A Singer and A Baby

The Title gives it all away basically.


3. Three

*2 months later*


The light blinds me as I open my eyes. I groan and turn over on my side. I put my hand out to stretch when I feel something against my knuckles. I begin touching it and when I poke it, it giggles. I open my eyes to see Penelope laughing at me. I lift my head up to see a pillow behind her, just in case she rolls over. I smile and move closer to her, so my face is in hers.

“Well, morning baby.” I kiss her nose and she puts her hand on my cheek. I kiss her hand and she pulls it back quickly with a smile.

“Your 2 months  today beautiful.” I put my arm under her and roll her on top of me carefully. She can’t lift her head up yet, but she can move it a little to see me. I put her on her back so she’s looking around the room.

I grab my phone and hold it in front of both of us. I check my twitter and say to Penelope, “We’ll check that later.” I kiss her head and she reaches for my IPhone. I laugh and switch to texts and calls.

“Uncle Payno, Uncle Niall, Aunt Gemma, and Nan called. Lou, Aunt Perrie, Aunt Eleanor, and Grandpa Des texted.” I begin to read the messages out loud.

From Lou:


“Want to hang out with Lux?” I ask and Penelope turns on her side. I place her beside me on the bed and I sit against the head board.

From Perrie


“Aunt Perrie wants to look around with us.” Penelope rubs her head against the sheets and I hand her her binky.

From El


“Aunt Eleanor and Uncle Louis will be there too. You love Louis.” She smiles wide before dropping her binky. I laugh when she tries to grab it. I lean forward and place her in front of me. I put my finger in her binky and she chews on my finger.

From Dad


I sigh and glance at Penelope, “Grandpa Des doesn’t know about you yet. But, would you like to meet him?” She grabs my finger and spits her binky out. I take it off my finger and she begins to play with it.

“Let’s ask Nan.” I dial Mum’s number and after it rings a few times, she answers.

M- Hey baby.

H- Hey Mum.

M- What’s up?

H- Dad texted me this morning.

M- Uh-huh.

H- He wants to have breakfast and hang out for a bit with Kayla, Lisa, and Charlie.

She’s silent for a moment.

M-Honey, you’ll have to tell him sometime. You can’t hide her from him. He needs to know his granddaughter.

H- I know, but I’m not sure if I’m ready for Kayla, Lisa, and Charlie to know yet.

M- Well, they’re your half siblings; they’re her aunts and uncle. You can’t keep them away either.

H- I know.

M- It is up to you baby. She’s yours not mine. Tell me what you decide and how it goes.

H- Okay Mum. Bye.

M- Bye. 

I put my phone beside Penelope’s head and I blow on her stomach. She giggles and continues to play with my finger.

“Ready to meet Grandpa Des?” She gives me a weird look before reaching her little chubby arms up. I pick her up and dial my dad’s number as I walk to the kitchen. (D- Des)


I put Penelope in her vibrating chair before answering.

H- Morning Dad.

D- Hey son. How’s it going?

I hand Penelope her toys and I leave her to get some water.

H- Its fine. About your message-

D- Oh Lisa and Kayla are excited to see you. They keep changing their clothes and we don’t know why.

He laughs and I chuckle.

H- Where are we meeting?

D- There’s little café in town that’s new, but the girls love it.

H- Alright. I’ll shower and just send me the location and I’ll meet you there.

D- OK. Bye.

H- Bye.

I put my phone on the counter and peer into the living room to see Penelope looking at me.

“Ready for a bath?” She throws her toy on the floor and makes an ‘I’m caught’ face. I laugh and run at her, making her laugh loudly.

I take her chair into the bathroom and place it beside the shower. I place trunks on and undress her before stepping in the shower. I put my back to the cold shower as it warms up and so it doesn’t hit her.

She tries to play with the string on my trunks, but I just tuck them in. She gives me a mean look and I shake my head, “Oh no. You are not ready for what’s under these. I’m glad I’m wearing these.” I quickly wash her body and face while she plays with her rubber ducky.

“There you go.” I kiss her now clean hair and place her in her towel on her chair. I strap her nicely and I quickly finish washing myself.

I hop out of the shower and quickly lotion her before placing her in the purple dress Liam got for her. I brush her hair and put the long hairs in a ponytail on the top of her head. I place her little white sweater on and her black converse slippers.

