Dragon Ninja

A fearsome warrior , know as the Dragon Ninja , defends the planet ....from all who threating it ...with all his skills and power , there are few people who can stand up to his might , ..but as evil grows stronger ...he will soon meet his match ....will he be able to protect the world any more?


3. The King of the enemy

Sir! an unknown voice said He is real! the unknown voice said What? a you babbling on about , you disturbed my sleep. a different voice complained Uh...s..sorry sir ...it's just ..... he is real .... the Dragon Ninja. the unknown voice said Oh so the god wasn't bluffing eh? the different voice said confidentially He recently acquired the power of lighting as well. the unknown voice said It matters not , just another ant the will be stepped on , while we walk the road to victory . the different voice explained now leave me , this matter is adjourned. he added yes my lord. the unknown voice said
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