Niall Horan's family was going through change fast . After his brother left for the military his mom found a new home , a new job , and a new husband . They moved into the Styles home where Niall was forced to get along with his new step brother Harry Styles but what happens when Harry decides to get a little Too friendly with Niall ?


1. Chapter 1

Niall's P.O.V


I walked into our new home with hope I don't hate this as much as I think I will . I love my mum and I did this for her . I stood there and watched that man tongue kiss her infront of all our family and didn't do a thing about it . She decided all this change after Greg went to serve in the  military .

It sucks because He's my only brother and I miss him more than anything . I didn't wanna be here and I had no choice so since I'm here I'll try to make the best of it . "Welcome to your new home Niall " Robin said putting an arm around my shoulder . I looked at him and he took his arm off awkwardly .

"Um Malinda come get his bags please " Robin called for what I guess was the maid . "After you get freshened up Harold will be here to meet you so hurry !" Mum yelled . I rolled my eyes . I'm not so thrilled about having a Step-Brother either . My mum said it will be like Greg never even left .

But nobody was a better brother than him . Hopefully this 'Harold' Isn't as bad as I think he might be . I made my way to the room that said 'Reserved for Niall' on the door . I opened the door to a big room with everything in it .

A couch , apple laptop , desk , shelves , Just so much space . I don't know what Robin does but whatever it is he's good at it . "Do you need anything else Master Niall ?" Malinda asked . "Just call me Niall and No thankyou " I nodded . She nodded back and walked off . 


"NIALL HAROLD IS HERE!!!" Mum screamed . I got up from the couch and walked out the room down the big staircase . I stood before My mom and step-father . "Niall . I would like to introduce you to Harold " His dad presented him . He walked in the door . A head full of thick curls and he wore skin tight pants with a muscle shirt on .

"Its Harry " His raspy voice said . He dropped his jacket on the floor "TERRANCE!!" He yelled . Some guy ran in with a suit on and white gloves and picked up his jacket  and took his shades . "Who are you ?" He asked crossing his arms .

"Um .. I'm Niall nice to -" He cut me off " IS DINNER READY MALINDA !!" He yelled pushing me aside . " Mum you can't be serious " I said . "Niall its final you're here and there's no going back .. Besides he was just kidding with his older brother right ?" Mum as Robin "Yeah he's just acting out for show " Robin nodded .

Acting out for show my ass . "Come on dinner must be ready " Mum smiled . Oh this better be good I'm Starving !!!

We sat there in silence eating out food just looking around at each other .Except Harry who was on his phone . "Um Harold can you put your phone away at the table please" My mum smiled . He smiled back putting his phone on the table .

"So um .. Harold mind telling Niall a little about yourself " Robin smiled . " No lets start with Niall . Why are you here ?" Harry asked me . "Harold be nice " Robin said . "No really why are you here ?  I didn't ask for you to be here " He said "If it makes you feel a little better I didn't ask to be here either .. let alone ask to meet a son of bitch like you" I mumbled the last part . "Niall " Mum warned me .

"No mum . I not gonna pretend like this is okay . I don't wanna be here . I don't wanna start my life over here as a Styles . You didn't ask me if I was fine with this .. This isn't home mum " I said . I got up from the table walking back up the stairs . "He'll get over it don't worry " I heard my Mum say . I rolled my eyes slamming my door . And this is only the beginning .

Because after today I'm gonna be stuck with that curly Haired bastard for the rest of the month 

Lucky me .





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