Better than words

This is the sequel to " Being A rebel Has consequences". It's been four years now, Skylah is 6 , Emilin is 4 , Jade and Louis are married , Harry and Delilah are married and have a 2 year old son named Alexander (Alex) , Liam and Roxy are married and have a 2 year old daughter named Zoey, Niall and Samantha are married and have a 1 year old daughter named Rebecca (Becca) , Zayn and Perrie are married and have a year old daughter named Natalie. These past four years have been amazing. The best part is that they all live in a huge house in London and the kids all get their own rooms that makes one huge house. The boys are still touring , the kids are between the ages of 1 - 6 years old. Let's just say its one big family. This story includes lot's of drama..


5. Chapter four

Sammie's p.o.v

After we got back from the airport, Becca and I just cuddled on the couch. 2 months without Niall or any of the boys will be hard. I feel bad for Alex since he's the only boy. Soon after Becca fell asleep in my arms so I walked up stairs and put her in her crib. 

Roxannes p.o.v

Zoey seems still a little sad and I feel bad. It's not fair the fact she has to grow up her dad always going away but I'm sure she will learn its life. I picked her up then cradled her in my arms. Mummy loves you Zoey mum loves you I whispered in her ear. She smiled but then pouted. Daddy will come back don't you worry he loves you. She smiled and then wanted down. I put her down and she ran over to Alex and hugged him. He hugged back then kissed her cheek. I laughed my baby oh my where did you guys learn that? Alex laughed then said dada in his baby voice. I laughed yep your Harry's son. He smiled then they went to go play. 

I walked upstairs and saw Sky and Emma playing with their dolls in Emma's room. Perrie and Natalie where watching tv in Perrier room , Sam was asleep on her bed. Becca was in her crib , Jade was gaming in her room and Delilah was sleeping on her bed with one direction blasting. I smiled I already miss the boys. It seems like yesterday I had my hair blue and tons of piercings and my mum sent me to go live with them. What if I never went to go live with them? Liam and I wouldn't be married and we wouldn't have Zoe. Jade wouldn't have Sky or Emma , Perrie and zayn may have not had Natalie , Sam and Niall probably wouldn't of had Becca and Delilah and Harry wouldn't of had Alex or Alex wouldn't have Sky as a sister. All these thoughts in my head make me go crazy. What would we do without our loves or kids? I laid in my bed and just thought. Imagine a world where i never met the boys , never fell in love, louis never ever speaked to me again , no kids , and me with blue hair and piercings. Well that life sounds like hell i'd probably live on the streeets and probably die of over dose. After day dreaming for a while I decided to go make dinner for everyone. I walked into the kitchen and pulled out stuff to make homemade macaroni and cheese casserole with bacon bits. I made it then put it in the oven. After forty minutes it was done. I took it out then made all the kids a plate. I grabbed Alex and put him in his high chair that conects to the table. Then I grabbed Zoey and put her in her high chair that connects to the table. I went into Beccas room and I grabbed her then put her in her high chair that helps her sit up . I called Skylah and Emma down the stairs and then I woke all the girls up. We all sat at the table and ate as a family...

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