Better than words

This is the sequel to " Being A rebel Has consequences". It's been four years now, Skylah is 6 , Emilin is 4 , Jade and Louis are married , Harry and Delilah are married and have a 2 year old son named Alexander (Alex) , Liam and Roxy are married and have a 2 year old daughter named Zoey, Niall and Samantha are married and have a 1 year old daughter named Rebecca (Becca) , Zayn and Perrie are married and have a year old daughter named Natalie. These past four years have been amazing. The best part is that they all live in a huge house in London and the kids all get their own rooms that makes one huge house. The boys are still touring , the kids are between the ages of 1 - 6 years old. Let's just say its one big family. This story includes lot's of drama..


2. chapter 1

Roxanne's p.o.v

Four years have past, Liam and I are married!!! We have a beautiful ,Adventurous , and quite smart rainbow baby who is 18 months and is named Zoey. She has a light brown hair and brown eyes just like her daddy's. She loves to play and hardly ever cry's. Her nursery is all rainbow themed because she is our rainbow baby. ( Baby born after a previous miscarriage) We love her to bits. She loves to play with Skylah and Emma. Her best friend is Alex because their so close and age and they both can walk and Alex is so funny and cheeky. Becca is a very sweet and calm but she is quite fussy. Natalie is a fun baby  and is just crawling and is able to sit up on her own. Zoey's  birthday is April 4th.  Alex's birthday is October 15th , Skylah's birthday is September 13th , Emma's birthday is December 4th, Natalie's birthday is October 7th , and Becca's birthday is January 21rst. It's crazy how over these four years our lives have changed. I also still can't believe we all live together. 


7 am

I picked Zoey out of her crib because she is a little bit fussy. I hushed her then changed her diaper. Mummies girl is getting so big I cooed. She smiled, let's go eat some num nums I said in my best baby voice. I picked her up then walked downstairs. Sam was feeding Becca on the couch, Alex was drinking a bottle and snacking on cheerios while watching Toopy and Binoo, and Perrie is feeding Natalie oatmeal and strawberries in her highchair. I put Zoey in her high chair then put a bib on her. I then started making her oatmeal and Raspberries. I put some into a bowl then gave it to her a long with a sippy cup full of apple juice. 

Jadelyn's p.o.v

I got out of bed Louis still sound asleep. I slipped my slippers and bath robe on then walked out of the room. I went into Skylah's room and she was asleep in her bed snoring. I gently shook her awake and repeated Honey it's time to get up you have school. She woke up and then I went to go make her lunch.

Skylah's p.o.v

Mum woke me up then she left to go make me a lunch. I got out of bed then yawned. I went to my dresser and got my dark blue denim jumper , a red and white stripey top ,rainbow socks, and my navy blue flats with a button up side. My socks go up to 3 cm below my knee. It's my favorite outfit. After getting dressed I went into the bathroom and brushed my hair. I left it down but put my rainbow clip in. I walked down stairs so mummy can make me breakfast. Emma is sleeping still, all the other kids are playing in the living room. 

Jade's p.o.v

 I walked down stairs and then grabbed Sky's lunch kit. I opened it and then placed it on the counter. I opened the fridge and pulled out cheese , and ham. I grabbed some crackers and made her a nice little thing of cheese and crackers. I throw a juice box , a small cookie , and a few apple slices in then put her lunch kit in her book bag. She comes down the stairs we get ready to go then we head to school. 

Louis p.o.v

I woke up and it was eight, I got out of bed and I heard Emma whimpering. I walked to her bedroom and she was crying in bed. The minute she saw me her face lightened up. Honey whats wrong? I asked. Nothing I just missed you daddy she said in a baby voice. Awe hunny daddy is here I said cooing her. I sat next to her and then wrapped my arms around her. Daddy will always protect you and if you need me then I will be there like a rocket ship.  I love you dwaddy. I love you to baby girl come on lets go get breakfast. I picked her up and then walked down stairs. Morning Lou Sam said. Morning I replied. I put Emma down and she sat at the table in her booster seat. Emma what would you like? A raspberry smoooothiee and a piece of toast she said in her baby voice. I made it and then we both sat at the table enjoying the same thing.

Sam's p.o.v

Alright Becca let's go have a nap shall we. I picked her up then walked up stairs. I put her in her crib then went into our room. Niall was sitting on the bed on twitter. Morning babe I smiled. Morning Sexy he said flirtatiously.  He turned his lap top off and then stood up walking over to me. I bit my lip , god your so damn hot right now I said. Niall slowly sucked on my neck giving me a hickey. I closed the door and then slid off his shirt. He locked the door then he took my shirt off. I unbuckled his pants and he unbuckled my bra.....

Perrie's p.o.v

Toopy Toopy Binoo Binoo Toopy and Binoo the t.v sang. Natalie gurgled. Alex and her are watching their favorite show Toopy and Binoo. Becca is napping and Louis and Emma are playing out side. Harry and Delilah are out so I'm watching Alex for them. Jade came into the house and then sat next to me. I've been thinking we should all go clubbing tonight and call a baby sitter? She said.  That sounds great............


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