A Singer and A Baby

The Title gives it all away basically.


5. Five

“You don’t mind if we stop by our mum’s house, do you?” I ask my siblings as they sit in the back with Penelope.

“It’s fine. We’ve never met her, but we’ve heard a lot about her.”

“Good things we hope.” Gemma says and they laugh. I flip the radio on and our song ‘Alive’ blasts through my speakers.

The kids start dancing around and singing as Gemma and I watch. I smile wide when they quiet down and it’s just Kayla singing her heart out. The song ends and Kayla’s breathing hard.

"That was brilliant!" Gemma yells as we turn into Mum's neighborhood.

Kayla blushes and looks out the window. I park the car and watch as everyone gets out. Gemma looks at me through the window and I just look back at Kayla. She gets the hint and walks in with the others and Penelope.

I turn to Kayla and say, "What's the matter?"

She sighs and turns to me.

"I basically just embarrassed myself in front of one of the greatest singers in the world."

"No! Kayla *chuckle*, you didn't. That was very good! You sung it better than us. Kayla, you have to believe in yourself. You can't just bring yourself down." I take her hand and she looks at me.

"You have to have faith in yourself." She wipes fallen tears and smiles.

"Thanks Harry." I nod and we get out of the car.

I put my arm around her and hug her tight. She's my little sister. Whether it's half or not. She deserves a chance.

"Hi Mrs Twist." Kayla says and Mum hugs her.

"You can call me Anne." Mum replies and points to the livingroom.

"You can go in there if you like." Kayla runs off and sits next to Robin.

Mum turns to me and smiles.


"My baby." I bend down a bit to hug her and she kisses my cheek.

"Are you staying for dinner?" I look back at my siblings and a smile works its way to my face.

"I believe so."


Weeks Later

"Alright, are we all ready?" Louis says as we stand in front of our apartments.

We turn to look at our doors and nod slowly.

"Well lads, this will be the last time we will see these doors for a while. Are you sure you have everything?" Liam asks and we nod again.

"Let's go." Eleanor, Sophia, Perrie, and Leyla (Niall's New Girlfriend) are waiting in the cars already when we reach the bottom.

Gemma is waiting in her car for me. I put my bags in the backseat and get in the passenger seat. We follow Liam and Sophia to the airport in silence. 

We park next to the boys and we just sit as the others go in.

"This is it." She says. I take her hand and squeeze it.

"I'll be back before you know it." I assure her.

"I never thought my little brother would be the first to leave the nest. It gets harder and harder everytime you leave." I give her a big hug and kiss her cheek.

"I love you Gem. Don't forget it." She nods and kisses my cheek too.

"I love you to H. Don't YOU forget it." I pull from her and give her a nod before we both leave the car.

We walk together inside to be greeted by our families. Everyone is hugging one another and telling them to be careful. Everyone stops and turns to me.

Mum brings Penelope to me and stands beside Robin. She's awake and looking around the room.

"Thank you all for helping me with her. I couldn't have done it without you. This is very hard for me to do because I know you all love her, but she needs to grow up with a father and if this is the only way then I'll make it work." Johannah waddles to me and hugs me tight.

"Harry, you'll be a great dad." She says and I place my hand on her stomach.

"You need to keep them in until we get back. If you can't, guarentee we'll be there when they are here." She smiles and nods.

"Got yourself a deal." She gives me a kiss on the head and walks back to Louis.

Zayn's Mum hugs me as well and his sisters do too. Niall's Mum says hello through Skype and Liam's Mum hugs me as well.

"I'll miss you." Mum says as I hug her close.

"I'll call you when we land." She nods and kisses Penelope.

"I love you baby P." She smiles and wraps her tiny hand around Mum's finger.

"C'mon lads." Paul says and we all finish our goodbyes.

We stand on the stairs of the plane and wave goodbye to our families.


Hours Later

"Alright Lads. We're here." I grab our bags and stretch.

Liam hands me Lux's old strap on and I place Penelope in it. I strap it on and she hangs there with her little hat and onesie on.

"Alright P, let's go." I say and she starts to play with her ducky.

I place our sunglasses on and we leave the plane. The boys are waiting for us as paps are beginning to run in. First stop, LA. We're a few days early because we need to practice.

"Harry! Harry! Is that your daughter!? Harry is that another baby!? Where's the mom!? Harry! Harry!" Paps yell as Paul gets us through them. I put my hand on Penelope's stomach and she begins to cry.

