This is the story about five exceptional people. Halfbloods, if you like.
(This is Percy Jackson Fanfic, not Heroes of Olympus.)

(Key of Writing
Una- RainbowDashicorn;
Leliana- Reena Scarlette;
Blade and Brooklyn - FallenAngel2014;
Brooklyn Ann-Brynna Shadownight)


8. What's So Interesting About Topeka? (Lilianna)

After the Oracle's "Prophecy", we headed straight for Topeka. After the day long drive, the hours of Una staring at me and Brooklyn ignoring everybody I was ready to kill some monsters. We arrived after 21 hours of driving, and I asked for the last time

"Why couldn't we use a plane!?"

The driver answered, "Because Zeus is angry at you."

"Of course...But why is Zeus angry at us?"

"We don't know. What do you think??"

"Um...Because... "

"That's exactly what I thought." We stopped at some random motel and bedded down for the night. In the morning we went to the Topeka Library. Sounds exciting, right? I still have no idea how it could be important.

Una went to the checkout counter carrying some books on Greek mythology,  Brooklyn settled down on a computer, and I went to the nonfiction section. I was browsing when I felt somebody watching me. I whirled around and came face to face with a Woman with Brown Hair and Grey eyes. I instantly knew it was Athena.

"What are you doing here" I asked her.

"I am telling you how you have angered the Gods. Backbiter has been stolen. Zeus, in his paranoia, has accused you three. I find the idea illogical. Why would you? A certain person who wishes to remain unnamed would like to meet you at the Topeka cemetery at 8:00. That is my message."

With that, she disappeared. I told Una and Brooklyn what had happened and we all agreed to go. Scared, we ate lunch and at 8, we went to the cemetery. It was really creepy  and all of a sudden- poof! - Brooklyn and Una disappeared. I heard a booming voice saying


I turned around and I saw a man with black hair, olive skin, and tortured faces in his garments.

Compared to other gods I've seen, this one is definitely the one that ...what's the phrase?...Ah. Exudes the most power. He made me want to just drop down and worship him. It was as if  the air was imbued with his presence. I instantly knew that this was Hades. He spoke, and the words were smooth as silk. 

"I assume you are Liliana." he said. "Y-yes." I managed to stutter out. He gave a cocky smile.

"I hear you are on an adventure with my neice." He says. Neice... does he mean Una? That must mean he's... " You are the daughter of Athena, aren't you? Hades, yes. That is who I am."

"You are to go immediately to Kansas City. While there you may meet a teenage boy with  black hair to the top of his shoulders, who has an AC/DC t-shirt, ripped jeans at the knees and a pair of worn combat boots. Do not kill him. he may prove useful in the future. That is all. Goodbye."

With that. he disappeared and a disoriented Brooklyn and Una appeared next to me.

"Well guys, let's go to Kansas City!"


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