This is the story about five exceptional people. Halfbloods, if you like.
(This is Percy Jackson Fanfic, not Heroes of Olympus.)

(Key of Writing
Una- RainbowDashicorn;
Leliana- Reena Scarlette;
Blade and Brooklyn - FallenAngel2014;
Brooklyn Ann-Brynna Shadownight)


3. Perfect. Just perfect.

 I'm Liliana. Liliana means Lily. Its Summer now, so I'm at Camp Half-Blood. I'm a year-rounder. My mother is Athena, I've never met my dad. When that little basket dropped at his doorstep, he drop-kicked it to the orphanage. When I was 11, monsters came. There was this dragon lady that was a substitute teacher, and so many more monsters...I don't want to talk about it. After a year, a satyr came to our school, and he took me to Camp Half-Blood. After another year, Athena finally claimed me. I've been here for a while, and I'm always the one who meets newcomers. one day a car pulled up to the boundary line. I ran to the edge and gasped. A Fury was chasing them. I ran over to the car, pulled the door open, and pulled the girl in the car over the boundary line.

I yelled to her mom-or at least I assume it was her mom- "Get away from here!" She looked bewildered, but she jumped into the car and drove away.

"What's your name?"I asked the girl.

"U-Una."She stuttered out.

"Well Una, let's get you to Chiron at the Big House. He'll help."
"OK."She said, and together we walked to the Big House.

As we come to the deck of the house, she stopped. I rolled my eyes, annoyed. She looks at the ground.

"What the gods is it?" I angrily asked, not having much time. She looked up, her braid swinging around her.

"I don't even know your name." She whispered. I stomped my foot, before quickly answering.

"My name is Liliana, I'm sixteen years old, I'm the daughter of Athena, and I live in Cabin 6. That answer your question?" I said, dragging her up the steps. I loudly knocked on the door, Chiron answering it. He ushered us inside.

"Furies. Chasing her, just like the one chasing me yesterday." I said. His face is grave, and he answers, solemnly.

"Oh no. Do you know her parent?" He asked. I shook my head, but as to clear things up for him, I continued.

"Her mom dropped her off here. Her father is the godly one. No signs have appeared, either." I explained, and he shook his head. Looking at Una's face, he quietly whispered to himself.

He threw a glass of water at her. It directed towards me, splattering my face. My hair was soaked, but then I looked where Chiron was looking. Her head. Above it lay a green trident.

Perfect. Just Perfect.

She was a daughter of Poseidon.

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