Don't Forget Where You Belong

Chloe Sonenclar doesn't have a normal life,Chloe gets A LOT of hate on twitter.She is dating Niall Horan from One Direction.She's never done anything wrong,all she's ever done is love Niall.But what happens when Niall gets tired of Chloe always crying over the hate,breaks up with her,and kicks her out of their-well now his house.Will Chloe ever move on?Will she have a better life without him?How will she go on with her life,when whom she thought was the love of her life,throwing her out of his life?


14. There's a lot of things you don't know

(Chloe's POV)

Laughter fills the air , Sydney is hilarious. I've gotten to know her this past hour. I absolutely love her british accent .

" So Louis , What are you doing here ?" I ask , curious.

" Well this is my house ." He stated sassily.  

 ''Well.. screw me.'' I said slightly offended.

 '' Sorry i can't... I have Sydney..'' Louis chuckled. 

'' Joking... it's a Joke love' "Louis tells Sydney.

'' I know that mister sass masta' from Doncasta' ", Sydney remarked sassily.

" Hey! Stop with the old corny One Direction jokes." He said with a frown.

"Corny? like yours love' ?''Sydney responded.

'' Well aren't you cute.." Louis said while pecking her nose.

'' Yes... yes i am.'' Sydney chuckled.

After that I heard someone inside Nash's room so I looked around and saw that Jessica wasn't there. Where could she have gone? 

" So Sydney are you single? " Nash asked with a wink.

"Actually-" Sydney tried finishing her sentence but a loud crashing sound came from kitchen.

I saw that tall guy with black hair from six flags , with a couple of other friends barge in . 

" What in the bloody hell is that ? " Louis asked .

" Well,well,well. Who do we have here? " The guy with the black hair laughed wickedly.

" Who are you and why are you here ?" Louis asked.

" Shut up little faggot . Boys...get the girl." The guy with black hair said pointing at me.

" I don't think so Andy . " Jessica yelled , coming in with her friends.

She started shooting Andy , while her friend kept shooting others. Andy then attacked Jessica on the ground and grabbed his knife and cut Jessica's back . Jessica screamed in pain as she felt the blade. I was so terrified seeing such a sweet girl like her being in such terrible pain. 

" Jessica!" James screamed as Jessica lied on the floor . 

Jessica than gave James a wink , letting him know that she's fine. 

" JAMES WATCH OUT!" A blonde boy with a british accent yelled.

James turned around , only to fall on the floor as one of Andy stabs him. Jessica screams in horror as she see's James hurt. She gets up and punches Andy . They both fight untill Andy couldn't take more hits , so he collapsed on the ground. 

"You killed my parents,My sister, and what was left of my family. Little did you know that my friends are my family , especially this gang . It's not just a gang , it's a family. So today I get to kill you like you did my parents and sister. See you in hell bitch." Jessica laughed as she shot Andy . 

" Oh my god what just happened?!" Louis and Sydney yelled.

" There's a lot of things you don't know about her. There's a lot of things you don't know" I told Louis.


Weyhey guys , So hope you like it . I just randomly thought of this , so if it's crappy just remember I didn't have any other idea but thank you for reading and I will you see you next time .....I update.... -makes weird noises- bye! -waves-





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