This is the story about five exceptional people. Halfbloods, if you like.
(This is Percy Jackson Fanfic, not Heroes of Olympus.)

(Key of Writing
Una- RainbowDashicorn;
Leliana- Reena Scarlette;
Blade and Brooklyn - FallenAngel2014;
Brooklyn Ann-Brynna Shadownight)


4. My Dad Is What?

'Poseidon was brother to Zeus and Hades. These three gods divided up creation. Zeus was ruler of the sky, Hades had dominion of the Underworld and Poseidon was given all water, both fresh and salt.

Although there were various rivers personified as gods, these would have been technically under Poseidon's sway. Similarly, Nereus, the Old Man of the Sea, wasn't really considered on a par with Poseidon, who was known to drive his chariot through the waves in unquestioned dominance. Poseidon had married Nereus's daughter, the sea-nymph Amphitrite.'


I watch my mom drive away, as the fury gets closer and closer. She's about an inch away, when someone grabs my backpack, yanking me through a large gate entrance. I stare at the girl, years older than me. She's breathing heavily.

"What's your name?" She asked quickly, her eyes gocused outsiee the gate. The fury was still there, waiting for her chance. I could tell it was making the girl a bit uncomfortable. 

"I-I'm u-Una." I stutter, and she looks down at me. I was supposed to start seventh grade this year. Now greek myths are are filling my life like a story. I don't like it.

The girl continues to stare at me. "Well, una, let's get you to Chiron, at the Big House. He'll help." She quickly says, pulling me towards something large, resembling a big of a farmhouse. It's painted sky blue, a long deck trimming the side of it. The girl continues to lead me, when I stop. She stares at me, again.

"I don't even know your name." I shyly say. With a huff, she answers.

"I'm Liliana, I'm sixteen, and I'm daughter of Athena, goddess of wisdom and battle strategy, my home is cabin 6. Does that answer your question? Because we need to go." She pulls on my arm, trying to lead me up to the house. I yank my arm out of her grasp, awalking up myself. I am not a little kid. 

Liliana knocks on the door, and a centaur answers it. For some reason, I do not look or feel aghast, knowing that this is Chiron, the centaur who has trained many great heroes. He looks at me, then to Liliana, who seems to be a bit worried.

"Furies...chasing her. Just like the one yesterday." Liliana explains when Chiron gives a puzzled look. Fury yesterday? When? Where? How? So many questions where popping up into my head. So much confusion cluttering my mind.

"Oh no." Is all Chiron says, before gesturing us into the house. I feel shy, smaller than I was. This did not feel right.

"Do you know her parent?" He asked. Liliana shook her head. I stared at them. 'Parent?' What do they mean 'parent.' I wondered. Liliana does speak up.

"Her mom dropped her off. Her father is the godly one. I just don't know which one that would be. She hasn't shown any signs." Says Liliana. Signs? What are they talking about? Befors I can question, Chiron looks me over. My dark hair and seagreen eyes are all he looks at, before walking, or... trotting? Back to a table. He throws a glass of water at me. I stare at it, not wanting to get wet. These were the only close I had with me. The water changed direction, hurtling toward Liliana, now. It hits her face, and then I laugh a bit. Chiron stares above my head, though nothings there. He knows who I am, I can tell. Just then, something does appear. A green trident.

"Oh gods!" Liliana starts. "So, first she gets chased by one of the furies, then she's the daughter of a major god? What the underworld is going on here!?" She asks.

"My dad is what?" I ask her. Chiron shakes his head.

"Not 'what', but who." He replies.

Chiron leads us to the gate. People stare at us along the way, and i just stare at them, as they throw spears, ride pegusi, and fight with swords. I can only wonder what is going on, and why Liliana said that I was 'daughter of a major gods' Greek myths aren't real, are they. if they are, who is my father? I keep thinking of questions, when we reach the gate.

The fury is gone, but I can see a girl running towards us. Liliana stares aghast, yet Chiron is the one to speak. The girl gets closer and closer.

"And now a huntress is apart of this dilemma."

I turn to him, and Chiron sighs. "A huntress, or Artemis' Hunters. They visit every once in a while. They are immortal, and never marry or wed. They don't trust males. But they will trust females. You two are females. Maybe you could ask what's wrong." He says, the girl almost to the gate. I realize something. Something odd.

A fury is chasing her.

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