A Singer and A Baby

The Title gives it all away basically.


6. Six

Today is so far horrible. Well, for me anyways. After we split to go get ready, I tripped and stubbed my toe on the bed. It still kind of hurts, so Zayn's going to drive me to the doctor's later. Then when I was getting my pants on, Penelope threw up in her sleep and I didn't know it till I picked her up and it got all over my chest. Niall helped me clean her up and I went to take a shower....... again. It was okay after that until we were going to look around when I was pushed and I nearly fell on my daughter. Louis took her for me after that, just in case.

We went into Hot Topic, just for a quick peek, when we were walking out the buzzer on the doors went off after I stepped through. I was asked to come back into the store and they found a bracelet in my pocket. Obviously, they knew I wouldn't take it, so they let me go. Finally, we were walking back to the car when we couldn't find Penelope. We started freaking out and we ran back to places we've been with her. As we were running back to the baby store, we were last seen with her, a couple had her sitting by the fountain.

*Finding Penelope*

"Look!" Niall yells and we all see a couple holding a baby in exactly Penelope's blanket and onesie.

We jog over just as they were putting her in the water, "Hey!" The man stands up and the woman takes Penelope in her arms.

"Can we help you?" The man asks and I could feel steam blowing out of my ears.

"Give me back my daughter." The woman stands and pulls Penelope closer.

"You mean the devil's daughter?" The man questions and I punch his nose.

"She is NOT the devil's daughter! She is not a sin nor am I the devil!" I yell and the woman hands Penelope over to me.

"I am so sorry sir." I look her in the eyes and see nothing but lies.

"No your not. You're going to jail." I say and see a security guard looking at us strangely.

I walk over to him quickly and say, "That man and woman," I point to the couple, "Stole my daughter and tried to drown her in the fountain."

"Alright sir thank you." He quickly gets over there before they leave and the boys come to me.

"Let's go."

After that, I didn't let Penelope out of my sight. I took her everywhere with me. I even took her into the bathrooms with me. I was that scared something would happen again. I mean, you would be acting the same if your son or daughter was almost killed. Thank god, we're going back to the hotel where she'll be safe.

"I'm hungry." Niall says beside me and Liam turns to him.

"Already mate? We just got a snack."

"When am I never hungry Liam?" We all chuckle and I shake my head as I play with Penelope's hair.

"Are all of you hungry?" Zayn says from the driver's seat.

"Let's get something at least."

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