Dragon Ninja

A fearsome warrior , know as the Dragon Ninja , defends the planet ....from all who threating it ...with all his skills and power , there are few people who can stand up to his might , ..but as evil grows stronger ...he will soon meet his match ....will he be able to protect the world any more?


14. Information chapter: Earth Power

Hey this is an info chapter! these aren't related to the story, but the are to give you info on powers,weapons..etc... just to give you info on stuff. appearance: Earth power when activated, it changes The Dragon Ninjas cream color robe,cream hair and hazel eyes, all to milk chocolate brown. Weapons: Earth hammer. This hammer resembles Thor's hammer but it is all brown and looks rockier , strong , durable , throw-able (doesn't come to owners hand like Thor's though) W Earth Shield. Resembles the Hyilan shield from the legend of Zelda seris, Durable, not indestructible , can't be thrown effectively and not a good offensive weapon , like say captain Americas shield. same design as the hammer Abilities : control over earth , enhanced strength and durability , decreased speed
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