Locker 182

A story of an the extra, lonely locker at James Madison High. He waits impatiently to become someone's, and for someone to call him their locker, locker 182


4. Winter Bynes

Early in the morning, the janitor walks through the school, switching on all of the bright lights of the school. It is the signal of a new day, like a rooster crowing. This used to excite me, and I would wonder if it would be the day when my dream would come true. Now I barely even notice.

That is why what happened today completely blind sided me.

She came. The girl, from the school tour, months ago. I saw her walking down the hallway before all of the other students. She walked slowly, timidly, and when I looked closely, I could see that she had mascara streaked down her cheek softly. She had been crying. My heart stopped with excitement. She was coming towards me! She is getting closer! Yes, yes, yes!

She took a slip of paper from her pocket, and put her hand on my dial. Softly, she turned it, 14. She turned it the other direction, 43, before continuing to 21. 14-43-21. I am locker 182. And I have a code. I have someone.

And she opened me with a jerk. She opened me angrily. But I saw a soft side in her, through her anger. She leaned her head against me, before sniffling. She unzipped her backpack, and a pile of books emerged. She lifted them, and I read their spines as she placed them inside of me. Modern World History, AP Biology, Creative Writing. I again felt a burst of joy as she placed a magnetic mirror inside of my door, and then a mini whiteboard, with the name Winter Bynes. Winter Bynes. My person. She hung a plethora of photos on my walls, before shutting me.

That day, my dreams were full.

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