I blow dry my hair and do a little ponytail on top of my head as well. I dress myself in jeans and my white t-shirt. I put my wallet in my back pocket and both my phones on one side of the diaper bag. Her diaper bag is pink with Minnie Mouse and Daisy Duck on the inside. I put her toys, some diapers, a bag of wipes, a pair of shorts and an ‘I LOVE DADDY’ shirt just in case, and her favourite elephant.

“Ready P?” I’ve been calling her that lately. I pick her up and walk her to the couch where her car seat is waiting. Her car seat is purple with the Disney princess’ on it, Gemma picked it out. Sadly, I picked her diaper bag. It’s a mix match, but hey; I mix match a lot, so that’s good.

I buckle her in and place her toy watch on her wrist. She begins to play with that, so I quickly grab her diaper bag from the room and my phone vibrates.

From Payno


I grab her car seat and leave the flat. I lock the door and we descend down the stairs to the car. I strap her in in the back and quickly get in the seat to leave. I punch in the location I got while I was in the shower and I drive off, following the directions.



I call Liam as I park across from the café.

L- Hey.

H- Hey, I’m having breakfast with my dad and he’s going to meet Penelope.

L- That’s fine mate.

H- Maybe later we’ll catch up with you guys, but I think we might just stay home. I don’t know because my dad wants us to hang out for a bit, so we’ll see.

L- Alright, just let us know.

H- Haha alright lad.

I unbuckle her car seat and place a blanket on top for protection. I put my sunglasses on and grab her. I shut the door and look both ways before crossing. I see my dad smile as I get closer. He doesn’t even look at the car seat, unless he did and is happy. Maybe, but we’ll see.

I walk into the café and am greeted by Lisa, my little half-sister.

“Harry!” She hugs my legs and I put my hand on her tiny back.

“Hey honey.” She’s 5, so I pick her up and carry her in my other arm to the table in the back. She bends over to see the car seat and I grab her around the waist.

I’m greeted by Kayla, my other half-sister.

“Hey Harry.” I put Lisa down and hug her.

“Hey. How are you?” She shrugs and smiles.

“I’m doing fine, how about yourself?” We look at the car seat and I smile wide.

“Great thanks.” She moves back to her chair by Charlie, my half-brother. I put Penelope on a chair I grabbed and placed between me and him.

He stood and we did a bro-hug. “Hey man, how are you?” I ask and he shrugs.

“Good. Thanks.” I nod and take a seat.

“Where’s Dad?”

“He went to the bathroom, BUT he’ll be back!” Lisa yells the last part. I laugh.

“How’s school?”

“It’s fine. I got a concert coming up.” Kayla says proudly.

“Great! Tell me when and you’ll see me there.” We fist pound as our deal and I turn to Charlie.

“What about you?”

“I’m fine.” I raise my brow and Kayla rolls her eyes.

“A kid called hot and he got mad. They were yelling and the kid hit him in the stomach. But, Charlie beat him black and blue.” I make a pained face.

“Ouch, did you get in trouble?” He nods and I pat his back.

“Well, some advice. If you’re going to get in trouble for hitting someone, you might as well hit them hard. Right?” They laugh and I feel a strong hand on my shoulder.

“Violence is not the answer.” I stand up and hug my dad.

“Hey Dad.”

“Harold.” He takes his seat and his eyes flicker to the purple car seat.

“Oh who’s this?” I lift the blanket up to reveal a sleeping Penelope. I laugh and slowly pick her up, causing her eyes to quickly open.

“She’s usually active.” She looks at me before falling asleep on my chest with a smile on her chubby face.

“Dad, this is Penelope.” He puts his finger in her tiny hand and she squeezes it.

“She’s beautiful Harry. You must be proud.” I nod.

“I am. I’m very proud.” The waitress takes our orders for drinks and food, while Dad stares at the baby on my chest.

When she leaves he leans back in his chair and says, “How old is she?”

“She’s 2 months today.” I say happily and Kayla bites her lip.

“Harry, can I hold her?”

“Of course. Just be careful with her head, she can’t hold it up just yet.” I carefully place Penelope on her chest and she slowly takes a seat.

“Where is her mother?”

