Don't Forget Where You Belong

Chloe Sonenclar doesn't have a normal life,Chloe gets A LOT of hate on twitter.She is dating Niall Horan from One Direction.She's never done anything wrong,all she's ever done is love Niall.But what happens when Niall gets tired of Chloe always crying over the hate,breaks up with her,and kicks her out of their-well now his house.Will Chloe ever move on?Will she have a better life without him?How will she go on with her life,when whom she thought was the love of her life,throwing her out of his life?


5. The birthday suprise

* Next day *

         ( Chloe's P.O.V ) 

Simmer down, simmer down.They say we're too young now to amount to anything else ,But look around ,We work too damn hard for this just to give it up now. If you don't swim, you'll drown,But don't move, honey.She looks so perfect standing there,in my American Apparel underwear,and I know now, that I'm so down.Your lipstick stain is a work of art.I got your name tattooed in an arrowed heart,and I know now, that I'm so down. " My alarm rang , signaling it's time to wake up . " She's awake ! " I heard a familiar voice shout. Oh my god , no it can't be . I open my eyes and see 

LUKE FUCKING HEMMINGS . I swear right at that moment , my heart stopped.  " Morning sleeping beauty . " Luke said in his perfect Australian accent. I blush and look him in the eyes . " Good morning Luke , Okay I don't want to sound rude or anything but why are you here ? And how did you even know I existed ? " I asked . " Well princess , I was walking down the street to get Starbucks , as usual . " ( Typical Luke xD ) I look at him and wait for him to continue . He just stares at me . I then speak up " Um , That still doesn't explain how you're here ? " . " Oh right , I then bumped into your friend's Matt , Cameron , and Nash . They asked me to come over and hang out with you for the rest of the day , since they didn't ant to leave you alone . " He explains. " Oh sorry about them , if you want you can leave me here , I'd hate to be a burden ." I smile weakly . I don't want him to leave though , I want to be with him . I love him a lot . Like Matt and Cameron . Great I loved Luke but I never really thought I would meet him so I didn't think it would be a problem if I ever wanted to date someone ." Hey love , Don't worry . I'd love to hang out with you ." He smiled , grabbing my hand. I look down and blush again. ( Stop blushing , god damn your so obvious .  Get some thoe Chloe ;) ) " So I guess you really like me and my mates ." He smirked . Oh my god , My 5sos posters . " Yeah you guys are awesome ! " I say .  " Hahaha thanks , em do you want to go to the beach right now ? " Luke asks. " Sure , it's really hot and I do not want to stay here .Although , Can I eat first ? " I reply. " Here you go love ." He says , giving me a tray of delicious food . " Wow did you make all this ? " I ask in awe . He nods . I quickly eat and grab some clothes and a bikini for the beach . (Chloe's Outift: ) 

     At the beach *

" Hey Chloe let's go in the water ! " Matt yelled , grabbing me by waist and throwing me over his shoulder . " Luke ! Out me down ! " I yell , laughing . " As you wish my lady . " He yells and throws me in the water . I spring out of the water and shriek , " LUKE HEMMINGS GET BACK HERE ! " I yell as I see Luke running away , before I murder his ass. " FIRST YOU HAVE TO CATCH ME ! " He yells . Little does he know , I'm a really fast runner. I then start charging at him . After a while , Luke stops running and tries catching his breath . I then tackle him down . " Owww ! " he groans . I get off of him and giggle . " You'll regret this Chloe Sonenclar . " He yells . " How do you -" " I watch your youtube videos ." He says , interrupting .  " So Luke , what do you say on going to six flags ? " I ask. " Hell yeah ! " He smiles. Good thing I bought other clothes so I don't have to go to Six flags all wet with sand .

        * At Six Flags *

                " AHHHHHHHHHH ! " I scream as where on a ride named ' Batman : The ride ' . Luke is also screaming , just not as high pitched as me . Soon the ride comes to and end and we get off and start walking . Luke then grabs my hand and intertwines our fingers . " Chloe you look beautiful , did I ever tell you that ? " Luke says blushing. ( Btw Chloe's Outfit : )  " Thanks Luke , you're pretty cute too . " I say blushing hard . " So what ride do you want to go on next ? " He asks. " Actually i'm getting pretty hungry , and I feel like going home now . Although , if you want to we can ride a few more rides. " I reply as Luke checks his phone . " Actually , yeah lets go babe . " He says  pulling me with him as we head towards my car . 

