Don't Forget Where You Belong

Chloe Sonenclar doesn't have a normal life,Chloe gets A LOT of hate on twitter.She is dating Niall Horan from One Direction.She's never done anything wrong,all she's ever done is love Niall.But what happens when Niall gets tired of Chloe always crying over the hate,breaks up with her,and kicks her out of their-well now his house.Will Chloe ever move on?Will she have a better life without him?How will she go on with her life,when whom she thought was the love of her life,throwing her out of his life?


16. The revenge that no one saw coming

(Jessica's P.O.V)

" I know everything about you honey" Jacob whispered in my ear.

Impossible. Unless my parents told him my last name but they wouldn't have told him more than that because they knew not to trust someone with more than telling them my full name.

" Oh really? How old am I?" I asked him.

" 16 tomorrow." He answered confidently .

" Sorry but I'm turning 14 tomorrow." I corrected.

" No that's what you think." Jacob said .

" Actually my parents just told you my full name but they didn't tell you my real age . Trust me." I laughed.

" Well damn." Jacob sighed.

"Um did anyone else hear Hayes scream?" Matt asked worried.

I quickly sprinted to Louis' mansion and ran up stairs to Hayes' room. When I got their , I saw Sydney pointing a gun at Hayes. Al though I knew Hayes didn't know it was Sydney.

I knew there was something I didn't like about Sydney. I quickly tackled her to the floor and sat on top if her trying to deprive the gun out of her hands. I finally got the gun and threw it at the other side of the room and tried holding Sydney down but she was quick and threw a punch at my face. We kept fighting until we both heard footsteps . Sydney quickly punched me and shoved me off of her and jumped out the window.

" Hayes are you okay?" Nash asked .

" Yeah thanks to Jess." Hayes said smiling at me.

" Well thanks Jess,What exactly happened?" Nash asked.

(Play "Maps" by Maroon 5 while reading the rest of this chapter)

"I heard Hayes scream so I ran in and ran up to his room and I saw Sydney pointing a gun at Hayes so we fought but when she heard you coming up the stairs she quickly jumped out the window." I explained.

" No way would she do that." Nash said with anger in his voice.

"Stop lying Jess! I'm sure it was one of your buddies !" Hayes yelled while his nostrils flarred.

" I'm not lying! She was the one trying to kill you! Besides my friends wouldn't do that!" I protested.

" No just get out! Sydney's innocent! You're just jealous that she's gorgeous ! You're just a kid ." Hayes spat.


"Sydney is hot and you're not! I don't even know why I liked you!" Hayes spat.

" I liked you too. But not anymore Benjamin. I'm done . I HATE YOU!" I yelled through tears.

I ran outside to my mansion where I soon started to pack my stuff. I'm done .

" You can't keep running away from your problems. Tell you what, you take a shower and meet me outside so we can finish the video , okay?"

I was about to protest but I then realized he was right. I can't keep running away .

" Okay . I'll be out in five minuetes." I told Matt as he walked away.

I quickly took a five minuet shower and after I got dressed I got out of the bathroom. As I closed the door behind me I felt like something terrible had happened while I was in the shower. Sadly, The feeling proved right. My two best friends lifeless bodies were on the ground. Chris was only 18 , Nathan 21 . They were the only people I had left besides Matt and the rest. Tears filled my eyes, slowly going down my cheeks. All I have left is James who is still recovering in the basement and Daniel who never leaves James alone.

" Poor innocent Jessica. It's a shame such a strong little girl had to go through all this." A voice I dreaded said .

" YOU FUCKING SON OF A BITCH! " I yelled as I looked her in the eye.

" Andy said he would get his revenge, Don't you remember honey?" Sydney said .

" You work for Andy? " I asked shocked.

" I was his girlfriend . We loved each other so I promised him if he died that I would seek revenge so I killed Chris and Nathan. You'll see them in hell alone with the rest of your friends and that weird boy Hayes." Sydney said laughing at me.

I screamed as loud as I could as Sydney pulled trigger.

Funny how none of us saw it coming.

' The revenge that no one saw coming '


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