tatiana excpected the usual for her birthday, a gift card to the best shopping center in town,Paradise. Although she was shocked when she opened the little card her foster mum gave her and she found a letter and a ticket that changed her entire life.


2. chapter 1

"happy birthday,sweetie" my dad says kissing my forehead as I walk downstairs.

"have a great day at school, and we have a really great gift fpr you this year"my mum says in her thick irish accent which i hadn't  inherited,Instead I inherited my dads british accent.

Today is my 18th birthday,and im determned to make this one special.

every year all I do is spend the day at school and come home to my parents giving me a gift card to some shop.I want  this birthday to be different, you only turn 18 once right?

"thanks " i say huggging both of my parents  and I quickly run out the door.

never a good idea to be late to class on your birthday

as soon as I walk in I hear lots of people wishing me a happy birthday, which I found a bit odd since most of those people never talked to me before.



*long boring hours of school later*

"okay sweety, i think you should sit down for this one" my mum says smiling just a bit.

"alright what is it?" I ask eager to know what the surprise is.

"you know how you said you have always wanted a brother? well..."


cliff hanger sorry oh well I will do a double update later today xx


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