You never know until you go for it

this is based on a true story of my life.


2. This might be the end :( but maybe not :)

There's a girl named sofie and we're best friends, or in this case used to be. See what happened was she was starting rumors and they were about me. But i got over it because she moved out of the state and every one was happy. You see i don't like her because she likes Jace and she goes out with Jace a lot, but i'm happy she left :)

Two months later.

OK i am so flipping mad right know, i just wanna die in a whole. I'm mad because Sofie moved back here and within the first half an hour she already pissed me off. I just wanna cry, you know. Because now i have a lower chance to get together with jace. 

I asked Jace if he was happy that Sofie was back he said no but the whole school knows that if Sofie asks out Jace he'll say YES, but he keeps telling me he'll say no. I don't be leave him.

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