Dragon Ninja

A fearsome warrior , know as the Dragon Ninja , defends the planet ....from all who threating it ...with all his skills and power , there are few people who can stand up to his might , ..but as evil grows stronger ...he will soon meet his match ....will he be able to protect the world any more?


9. Winner by Knockout!

I locked eyes with her as I moved out of the way of her lunge. Your fast. I told her. I grabbed one of her back legs. As I almost flung her , she flipped out of it. She spun around and lunged at my face ,I was able to block her, but teeth sunk into my arms , as i grunted in pain , I managed to throw her from my arm. She lunged again. Is that all you know!? I shouted at her as I grabbed her tail and smashed her into the ground. She flew about ten feet back. she got up, a bit bruised and shook the dirt of herself. I grabbed the Lighting blade sheathed on my left hip, but I only pulled it out a bit , and I disappeared from her sights with my speed now hyper-sonic I was barely visible, if at all. I could she her trying to find me as she checked her surroundings. I shot forward, after circling her for a bit and kneed her in the chin. As she got up, obviously dizzy, I decided it was time, and uttered time to end this.......I knew she heard me ,as she squinted her eyes probably confused, as I appeared behind her and delivered a sharp chop to her neck, I knocked her out. As her pack looked in awe, I turned towards them, they were shocked to see I defeated her so easily.
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