Hi, My Name is Alex Bemis, and this is my life. I'm 16, Blonde hair blue eyes. My mum died in a car crash back when I was 9. I'm always getting abused from my stepdad since then. I couldn't bare see a happy future so I turned to self-harm, till I met Luke. He helped me get threw my pain. So here is my story...


37. Working

Alex's POV:

~2 months later~

I'm 3 months pregnant and me and Harry broke up and me and Luke got back together. Me and Luke promised to forget the past and start fresh. We moved to Sydney. We moved into a mansion. A lot of space for a kid. I stayed in touch with the lady from the pharmacy Sierra. Luckily she now lives in Sydney and will be our neighbour. I stayed in touch with Jenna, Ryan, and Mercedes. Luke, Oliver, Andy, Jack, Ashton, Michael, and Calum where painting the babies room and setting up a play ground in the backyard. While they did that me and the girls went shopping.

"Lets start here" Mercedes said as she stopped infront of Babies'R'Us. We went in and went to new babies section. Now that Luke is really rich with his band we could spend as much money as we want. I saw this perfect crib thats safe and netted. It was the exact colours that the babies room was gonna be light purple and white. We bought that. We bought a stroller, a baby book shelf, a rocking chair, a table made for diaper changing that has a section for where it holds wipes and diapers, and we bought a car seat. We luckily are getting all the stuff getting trucked over by later today.

After that we went to Barnes and Nobles. We bought lots of baby books, and books about parenting. When we finished there we went to a place where they sold stuffed animals. I wanted to get my baby to fall in love with pandas. So we bought a huge stuffed panda and 10 smaller sized pandas. One more stop. We went to this place where they sold these stickers meant for walls. We bought flowers and Lego stickers since me and Luke decided to find out when the baby's born.

Once we got back home the boys where done painting and done with the playground. It was amazing. We all relaxed for an hour or 2 and the truck came. They put all of the things in me and Luke's room since its connected. I began to help but Ashton stopped me.

"You can't help" Ashton said

"Why?" I asked

"Because your carrying a baby we don't want you to get hurt" Ashton said.

"Oh ok" I said

"You could help when we're gone with the furniture" He said. I nodded and waited an hour tweeting and following people.

Ryan, Jenna, and Mercedes and I grabbed all the shopping bags and went upstairs. We put down are bags and I put on Pandora. The song Famous Last Words from My Chemical Romance came on. Jenna put the books on the book shelf, Ryan did the stuffed animals, Mercedes and I put white curtains up so there won't be that much sun. When we finished we looked around the room.

"Perfect" we all said. The girls went down hairs and I stayed up here just walking around the room.

"Hey babe what yeah going?" Luke said coming in

"I just can't believe we're having a family. The best family with you" I said. Luke stood in front of me and put his hand on my stomach. He leaned down. And kissed my belly

"Mummy is perfect just like you" Luke said to my stomach making me smile.

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