A Singer and A Baby

The Title gives it all away basically.


1. One

“No mother!” 16 year old Elizabeth Taylor screams as her mother wraps her new born grandchild in a blanket and placed into a basket.

“You are too young to be a mother Elizabeth! You must change your ways!” Mrs Taylor yells to her daughter whose lying in bed.

Elizabeth takes the pain as she gets up to grab her baby girl, “Mother, please! I will change; let me keep her!” Her mother smacks her on her cheek, leaving a red mark.

“You will get her when I believe you are ready!” And with that, Mrs Taylor quickly walks out of her daughter’s room and right out the door.

She walks quickly through the dark and rain, dodging anyone who gets in her way. I must get her as far away from us as possible! She will never change therefore the baby must never be known to anyone in our family. She thinks to herself as she gets farther and farther away from their little house.

She makes it all the way to these flats in London. She looks up at the building and thinks, “The highest number is in the middle and then the roof is the next up.” She walks up each floor and when she arrives at the last 5 doors on the top floor, she leans against the rail.

She bends down to the baby and says, “I am so sorry that a horrible woman brought you into this world. But, I know you will be safe in this person’s hands. Goodbye little one.” She places the basket against the door, knocks it several times with a hard knock before getting down the stairs as quick as possible.


Harry’s POV


I wake up to a pounding noise.

“Bloody hell.” I mutter as I sit up. More pounding is made at the door. I rub the sleep from my eyes and walk slowly to the door, noticing the time; 3:00 AM.

I look through the peep hole and sigh when I don’t see anyone. I scrunch my eyebrows together when I see movement. I unlock the door and open it wide.

“Who’s there?” I call out and jump when I hear light snores. I look to the left and the right before closing my door. The doors about to click when I hear a slight, but quiet scream. I open the door quickly and move forward, but I trip over something.

“The-?” I look towards my legs and my eyes go wide at the basket I tripped over. I scramble over to the door in front of my flat and struggle to find words.

The baby in the basket moves to its side and I bump my head against the door.

“What’s going on up there Mr Styles? You woke up my baby!” I look over the railing at his below neighbour, Ms Hobbs.

“So sorry! I just saw a, um, a spider!” She shushes me before leaving me alone outside.

I grab the basket and run inside before anyone else yells at me. I put the basket on the coffee table and I grab my home phone, and jump on the couch in front of the baby. I dial the only person I know who could help.

“Liam! I need your help! My flat is unlocked, come quickly!” I hang up before he could answer and the baby stirs. I hold my breath as its eyes slowly open.

Its eyes are big and kind of cute. Anyways, I hear the door open and slam causing the baby to jump, but keep quiet.

“What do you…” He stops talking when he sees the baby staring at him.

“Who is that?” He questions and I shrug.

“I found it outside the door.” Liam smacks me in the arm causing the baby to smile.

“It’s a baby dummy! Hi.” He coos as he picks the baby up in a pink blanket.

“What’s her name?” I question him as I put my home phone back.

“Penelope.” I turn halfway to face him in confusion.

“Did you just make up that name?” He shakes his head no and waves a little piece of paper in the air. I snatch it from him and read it out loud.

To Penelope’s Father, You have given my daughter a tragic curse and you must pay for it. She is only 16 and I believe you are older than she is. My daughter’s ways will never change, for that you must take this curse under your wings and take care of her. She means nothing to us anymore and no one could ever love this curse. If you ever remember who my daughter is, stay away or you will have a curse upon you and whoever knows this baby. Sincerely, Penelope’s Grandmother.” Liam jumps the baby up and down with an angry expression on his face.

“Who could do that to a new born?” I open my mouth to respond when the door slams open.

“Why is Ms Hobbs calling me to check on you?” Louis says as he enters the room with his hands over his face.

“Louis, Harry has a baby.” He laughs and sits down in his favourite chair. He rubs his eyes multiple times, “That’s hilarious Liam, but mate you shouldn’t joke about that.” He stops and opens his eyes wide to see. His smile disappears and is replaced with his mouth hung open.

“Is that a baby?” I roll my eyes and nod.

“Yes, Louis I said that.” Liam says as he sits and leans the baby on his shoulder. Louis replies with, “Well where she did come from? I mean, besides from Harry’s sperm.” I make a sick face and shake my head, “Really Louis? This isn’t the time.” He sticks his tongue out in funniness before turning back to Liam.

“She came out of nowhere. Harry tripped over the basket and woke up Ms Hobbs with his landing.” He awes knowingly. I put my head in my hands and a chill runs down my back.

“Who is star…?” I lift up my head to have the baby in my face. I freeze in my spot as she stares at me. She’s beautiful. She can’t be mine, I’m always using protection. She doesn’t even look like me.

“Take her Harry.” I shake my head and move to the other side of the room.

“Liam, I can’t. I just can’t.” I whisper the last part and walk to my room, closing the door.

“I’m so sorry, I just can’t.” I mutter to myself as I lock the door and fall to the floor.


Liam’s POV


“Liam, I can’t. I just can’t.” Harry walks to his room and closes the door. I sigh and turn to Louis with Penelope fast asleep on my shoulder.  

“Louis, do you mind?” He takes her from me and I walk quietly to Harry’s room. I place my ear against the door and listen as he breathes in and out. I take a deep breath before speaking and knocking, “Harry? Are you alright mate?” I hear a few sniffles before hearing a croaked voice.

“Uh, yeah. I’m fine, thanks.” I knock again, “Let me in.” It’s silent for a moment before the lock clicks and the door opens slightly. I shut the door behind me and take a seat on his computer chair.

“Harry, what’s going on?” He looks at me with tears.

“I thought I used protection like always. The last girl I met, it was her 16th birthday and I didn’t know that. I just thought it was her birthday, so I bought her and her friends some drinks. We got tipsy and things happened. I didn’t find out she was 16 till the next morning she was putting her clothes on and rushing out the door.” I sigh and bow my head.

“Harry, you need to be careful. We don’t know what we would do if this happened again.” He claps his hands together.

“Not to be rude, but you don’t think I didn’t think of that before Liam? What happens now? We need to find a home for her.” I look at him with shock.

“Harry Edward Styles, did you just recommend putting that baby with someone else?” I say with a bit of anger in my voice. He looks at me with guilt.

“Liam, I’m sorry, but what can we do with her? I can’t keep her! I’m not fit to be a dad! I’m only 19 for god’s sake! I have a career that I am dedicated too!” He raises his voice, but I don’t care. He is NOT giving that baby up. I understand why he considered it, but no. I stand up with him and look him in the eyes when I say this.

“You will keep her. We will help take care of her Harry. You are basically an adult. Yes, you have the band, but you will still deal with her. We will figure out what to tell Simon, but this stays a secret from Management. God knows what they’ll do.” He follows me out of the room to be greeted by Zayn, Niall, Louis, and Penelope.

“Alright lads, you’ve met Penelope. Penelope, you’ve met your uncles.” The boys don’t look shocked at all, but when I look at Harry, he has a frown like he knew they knew he would screw up someday.

“Harry was drunk and forgot alright? This isn’t his fault entirely. We are going to help take care of Penelope and make sure she has a good place to be. We will figure out the whole tour thing later, but right now we’re on break, so we can do this. We will find a way to tell Simon, but no one tells management yet, none of us knows what will happen to her or one of us if they do find out. Now, are you lads willing to help Harry take care of this baby and make sure she is raised right and has all the love that she deserves that her mother’s family couldn’t give her.” They take a second to look at each other when Zayn stands up and takes the baby from Louis.

“We’ll help as best as we can. I know we’re good with kids, but we’re just learning. So bear with us.”

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