Locker 182

A story of an the extra, lonely locker at James Madison High. He waits impatiently to become someone's, and for someone to call him their locker, locker 182


2. The Family

It is in between bells, so the hallway is silent. Until I hear it. Footsteps coming down the hall. This isn't unusual, so I don't pay much attention. Until I see who it is. The plump, red faced principle of the school. He seems to have beads of sweat forming above his mouth as he pants heavily, like a dog on a hot, summer day. He hasn't been up here in a while.

But then I see who he is with. A family. A tiny mom, smaller than the girl in locker 190 clicks down the hall in her high heels, behind the principle. I watch her closely, curiously, and see that she is skimming a brochure on the electives here at James Madison High as she listens to the principle who pauses at Ms. Connelly's biology class two rooms down the hall from where I am. A man follows, her husband. He is dressed formally, with a tie and blazer. He looks down, and tucks his tie back into place, before checking his silver, weighty watch impatiently. A relocation, I would assume.

And yet, wandering slowly behind him, nervously, is a girl. She is wearing a dark blue sweatshirt advertising "Forest Hill Swimming & Diving". A swimmer. Her dark brown hair is in a ponytail, and falls over her shoulder. She fiddles with it anxiously as she quickly reads through the electives offered at the school. She pauses, and begins to read. I look, and see that she is reading about student council.

My heart seems to skip a beat, as I realize that she could be mine. This girl who is moving here, could be mine. She could hang her pictures inside me. She could prop up her class president signs inside of me, and lay her swim cap inside of me. I wouldn't have to be the extra. I wouldn't have to be the extra locker. I wouldn't be the lonely locker. I would be a happy locker.

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