     * At the hotel room *

              " Um why is it dark in here ? " I ask as Luke opens the door for me. " SURPRISE ! " Yells my three best friends , Harry , Louis , Liam , Zayn , Liam , Calum , Michael ,and Ashton . Oh my freaking god ,5sos is here . " Whats this for ? " I asks , clueless of whats happening . " It;s your birthday Chloe ! " Louis yells , running towards me . " What ? Oh my god , I clearly -  AHHH!" I yell as Louis tackles me to the floor . " CHLOE ! I MISSED YOU SO MUCH !" He yells sobbing .I was like a little sister to him . " Awe Louis , I missed you so much too ! " I tear up . He gets up and helps me up to my feet . Then I get tackled with hugs from Harry , Zayn , and Liam . The good thing is , we landed on the couch . " CHLOE ! " They all screamed happy. " GUYS ! " I yelled back . The kept giving me pecks on my cheek . Soon their weight was squishing , Sure they don't weigh much . But when they're three hovering above your body , it hurts . " A little help here ! " I yell . Then Louis , Ashton , and Calum pull them off of me . I run and hug my three best friends and let a tear roll down my cheek . " Thank you guys so much . " . " Anything for you Chloe ." They reply. I pull away and walk up to Calum , Michael , and Ashton . " Hi i'm Chloe ." I say looking at them . Just then Luke appears right by my side . " Hi Chloe , I'm Calum , this is Michael and thats Ashton . " Calum says . " Happy Birthday babe ! " Ashton says hugging me . " Yeah congrats love on turning 18 ! " Michael says taking me away from Ashton's arms and into his arms. " So we planned out the whole party , the party will be at my mansion , All your friends will be there at 8:00 , and it's 6:45 so you should get ready . Don't worry , I already bought you an outift , That my gift to you . " Louis says pushing me into the bathroom with an outfit in there . Once i'm done changing we get in Zayn's car , and drive to Louis mansion . 

               * At Louis mansion * 

" Happy birthday to you , Happy birthday to you , Happy Birthday dear faggot ! Happy Birthday to you ! " My friends sang . " Make a wish birthday fag ! " Tyler yelled , obviously waisted. ( yes as in Tyler Oakley ) Hmmm I wish that I make up my mind on knowing who I want to live with , for the rest of my life. And that it's the one person I love so much .I blow the candles , Liam takes out the candles as people yell for me to bite a bit of the cake . As I lower my head to the cake , Louis pushes my head into the cake . I get my face out of the cake and throw some piece of cake thats on my face at Harry . Soon everyone starts throwing cake at eachother . " TIME FOR SOME MUSIC ! " Luke yells into his mic . Wow when did he get up on that stage . " This is for you Chloe ! " Luke yells as 5sos start to sing 'She looks so perfect '. Everyone claps and starts dancing . Once they finish , Louis puts on ' Let her go ' by passenger . " May I have this dance my lady ." Luke asks. " Why of course you may . " I reply giggling . We start slow dancing . This is really the best birthday ever . I love everyone in here so much . As the song ends I go on stage and grab a mic and say , " Guys , I am so happy you guys came , I mean literally ever single one of you are special to me . Thanks for staying close to me . I love you all so much , especially my four brothers . Come up here Cameron , Matt , Nash , and Louis ! " I yell . They come up and hug me . I start sobbing into Louis chest .This is what it's like to feel loved . This is the best day ever . I can't imagine what my life would be without these fuckers . " I LOVE YOU GUYS ! YOU GUYS ARE MY FAGGOTS ! " I yell at the crowd . I'm telling the trith though . I love them all and they will forever be my faggots.


Aweh I would love if this happened to me . Especially with Luke :( . Thanks for reading , I'll update soon as possible ! 
Luke : Jess come here and cuddle with me !
Me: Coming Luke !  
Sorry guys I have to go now ! Untill next time , stay strong cause I love you :* 


        ~Luke and I


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