Don't Forget Where You Belong

Chloe Sonenclar doesn't have a normal life,Chloe gets A LOT of hate on twitter.She is dating Niall Horan from One Direction.She's never done anything wrong,all she's ever done is love Niall.But what happens when Niall gets tired of Chloe always crying over the hate,breaks up with her,and kicks her out of their-well now his house.Will Chloe ever move on?Will she have a better life without him?How will she go on with her life,when whom she thought was the love of her life,throwing her out of his life?


3. * Two years later *


    (Chloe's P.O.V)

                " Hi guys it's Chloe and i'm here with my best friends , Nash , Cameron , and Matt!" I yelled in excitement into my camera as I record another youtube video with my three best friends . I haven't seen Lilly in a long time , about one year I think is when she left to go to Italy and live with her parents . I was disturbed from my thoughts when I hear grunting . I look to my left , I see Nash and Cameron fake fighting . I laugh at the sight of them , I look to my right and see Matt laugh as well. Then a noise started coming from my phone , I unlock it and see someone wants to skype with me. As I pick up the skype call , Everyone calms down and gets quiet, Then hide behind me. Finally after waiting , I see one of my friends Zayn. " Zayn ! Hey mate , Oh these are my three best friends !" I say happily , pointing at the guys who are now sitting beside me. They all scream 'Hi' , While Zayn waves shyly. Zayn isn't too good at meeting new people. " Hey guys , This my friend Zayn !" I yell at my camera  , which is on a high cupboard .  I then show my phone to the camera , so they can see Zayn.

