Better than words

This is the sequel to " Being A rebel Has consequences". It's been four years now, Skylah is 6 , Emilin is 4 , Jade and Louis are married , Harry and Delilah are married and have a 2 year old son named Alexander (Alex) , Liam and Roxy are married and have a 2 year old daughter named Zoey, Niall and Samantha are married and have a 1 year old daughter named Rebecca (Becca) , Zayn and Perrie are married and have a year old daughter named Natalie. These past four years have been amazing. The best part is that they all live in a huge house in London and the kids all get their own rooms that makes one huge house. The boys are still touring , the kids are between the ages of 1 - 6 years old. Let's just say its one big family. This story includes lot's of drama..


3. chapter 2

Jade's p.o.v

We all agreed to hire a baby sitter ( or two) and go clubbing. Sky's going over to her friend Katies house for a bit then coming home later. ( ITS FRIDAY) I hopped into the shower maybe or maybe not with Lou I'm not telling. After our I mean my shower I changed into my dress:

Then I dried and curled my hair, I applied my usual amount of make up then grabbed my purse. 

Roxanne's p.o.v

I'm going clubbing I sang, Liam laughed yes we all are babe. I got into the shower then changed into my dress:

I curled my hair into loose curls then applied my usual make up. I walked out of the bathroom and Liam whistled. You look quite fine yourself I said flirtatiously...

Sammie's p.o.v

I took a shower then changed into my dress

I dried my hair and let it be naturally wavy, I applied pink plum lip gloss , eyeliner , mascara , and did a smokey eye. I walked out and all Niall did was stare. Take a picture it will last longer I smirked.  He literally pulled his phone out and took a picture. I laughed you actually did it. Well now when ever I'm away I can look at that picture and think of my hot sexy wife he said in a amazing tone. I smiled then pecked his lips.

Perrie's p.o.v

I dried my hair then changed into a perfect dress:

I applied red lipstick , smokey eye , eyeliner , and blush. I walked out and Zayn tackled me into a kiss. I'm so lucky to have such a beautiful wife like you. I smiled I am lucky to have a incredibly handsome husband. I love you Perrie , Zayn said in a loving tone, I love you to babe I smiled he still makes me have butterflies in my stomach,

Delilah's p.o.v

Oh Harry I said, Come take a shower with me. Within a few seconds he was already for a shower, I laughed.   After our shower I dried my hair and then braided my bangs and then clipped them to the side of my head, leaving the rest of my hair down. I applied my usual ammount of make up then changed into my dress, 

Harry picked me up bridal style and I nearly screamed. I kissed Alex's head good bye and we all got into the Limo.


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