“I don’t know. Her mother didn’t want Penelope, so she left her on at my door.” Dad scoffs and the waitress serves us.

I just stare at him as he eats away. You have got to be kidding me.

“Dad, what?” I ask.

“Nothing, just a mysterious woman left a new born on at your door and you assume she’s your daughter.” I cross my arms and lean back.

“How else did she find me? Her daughter remembered where I lived and she brought her to me. She called her a curse and her daughter would never change her ways.”

“Harry, I’m just saying it’s a bit weird that out of the blue, a baby was placed at your door. Anyone could do that at this moment only for money and such.” I can’t believe I’m listening to this.

“Really? You think someone would do this for my money?” He nods as he chews his toast.

“Dad, I’ve been raising Penelope for 2 months on my own. I feed her, change her, and bathe her. No one else does it because I don’t want them too. I want too. She’s attached to me than anyone. Out of everyone, I thought you would be happy for me.” I say angrily. Kayla realizes what my next move may be, so she kisses Penelope’s forehead and puts her in her car seat.

“I am happy for you, but I’m also disappointed. This baby could be someone else’s and you’re the one taking care of it when they should.” I stand up, causing my chair to fall backwards and causing everyone to look at us.

“This baby? This baby is not an “it”! This baby is my daughter and if you can’t accept that then that’s your problem not mine.” I say loudly.

I grab her diaper bag and quickly say goodbye to my siblings. “You guys can call me later. We’ll talk. Love yous.” They say they love me too before I storm out of the café with my daughter in one hand and her bag in the other.

I look both ways before quickly walking across the street and placing Penelope in the car. I dig my phone out of her bag and dial Eleanor’s number.

E- Hey Harry.

H- Hey, where are you guys at?

E- We’re at the flea market in London.

H- Alright, I’ll meet you there.

I quickly hang up and drive to London.


Flea Market


I park by the entrance and take Penelope out of her car seat.

“I’m carrying you baby.” I kiss her head and grab her bag. I lock the car and put a hat on my head for her shade.

I walk inside and find the boys straight away. As I get closer, I start to relax more, knowing everything will be okay. I blow in Perrie’s ear and she flinches.

“Oh, I thought you were some other person trying to get my attention.” I laugh and hug her.

“I was gonna say that Zayn will kick your arse.” She says pulling away. Everyone turns to us and I hug them carefully.

“Is she asleep?” I nod at Eleanor and she pouts.

“You can wake her up soon.” She nods happily and grabs Louis’ hand.

“Over there!” Sophia yells and we all take our time to the jewlery store. The girls go ahead and look around as we lads walk together.

“How’d it go mate?” Niall asks as he buys a pair of sunglasses for Penelope.

“Apparently, I’m raising someone else’s baby and they just want money.” I say as he puts them on her. She gives him a smile and he kisses her cheek.

“Sorry bro.” Zayn says. I shrug, “It’s what he feels, not me. I don’t care if he thinks that. I know she is mine and no one will take her from me. I’m happy right now and everyone should be happy I am happy.”

“Don’t worry. He’ll get over it, I mean she’s his granddaughter whether he likes it or not.” Perrie says as they join us. I nod and that’s when I notice something.

Liam is here with Sophia, Zayn is with Perrie, Louis is with Eleanor, and Niall is talking to a girl at the sunglasses stand, who I bet is going to be joining us. This is a couple day and I brought my daughter. Great.

“Well lads, I’m heading home.” I pat Liam on the shoulder and they all stop.

“You just got here.” Louis says.

“I feel bad I’m leaving, but this was a couple’s day. I brought my daughter and she’s sleeping, so I’ll just head home. Invite Gemma to the store and we’ll watch movies, it’s cool.” I hug them all and El gives me a sad look.

“You can hold her tomorrow, I promise.” She nods and kisses Penelope’s hand.

“Later lads.” I leave them to watch my back as I go. I didn’t want to go, but they were spending their day with their loved ones, and Penelope was sleeping, so I could get some shopping down.

I text Gemma and ask if she’d like to come and watch movies. She said sure and she’ll bring popcorn. I told her, I’d be there in a bit.

I drove to Nando’s drive in and quickly ordered for us and then I drove to a Chinese place and ordered to go. I went to the store and quickly ran in to grab some beers and pops before quickly paying and running back outside because I left Penelope in the car. I KNOW it’s bad, but the drinks are right there and I wasn’t gone. I was really quick, nearly dropped the drinks. Besides, the windows were down and she was covered up. Don’t judge me.

