Hi, My Name is Alex Bemis, and this is my life. I'm 16, Blonde hair blue eyes. My mum died in a car crash back when I was 9. I'm always getting abused from my stepdad since then. I couldn't bare see a happy future so I turned to self-harm, till I met Luke. He helped me get threw my pain. So here is my story...


18. Stay Here?

Still Alex's POV:

I got up and went to the middle of the living room. I closed my eyes and deep breath.

Be still and know that I'm with you

Be still and know that I am here

Be still and know that I'm with you

Be still, be still, and know

When darkness comes upon you

And covers you with fear and shame

Be still and know that I'm with you

And I will say your name

If terror falls upon your bed

And sleep no longer comes

Remember all the words I said

Be still, be still, and know

And when you go through the valley

And the shadow comes down from the hill

If morning never comes to be

Be still, be still, be still

If you forget the way to go

And lose where you came from

If no one is standing beside you

Be still and know I am

Be still and know that I'm with you

Be still and know I am

(Be still - the fray)

When I opened my eyes and looked around almost all of them looked shocked. I started to blush. Everybody except for Vic had there jaw dropped. Vic was now over next to Kellin crying in his chest.

"That was beautiful" - Vic

"Why didn't you tell me you could sing?" - Luke

"Voice of an angel" - Oliver

I could feel my cheeks get even redder and surprised at there comments. I always thought I sounded awful. Luke got up and gave me a hug.

"You are amazing. Your gonna be even more famous when people here you sing babe" - Luke

"What do you mean" I asked

"Your trending on twitter and Instagram right now from us walking" Luke said and got out his phone and showed me.






I didn't believe what I was seeing. I then got out my phone and went on my new twitter.

1,681 new followers

"@Alex_Bemis16 Your so lucky! I love you please follow me" - @Cassandra_bemimngs

"@alex_bemis16 @Luke5SOS your the perfect couple ever! Please adopt me! #LuxeLover" -@Sierra5SOS

Etc. There where so many! I felt so happy, I started to cry of happiness. When Luke saw me crying he held me tight and kissed my forehead.

"Your so cute when you cry but yet it hurts to see you cry" Luke said

"Aww" Kellin said and interrupted are cute moment

"Hey Jack?" Luke asked

"Yeah?" He responded

"Can we stay here tonight?" Luke asked

"Sure" Jack said

"I mean as long as Alex's ok with it?" Luke said and looked at me.

"I'm fine as long as your with me" I replied to Luke.

"Aww" Vic said making me laugh. He probably sees me and Luke as a romantic movie.

"Ok but can I barrow a car? We didn't really bring anything to stay" Luke said to Jack

"Yeah sure dude" Jack said

"Ok be back in maybe 30 minutes" Luke said.

"Ok bye" Jack said

"Bye" me and Luke said at the same time. Luke leaded me to this room where Jack disappeared of to get the keys. When we walked in there, there where 7 different cars there and a rack of keys hanging up with labels:

"Kellin" with keys under it

"Andy" with keys under it

"Vic" with keys under it

"Oliver" with keys under it

"Jack" with keys under it

"Group car" with keys under it

And "guest" with no keys under it.

Luke went to the black mustang that must be the guest car then.

"Ok so off to pick are stuff up" Luke said

"Yep" I replied as we got in the car and off back to the house.

"So why aren't we walking?" I asked

"We don't want to get attacked with fans again, and now that we're trending all over there would be even more people than last time" Luke said. I nodded and turned on the radio. Luckily I turned it on the right time, a new song came on. Oh my god it can't be, my favourite song I ever heard came on. 'Here (in my arms) by hellogoodbye. I would always here this song in the gas station. I started singing along with it.

"I like where we are, when we drive in your car" I sang. I saw Luke look over at me with a smile and a small laugh

"What?" I asked

"Nothing it's just that I'm surprised you know my favorite song" he said

"Well it's my favorite song first so back off" I joked around and punched his shoulder really lighting and we both bursted out laughing. About 10 second later we both sang alone to the song and enjoyed the car ride.

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