Hi, My Name is Alex Bemis, and this is my life. I'm 16, Blonde hair blue eyes. My mum died in a car crash back when I was 9. I'm always getting abused from my stepdad since then. I couldn't bare see a happy future so I turned to self-harm, till I met Luke. He helped me get threw my pain. So here is my story...


19. Sleep Over

Luke's POV:

Alex is so amazing, her voice sounded amazing. It took us about 10 minutes in the car to get back home. When we parked I looked all around to see if there where any people around before we got out. When the coast was clear we got out and went in the house.

"Ok take your time packing" I said and started to make my way upstairs.

"Wait" Alex said making me stop in place

"What babe?" I asked

"How long are we staying there for?" She asked.

"1 or 2 nights" I replied

"Ok" she said and we both went into are rooms I got out one of my luggage bags from under my bed. I unzipped it and got out my iPhone and made a check list. First things first: Clothes for tomorrow. When I finished I went through my list:

1. Clothes for tomorrow

2. Boxers

3. Hair gel

4. Tooth brush/paste

5. Charger

6. Pajamas


7. If I'm lucky: condoms

I then zipped up my bag and went to the living room to see Jenna and Ryan sitting with Calum and Michael

"Hey where you going?" Jenna asked

"I'm going to stay at the lads house" I replied

"Who do you mean by lads?" Ryan asked. Before I could speak Michael spoke up.

"5sos is mates and Andy, Oliver, Vic, Jack, and Kellin are the lads" he said. He practically stole my words. I just nodded my head

"What about Alex?" Jenna asked

"She's coming with" I replied

"Well instead we should have a party" Ryan yelled

"What do you mean?" I asked confused

"Ok so call them to invite there girlfriends too and invite all of us to come" Ryan said. Actually that did sound kind of fun.

"So Alex and you, me and Calum, Ryan and Michael, Andy and Juliet, Oliver and Alice." Katie said

"I like the idea but what about Ashton, Jack, Vic, and Kellin?" I asked

"Well I think they'll be ok?" Michael said

"Ok I'll call Jack" I replied. I left the room and called. It took 3 rings before someone answered.

"Hello?" Jack said

"Hey its Luke, can everybody come? Including everybody's girlfriends?" I asked

"Ok but first I have to find out with all the lads, I'll text you what they say" he replied.

"Ok great bye lad" I replied

"Bye" he said and we both hung up.

It took about 5 mins to get the text from Jack

From: Jack

So they all said they could do that


Yes! I went back in and told them. Just then Alex came down. I told her what was gonna happened. She smiled and seemed to agree.

I gave everybody time to get ready to go. Ashton left early but didn't tell me where.

30 mins later

We all sat down in the living room waiting for Ashton to come. I then got a text

From: Ash

It's ok to go on without me, I'll meet you their.

- Ash

I replied

To: ash

Ok thx. See u soon.


I told everybody that ash would be late. Then we where on are way there.

Later that night at Jacks

We all sat in a circle in their living room telling each other stuff weird things. There was a knock on the door.

"I'LL GET IT!!!!!!" Juliet got up and ran towards the door.

"ASHTON'S HERE!!!" She yelled

In walked Ashton and he wasn't alone.

It was all quite until Alex spoke up


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