I look down and her hat is missing. I turn around quickly and notice a pap holding it.

"Take her." Everything goes silent as I hand my crying daughter to Niall. The paps move aside to make a walk way from me to the pap who took her hat.

I hold my hand out to him, "Give me her hat." I say kindly.

He laughs, "No. It's evidence."

I give him a weird look, "Evidence for what? That there was a child with me?" He nods and I roll my eyes.

"She's crying. It's freezing. She's going to get sick, give me her hat back."

"Hell no. She deserves it." I take a deep breath and close my eyes.

"My daughter is going to freeze to death if you don't give it back!" I yell and the flashes stop.

He smiles wide.

"Oh so she is yours? Hm, HARRY STYLES BRINGS DAUGHTER ON TOUR! Great headline." He throws me her hat.

"I know this is how you get paid but seriously? All of you always have to get dirt in my personal life! You can't bloody leave us alone for once! You can't just print that without my permission! That's my daughter's life you're going to ruin! She's not even 3 months old and you're already getting to her!" I yell in anger and his smile disappears.

He doesn't speak when I take his camera and take the film from it. I shove it back into his hands and walk back to a sleeping Penelope.

"Here." I put it on her head and kiss her.

I grab Niall's bags as he has Penelope and we walk to the car waiting. Niall puts Penelope in the seat next to him, Liam, Louis, and Zayn are sitting in the back and I'm sitting in the seat next to Penelope.

"Harry, you alright mate?" Zayn asks and I let out a deep breath.

"Im just tired of people doing this to us. She's just a baby and he didn't care if she froze to death."

"It's okay now. He doesn't have those pictures anymore." Liam assures me and I bring Penelope into my arms.

"No one will hurt you baby. I won't let them."


Next Morning

"Harry, are you up?" I groan and look next to me.

Penelope's sleeping on her belly with her mouth opened. I place her blanket over her and then my blanket on me.

"Harry!" Penelope jumps, but doesn't wake up.

I look to the door and Louis' standing there on on his phone. I look to my left to see Niall sleeping just like Penelope is on his bed. I laugh and sit up.

"Please tell me you have clothes on." Louis says, still looking at his phone. I stand up and shake my head when I notice I'm wearing my jeans still.

I pull them down and walk out of the room in my Calvin Klein boxers. Liam is making cereal and Zayn is asleep on the chair. I grab a bottled water from the fridge and settle myself down on the couch next to Zayn.

"What's the plan today boys?" I ask and Louis sits on the chair in front of the window.

"Where's Niall?" Liam asks and we all point to my bedroom.

"Okay. Anyways, we can go looking around. Do a bit of shopping. Anything I guess." He sits on the opposite side of the couch and eats his cereal. I rub my eyes and look at my watch.

"I'm still tired!" I yell and lean my head against the arm.

"You can go back to sleep." I glance up at Liam and shake my head.

"Then why did you get me up?"

"To tell you what we were going to do today." I smack his arm, not hard, and slowly walk back to my room.

I fall straight on my bed when I realize I wasn't alone. I quickly stumble off and throw around the covers in panic mode. I rush over to the other side of the bed and run my hands through my hair.

PENELOPE! I run out of the room and start searching everywhere she could fit.

"Penelope!" I yell and Zayn wakes in a startle.

"What's the matter mate?" He questions.

"Penelope's gone!" His eyes open wide and Louis and Liam get off the couch and help us look.

"Penelope! Penelope!" We yell as we search for my baby.

Niall stumbles out of the room with a blanket around him.

"What the hell is going on out here? Why are you lot shouting?" He questions while putting his sunglasses on.

"Penelope's missing!" I yell and he stops walking.

"No she's not." He says calmly and we all stop.

"What do you mean?" Louis asks.

"Where is she?" Zayn says. Niall pulls the blanket down to reveal and not so happy Penelope.

I run over to them, nearly slipping, and I embrace her in my arms.

"Penelope. Oh baby. I thought I lost you." I tell her as I sway from side to side.

"Just curious, but Niall. Mate, how'd she get in your bed?" Liam asks as he "pets" her head.

"I woke up to use the loo when I saw her staring at me. It kinda freaked me out, but then she got a giant smile on her face and I couldn't resist getting her."

"Let me know next time please." I say and he nods.

"Lets get ready for our day boys." Zayn says and we go back to our rooms to get ready.

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