           " So Zayn , Would you like to be apart of this video? " Nash asks , Zayn nods in agreement. " So today we're doing the oatmeal challenge!" Matt says smirking, While Cameron showed the camera four oatmeal packs . " Oh Lord , Why do I always listen to you guys? " I sigh. " Because you love us , especially me . " Matt said inking at me , while putting me on his lap. I blush , But the thing is , I do love him , like the more than friends love . He only see's me as a best friends. Then I hear a small chuckle from Zayn , I glare at him because he knows my feelings for Matt . " So , lets start ! " Cameron yells in excitement while passing us a pack of oatmeal to each one of us . " Now when Zayn says 'go'  , We start eating the oatmeal , and whoever finishes eating first , They will get to throw eggs at the ones who lost. " Nash says . We all open the oatmeal and get ready for Zayn to start us off . "! " Zayn yells . I was the first to put the oatmeal in my mouth , I start to chew and chew , Then while we're still chewing Cameron says " This isn't easy." while choking on oatmeal . After some time passes , I see Liam , Louis , and Harry enter Zayns room . " Ugh Zayn is it alright if we stay here for a bit? Niall has another one of his nightstands in his room , And they're way too lou- " Louis asks , not finishing once he see's me  on Zayns laptop , I'm guessing it's his laptop. " CHLOE CHLOE CHLOE CHLOE! " Louis & and Harry scream like little children waking up on Christmas morning . I wave 'Hi' because I still can't speak with the dried up oatmeal in my mouth . " What are they doing and who are those guys with her? " Liam asks Zayn . " Chloe and her best friends are recording another youtube video , but this time their doing it on them doing the oatmeal challenge . I look at my best friends and see them still having a hard time chewing while I wasn't having mush of a hard time as them . I soon start to feel nothing in my mouth , Weird . WAIT WHAT I'M DONE! " I'M DONE ! " I shout . I look at everyones faces , Their shocked , But Cameron breaks the silence by spitting the rest of the oatmeal that was in his mouth on Nash . Everyone starts roaring with laughter  at Cameron and Nash spitting . I then stopped laughing when I flt Matt spit his oatmeal on the top of my head . I frown as he pokes my cheeks , " Aweh you look so cute!" He cooed . I then tackle him and now i'm on top of his body , leaving his body below mine. As that happened , the room went silent , also did my phone . Then Matt flipped me over and stared into my eyes as I stared into his . As everyone on my phone started wolf whistling , Cameron and Nash wolf whistled too . We both blush a deep shade of red  , But I got even more red when Matt started tickling my sides. " Ma-tt! Pl-ease . -St-op ! " I giggle uncontrollably . " Only if you agree to give me a kiss and sit on my lap ! " He smiles . " Fine ! " I yell . He finally stopped tickling me and put me on his lap , waiting for his kiss. I turned to face him and tried to crash my lips on his cheek , but he had to move to say " Oh and -" but he didin't finish  saying waht he was going to say because I accidentally crashed my lips on his lips . At that same moment our lips crashed I felt him smile , but not only did he smile , he secretly began to kiss back . I as well secretly kissed back , but no one noticed because when we started , I guess you can say make out. So when we started making out , A blonde boy slammed the door open and yelled " What is up with the loud wolf whistles ! I could barely hear my fucking sluts moa- CHLOE?! " . Everyone saw him on my phone screen , And I didn't want to see him . So I quickly pulled away from Matts lips and stay there in shock not saying a word. My first boy friend , my first kiss , my ex. That blonde boy was Niall , and he caught me kissing a guy . " CHLOE WHAT THE FUCK? WHY WE'RE YOU KISSING HIM! " I panicked , but rememberd that everyone saw our lips crash , but not the make out session. " Our lips just crashed by accident..." I say , feeling dizzy. " Yeah right ! You just happened to fucking crash your lips on someone else lips by accident . Why Chloe? I never kissed any girl after you left. " Niall lied. My anger rose , I was about to yell at him until Harry did it for me . " Don't you fucking lie , Niall fucking  James Horan ! I've seen you coming to our damn fucking house and bringing lots of girls to our house . Using them for sex! While Chloe hasn't even had kissed another guy since you broke up. She only does friendly one to her best friends . Plus she has every right to kiss someone else! You lost her , now she can find someone , That lucky guy will win her heart , something you don't have anymore . " I gasp at Harry , He never swears , only if he's pissed as fuck . For example now. " You know what , I don't give a fuck! Go be a slut and fuck with every guy you see , for fucks sake . Fuck that guy you just kissed right now! Let me see you fuck someone , because when I asked to fuck with you , You said no! Every single time . Be a slutty whore , like the one you are when I caught you in Harry's bed! " Niall yelled raged. " You bastard ! Chloe is not a whore ! You fuck every girl , so I wouldn't be talking if I we're you! She actually came to me or Cameron or Nash when she had dreams about you saying those cruel things to her! She cried for a long time , But would always fall asleep in our arms with tear stains on her cheeks. I saw her feel so much pain . She even started cutting her wrists! One day Cameron , Nash , and I came back to the hotel and we saw something none of us wanted to ever see. You know what we saw? We saw her wrists bleeding , her neck wrapped around her throat , hanging from the ceiling fan . She almost died if it wasn't for us taking her to the hospital just in time! You don't know how much pain you cause her. And when you caught her in Harry's bed , She stayed the night with him because she was crying , she was afraid of you , after you punched her on the nose and made her bleed. You fucking hurt her , she went to Harry and asked if she could stay with him because she didn't want to bother you . Harry let her stay and she cried and cried untill she fell asleep . That's when you came in Harry's room and found her there , you started beating her . She had bruises , yet she apologized and still wanted to be with you. She loved you a lot. But blew it . So how about don't act like the hurt one here , She's suffered so much , I'm so awed by her still staying strong , helping others , she stayed alive at the times she wanted to die . She is the most amazing girl i've ever met ." Matt yelled at Niall , well my screen. By now I was tearing up , I was in Nash's arms while Cameron whispered in my ear " It's fine Chloe , You're with us , He can't hurt you anymore , Want to say goodbye to them now?" I nodded and wiped my tears and said " Well it was nice seeing you lads , Love you guys ! I really would love to see you guys again. " Then Niall's expression brightened , " But not you Niall, sorry." Then I hanged up . " Chloe you okay? " Matt asked pulling me away from Cameron and Nash .  " Yeah I guess." I fake laughed. I was really not okay though . " Well anyways we're going to get pizza . Bye !" Nash and Cameron yelled walking out and leaving Matt and I alone . " Chloe I love you . " Matt said , looking into my eyes . " Matt I love you too ." I smile . We stood there just looking in each others eyes untill Cameron came back in and said " Forgot my keys ." And walked back straight out. Matt then started to lean in , As did I . Our faces we're inches apart  , our nose's touching . As we we're about to kiss , My phone rang . We both sighed , while I pulled apart and answered . "Hello? " I ask . " I am still in love with you ." A familiar voice said . That voice it only belongs to someone , This someone broke me when he said those seven words. That someone is Niall.


Well thanks for reading ( If someones actually reading ) I actually like this chapter , it has a lot of drama . Poor Chloe though :( . Almost kissed her  Best friend / Crush . 

Who do you guys ship ? 
Matt and Chloe ? 
Or Niall and Chloe? 

Me: Shut up Niall and go eat your crisps .
Niall : Well then .
Me: Good thing my Creepypasta family went out on a killing spree so they don't disturb me this time. 
Harry : I don't like Jeff .
Me : He's a good guy , not all bad , Well if you're on his good side.
Harry : Hahaha very funny. 
Me : Anyways . I hope you like this chapter , I will be updating as soon as possible . 
Harry&Niall&Liam&Zayn&Louis : BYEEEE LOVE YOU *Kisses your cheek* 
Me: Bye love you ! And sorry if you don't like it . *Hugs you and gives you food*

                      ~One Direction and Me

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