Ill never forget.

everything was normal until the night we got attacked. ever since then its like we dont know eachother. pulling our dates closer and friends away, fearing the change coming. not knowing who, or what, attacked us. at this point, can we even survive?


1. graveyards


it was just like any other friday, everyone met no later than 11 (pm of corse) at the graveyard. it was a weekly thing that no one missed no matter what. we always stayed the night at eachothers houses on the weekends anyways so why not have some fun in meeting eachother?

it was almost 10 when i get there. as usual, the first.i didnt mind. i fgure atleast that way no one can say i was late as done everytime to the last person there. i take out my cigaretts and look inside, 12 left. i take one out and light it. as if on que daniel and josh get there to see my box beore it gets thrown back in my purse. at this point i just take a couple out and throw them. the boys ran to try to catch them like their life depended on it. we sit around listening to music not trying to talk much knowing that it will just annoy josh until his girlfirend, brittany, got here as usual seeing how daniel and i are dating.

we see some people passing and start to make fun of them from the little building that contains like a whole family (i think its called a mosaleum or something. right?) they start looking around freaked out by the voices since they couldnt see us then they started running away. we broke into a series of laughter as lisa and alex snuck up behind us to scare us almost into jumping down. that would get atleast a seriously sprained if not broken ankle.

now its their turn to laugh. i gave them a death glare until josh moans out 'oh greatt, ANOTHER couple.' now we were all laughing. we all just sat there fucking with the people walking past until about 10:50 when brittany and rosa finally showed up. we were about to give them crap about being late unil they held up food. the boys all jumped up and josh said 'babe you want to give me food right?'

'yes babe ill give you food. but girls first or else it will be gone before we get a chance to even smell it so go sit!' she yelled to the boys pointing at the spot they were before. they sulked back and sat down. daniel and alex recieving kisses for good behavior.

the food got passed out. everyone getting burgers except me. (vegitarian yea i know, ohh you cant live without meat. ive been vegitarian more than half my life so obviously i can) i get a fish sandwhich. we eat before we start playing ghost in the graveyard, with our own 'special' rules. there always couples looking, couples hide together, and most of the time you dont want to go find people in fear of seeing more of them than youd ever want to. so after an hour and a half you start just coming out of hiding. sometimes we feel bad for rosa since she is the only single one but she just listens to music and takes naps in the game. we usually only have one round though for mostly obvious reasons.

once the game is over we put on some sage the gemini and stuff like that so the girls can dance. then a little of whatever random music the boys are in the mood for. then we all go to the house we are staying at that week, which happens to be mine and daniels today. everyone either moved out quick as they could or got kicked out the day they turned 18. all the couples live together and rosa lives with josh and brittany. we all live no more than 10 minutes away walking so it wasnt too long of a walk back, except for stopping to buy more cigaretts.

we were almost at the house when it happened. it was almost too fast to notice. there was a flash  of light then screams. i didnt notice it was my screams until i felt a squeeze on my hand then nothing. i turn to see daniel fighting with some random guy. then a chick runs up to me and this is when i thank myself for focing us all to train.

this girl is strong like no joke. im not bragging but im pretty damn strong and she makes it seem like it barely stings. that was what pissed me off. soon i notice everyone was in the same situation just about. then i saw a couple people drop to the floor. suddenly i start to feel dizzy. i dont know what the hell happened but before i go out completely i hear a horrible laugh.

the only words with the laugh was 'pethetic. i thought you would be better by now.'



hey guys!! let me know what you think. who do you think was talking to them? or to whom were they talking to? ideas comments thing you did or didnt like? tell me! i wish to know. if you dont speak i cant critique, so ill just do it on go with the flow, YOU INFLUECE THE FLOW SO LET ME KNOW!!! hehe that rhymed i like it.anyways thanks and speak out! byeee :)

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