I get home to find her car in the space beside mine and the lights on in the flat. I grab the bags and Penelope at the same time. When I get to the door, I kick it open and rush to put Penelope down first.

“Thanks for keeping the door cracked.” I yell and Gemma shuts the door.

“I knew you would have your hands full.” I place Penelope in the middle of the bed with four pillows all around her. I turn her baby monitor and place one next to her and attach the other to my pocket. I put her things away and crack the door.

I put the bags on the counter and lean against the fridge, “I’m exhausted.” Gemma laughs and puts the drinks in a cooler.

“I bet. You were running around to get these I bet, especially with her.” I nod slowly and she hands me a beer.

“Well, the talk with Dad didn’t go so well.” She jumps on the counter and opens herself a beer.

“Liam texted me that you were upset. I was going to come over anyways.” I take a drink of my beer when I hear the telly play.

“Is someone here?” She nods as she takes a drink.

“I brought my friend Samantha, she was staying with me, but then I got your message and I figured we both can stay over here tonight. That’s fine, right?” I shrug.

“Knock yourself Gem. As long as she isn’t a party person because Penelope is only grumpy when she’s woken up unless she wakes up herself.”

“Sam!” I give her an ‘are you kidding me?’ look and she mouths ‘sorry’.

A tan girl with long brown blonde hair walks into the kitchen with a smile. “Sam, this is my brother Harry. Harry this is Sam.” I hand her a beer and shake her hand.

“Whoa, your hand is bigger than mine.” She puts her hand flat against mine and giggles. That’s cute.

“Sam just moved here from LA. She’s Hispanic too. She also just turned 20.” I glance at Gemma and she winks. I shake my head and smile at Sam.

“What do you do?” I ask and she leans against the wall.

“I am actually a fashion designer. I work from home and just send my work through the mail.” I nod a bit interested.

“What have you designed so far?” She laughs and opens her beer.

“If you were to show me your clothes, I could tell you what I’ve made.” I give her a weird face and she laughs again.

“I’ve given some ideas to Lou, your hair dresser, and she’s given them to whoever dresses you guys. You guys have worn some of my designs, but right now I’m working on an onesie for One Piece.”

“Great. Well, let me know when it’s finished.” She smiles at me and then at Gemma before down at her beer. Gemma looks at me with her ‘Stop flirting!’ face and I wink.

“Well, let’s watch some movies, make some popcorn, change into our pyjamas, and have some fun.” We cheers before scattering off.

I quietly walk into my room with Gemma trailing behind me.

“Could you not hit on my friends?” She whispers as she finds some of my pyjama bottoms. I stick my tongue out and say, “Well, you shouldn’t throw out there where she came from, her culture, and her age.” She throws a pillow at me, but I catch it before putting it beside Penelope.

“Well, it was just the basics. Didn’t think you’d mind.” I turn around and let her change.

“I don’t, but you seem to set me up with a lot of girls you meet.”  

“Well, for the record she graduated UNI early because she was leaving and now she’s back.” I nod and remove my shirt and pants.

I grab the baby monitor and follow Gemma to the door. She puts her hand on my chest and pushes me away. I hold my hands up in confusion and she puts her hands on her hips.

“You are not going out there in Calvin Klein boxers.” She says sternly. I roll my eyes.

“I always wear this.” I defend myself.

“I don’t care. You aren’t going to now. Now, put a shirt on and some bottoms.”

“Fine.” I mumble and rummage through my drawers for my blue plaid pyjama bottoms and my rolling stones t-shirt.

I kiss Penelope’s head before putting her favourite blanket on her and leaving the room. I shut the door fully because I have the monitor ready and so she doesn’t hear the telly playing. I walk into the living room to see Sam sitting on the chair with shorts and a tank top on.

“You have a beautiful flat.” I sit in Louis’ chair, so I can see the door of my room.

“Thanks. It’s a two bedrooms and small, but I like it. It isn’t too big, but not too small. It fits us perfectly.” Sam gives me a look and opens her mouth to speak, but is interrupted.

“I have the cooler out here, a lot of popcorn is making, so what movie?”

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