Dragon Ninja

A fearsome warrior , know as the Dragon Ninja , defends the planet ....from all who threating it ...with all his skills and power , there are few people who can stand up to his might , ..but as evil grows stronger ...he will soon meet his match ....will he be able to protect the world any more?


1. Greatness from small beginnings

With the forces of heaven about to be eliminated three acts were done to try and save humanity from the forces of the underworld . One the forces of the underworld would be stuck there by a spell done by the last of the gods . Two and new place was created for souls to go in the after life , so hell's armies would not increase as much . Lastly A master warrior was created to defend to the world of the living , the Dragon Ninja . With immortality , but only in the sense his body never ages past 24 , he will never die of old age , but he can still be killed . With super strength and durability , along with supersonic speeds, and an astute mind , but that's not all he has . With the seven strengths of the warrior he has the power of water,fire,wind,earth,light,darkness and the last one which is tailored to his souls the power of the Dragon . He cannot use all of these at once but with his divine weaponry will he be able to save us all ? The underworld grows stronger and their time is near , who will win ? The fate of the planet depends on it !
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