom found a new home , a new job , and a new husband . They moved into the Styles home where Niall was forced to get along with his new step brother Harry Styles but what happens when Harry decides to get a little Too friendly with Niall ?


10. Chapter 10.


Niall's P.O.V

We ran into the locker room as soon as we won our first game of the season . All the chanting fans and love we were getting out there . It felt like we won the Olympics . And It felt soo good . "Everyone !" Coach announced . Everyone  began to quiet down . "I would like everyone to show some love to our new team member Niall Horan . We really appreciate you man "Zayn held up my arm . Everyone in the locker room chanted and before my very eyes the spilled the entire Gatorade thing on me . It was cold too but I smiled through it . "Okay everyone hit the showers get your rest . We got practice tomorrow . Another victory is on the way " Coach said . Everyone put their hands in the middle and we chanted something . I haven't learned it yet but right now it just sounds like a bunch of gibberish . Everyone began to get their stuff ready and getting in the showers . Everyone has left but I was stuck on my phone texting Carter back and forth . 

You were on fire out there - Carter

Thanks I really appreciate it - Niall 

Hey is Harry still out there with you waiting for me ?- Niall

I don't think so . He probably went to the car or something But I gotta go my mom is pissed about whatever -_- - Carter 

Lol good luck -Niall 

Well since Harry isn't there with Carter I shouldn't be keeping him waiting . I changed into sweats and stuff . Ill take a shower at home . I walked out with everyone else going to my car where Harry was standing . His arms were open waiting for me to hug him . I pulled him into a warm hug .

"Congrats Niall " He said . "Thanks " I smiled . Though I wanted to hug him forever I didn't want him smelling like me . Gatorade and sweat . We got in the car and drove through the gates of the flat . When we got in Harry disappeared off somewhere and I went upstairs and stripped from my clothes and got into a nice warm shower .

I washed my body 5 times to get the smell of Gatorade off me . I got out and wrapped the towel around my body leaving the bathroom . I put on clean sweats and a t-shirt and while I was getting dressed I heard noises . It sounded like dogs whimpering honestly . I left my room going to Harry's to see if he heard anything .

I opened the door "Harry did you hear--" I was cut off my his gasp . The noise stopped and he covered his private area with a pillow . "Niall" I said scared if I saw what he did . I know teenagers can be a little horny at times but geez . "Um I was coming to see if you heard anything  ..But I found the noise now " I told him a smirk trying to escape as I closed the door .

What he was naked basically . I crossed my arms as he glowes red as a tomato . "I .. I um " He stumbled over words . I eyed the pillow that covered the candy I touched earlier . "Oh fuck this!!" he growled dropping the pillow and standing up .

my eyes widened at his eager-ness as he rushed over to me smashing his lips on my . They tasted sweeter that all the other times . He felt under my shirt as he left trails of kisses on my neck . I could feel my moans from the back of my throat I refused to let it move .

That's was until he began to bite on me sucking my fresh bruises . I began to moan loudly and out of control making him smile . "You like that baby ?" He whispered sexily in my ear .

I bit my lip and be took off my shirt kissing me down my body . He was then on his knees as he began to untie my sweatpants . He was taking too long kissing me on my v-lines and teasing me . I pulled my sweats down, my length was in his face .

He smirked kissing and licking the sides of it . "Stop T-Teasing me " I trembled in pleasure . He soon began to take the whole thing in my mouth bobbing his head up and down .

I didn't touch him . I wanted him to keep pleasuring me . I moaned playing with his curls as I let him suck me off . He moaned against it making me twitch in his mouth . "I want you inside me baby " He whispered taking me out of his mouth and kissing me .

"Jump" I ordered . He jumped wrapping his legs around my waist . I laid him down on the bed . I kissed him a little more as I jerked on his length . He moaned against my lips which told me he was ready . I positioned myself where his tight pink hole was .

I have never had sex with a guy . I haven't had sex with anybody so this will be an expirence.  I pushed in slowly not wanting to hurt him . He moaned his face turning red "Am I hurting you ?" I asked him . "It hurts a little but don't stop " He said through his moans .

I thrusted in and out of his moans got louder and louder . Our skin slapping against eachother . "Fuck " I groaned . "I'm close" He yelled . I tensed up and so did he making me release him and making him release all over the bed and my body .

I kissed him over and over before falling next to him . He bit his lip . Making me blush " Something tells me this was your first time" He whispered against my chest . "Y-Yeah .. I really didn't feel comfortable about it but .. I don't know I just --" "Its okay .. it was the first time for me too .." He whispered .

I looked down at him "Really?" I asked . "Yeah .. I'm happy you were my first Niall .. " He kissed my chest . I smiled kissing his hair . All the sudden I felt a change . The way we kissed , the way we touched , the way we made noises louder than a stadium .. I then realized ..

I'm in love with my brother . 


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