Locker 182

A story of an the extra, lonely locker at James Madison High. He waits impatiently to become someone's, and for someone to call him their locker, locker 182


3. Waiting

Life goes on. I wait, lonely for that girl to come back. I watch kids cram through the hallway. I see kids getting books from their lockers that describe the pyramids. I see girls looking at mirrors inside their lockers as they put on mascara. I see a school year continuing, no different than before.

I feel as empty as ever, as if every day that I spend empty, my longing grows louder and louder. It is funny how that works. You would think that the longer I am without a student, the quieter my yearning would become, muffled by despair. But that despair only seems to make me louder. I cannot be like this. I cannot be alone.

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