You never know until you go for it

this is based on a true story of my life.


1. This is me

When i want something i will fight for it no matter how deep i fall i will always fight.

One day when i was in school, i passed this guy named Jace, i didn't like him at first, but after awhile we became friends and are relationship got stronger. Now this is the part where i would fight for what i want, i will never give up until i know i cant do anything about it. When i like a guy, i like to get to know them for who they are so i know he's the right one for me. If he's not the right one for me then i guess i have to get over him some way. I started to get to know jace and he's a very nice guy. (at least i think so) The thing is he always has a girlfriend and sometimes that bugs me but the funny thing is he hangs out with me more than his girlfriends. 

Awhile ago I used to date Jace but i didn't think it worked out, but that was only because we didn't know each other well enough. Now i think we know each other very well and i'm hoping when he breaks up with his girlfriend im hoping he'll go out with me but the only problem is....... 

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