Don't Forget Where You Belong

Chloe Sonenclar doesn't have a normal life,Chloe gets A LOT of hate on twitter.She is dating Niall Horan from One Direction.She's never done anything wrong,all she's ever done is love Niall.But what happens when Niall gets tired of Chloe always crying over the hate,breaks up with her,and kicks her out of their-well now his house.Will Chloe ever move on?Will she have a better life without him?How will she go on with her life,when whom she thought was the love of her life,throwing her out of his life?


4. Truth or dare

( Chloe's P.O.V ) 

           " Bye " I simply say , hanging up . " Where back ! " Cameron yells , walking in with Nash . " So guys , We forgot to stop the video ." I say , realizing my camera is still recording. " I'll go stop it. " Matt says , getting up and turning off my camera . " Okay we got four boxes of pizza and four sodas. Come children ." Nash yells from the kitchen. Matt and I run to the kitchen a grab a slice of pizza . I grab my soda and sit on the couch. " Aye Chloe , Want to play truth or dare ? " Cameron says lifting me up , Then sits down where I was sitting . " Sure , but first let me sit on the couch ." I say , about to sit down on the couch but get pulled away by Cameron's arms . He then gently sets me on his lap . " Not as comfty but okay. " I say chuckling . Matt and Nash then sit down with us . " Okay Nash you go first ." Matt says. " Okay , Cameron . Truth or dare? " Nash asks. " Dare ." Cameron responds. " I dare you to take all of your clothes off , except your boxers , and stay like that for the rest of the game ." Nash says. Cameron then gets up , making me fall on Matt . " Woops . Sorry man. " I say , getting off of Matt's Body. " Done ! " Cameron yells , sitting down on the couch again. I look at him and blush. Sure i've slept with him a bunch of times ( And this is the moment where you activate your dirty minds. You dirty freaks ;) ) , But I sort of have a crush on him , more than my crush on Matt . I mean cmon , He's got the good looks , Amazing personality , and he's funny as hell . That makes the perfect guy. " Okay , Um . Chloe , Truth or dare? " . That little mofo knows I always choose dare . He shouldn't even ask . " Well , my little mofo . You know the answer to that. " I respond. " Okay , I dare you to go the fridge and spray whip cream in your bra. " Cameron say's laughing. I laugh and go look in the fridge , with the rest of those mofo's following me . " There you are my sweet little friend . " I say grabbing the whip cream . " If this is cold , I will falcon punch you. " I say , not joking. " Yeah , okay. Just put whip cream it in your red bra . " He laughs. " How the fu-" " Don't even ask." He says interrupting me.( That dirty perv . Checking out your best friends boobs , how normal. Actually that is . One of my best friends did that . Don't even ask , Please.  Derp . ) I shiver as the cold whip cream enters my bra . " Hahahahahahhaha " They laugh , falling to the ground. " Shut up , Now Matt , Truth or dare ? " I ask as I help Cameron up , who by now is the only still on the floor. " Dare ." He yells. " Okay em , I dare you to go ask the first person you see outside  exactly this , ' Hey sorry to be a burden , but do you by any chance have any tampons or pads I can use? Sorry I ran out of pads , I'm on it right now . So can you please lend me one? ' '' . Everyone starts laughing their asses off , once we all calm down . We all take out or phones and record Matt as he walks out and see's a guy . He soon starts walking up to him and taps him on the shoulder and asks "Hey sorry to be a burden , but do you by any chance have any tampons or pads I can use? Sorry I ran out of pads , I'm on it right now . So can you please lend me one? " . By now the three of us we're laughing on the ground , and laugh more when he see's the guy's expression . Then the guy walks into the room near ours . " Oh my god are you guys recording this ? " Matt questions/yells. We nod and turn our attention to the guy who Matt asked for a tampon or pad. " Here , I have some since my girlfriend left some when she was over. " He says , while handing three pads to Matt. We try so hard not to laugh when we see Matt's expression to the pads in his hands. "Thanks man ." Matt says walking away . " You guys are bitches. " Matt says walking into our room and out of the hall way.  " This is the best truth or dare game we've ever played . " Cameron says wrapping his arm around me and pulling me back into our room.  How I wish to call Cameron mine , But I also want to call Matt mine. Why do I have to have a crush on two of my best friends.  Whatever I do , I hope I decide on the right guy to date.


Hey reader , Hope you like this chapter . I'm not proud of it thought , not my best work :( . Sorry if you find this chapter crappy . I really do . But anyways , Can you guys help this movella get a little bit more , well known . I really would love if you guys tell all oyur friends to read this or share it with other people .  I will be updating soon too. Again a massive thank you too all of you for taking your time to read this . I wish I could repay you all somehow . I'd like to thank you all again . And remember to stay strong . You guys matter so much to me. 

BEN : She loves me more than you guys though * smirks* 
Me: Quiet BEN . 
Jeff: She obviously loves me more. 
Me: I love you guys equally k ?
BEN: Your lips didn't say the same thing last night ...
Me: * Looks down and blushes * BEN , I told you to shut up.
Me: Guys chill you guys always give me kisses anyway. I mean *Masky covers my mouth*
Masky : *covers my mouth with his hand * SHHHHHHHHHH
Jeff: I will punch you , if you did.
Masky : ......
Jeff&BEN: THIS MEANS WAR! *Tackle Masky* 
Me: *Turns attention to T.V when hears 'One Direction* 
Me: *Runs toward Masky , Jeff , and BEN * MASKY! *Pushes Jeff and BEN off of Masky* 
T.V : " And the winner for global sensation is ....ONE DIRECTION !" 
Me: HOLY MOTHER OF ZALGO ! THEY WON * Smashes lips on BEN's lips * *Pulls apart quickly* WOHOOOOOOO!
Masky&Jeff: HAYYYYYY!
Me: Is for horses . 

          ~ Jeff , BEN , Masky & And me 


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