Dragon Ninja

A fearsome warrior , know as the Dragon Ninja , defends the planet ....from all who threating it ...with all his skills and power , there are few people who can stand up to his might , ..but as evil grows stronger ...he will soon meet his match ....will he be able to protect the world any more?


8. Duel

Now the information you looking for is ......Dec 21st. She told me. We are preparing for the Invasion ,like you Dragon Ninja! she said as she stared at me intensely. But how do you know who I am? I asked. It matters not ! She looked at me streenly. That fact of the matter is, we both a fighting the same enemy, I purpose this, we have a duel if you win you may command us..... if I win you must refill the spot of that wolf you killed earlier ,and join the clan ! she shouted proudly. I accept. I responded. Good let us begin! She shouted! She charged at me and changed into a wolf at the same time.
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