Hi, My Name is Alex Bemis, and this is my life. I'm 16, Blonde hair blue eyes. My mum died in a car crash back when I was 9. I'm always getting abused from my stepdad since then. I couldn't bare see a happy future so I turned to self-harm, till I met Luke. He helped me get threw my pain. So here is my story...


31. Shock

Alex's POV:

Luke just ran out of the room then about 5 minutes later I heard the front door open and slam. I was just shocked by those 3 things he just told me. I don't know what to think. He's bisexual, and cuts. The biggest thing that I noticed was that he has more cuts than me. He can't escape being bisexual like how I escaped Max. I don't even know where he went. I didn't know what to do. I was thinking about if I should call Vic. Well once I started to think about it. If Vic didn't tell Luke I would probably still be in the hospital. So I kind of forgive Vic for braking the promise. I then got up and went to my room. I grabbed my phone and called Vic. It took About 4 rings until he answered

"Hello?" I heard a familiar voice that wasn't Vic's'

"Um is Vic there?" I said with my voice shaking from being on the urge of crying.

"Babe, you have a call!!!!" I heard the person yell then I figured it was Kellin. It took about a minute of waiting

"Hello?" Vic said

"Hey, it's A-Alex" I said beginning to stutter and cry

"Alex, what's wrong. Are you ok?" Vic said sounding nervous.

"Can y-you come over, p-pl-please? ASAP" I said

"Of course I'm on my way there right now" Vic said

"ok thanks Vic" I said

"No probs be there in maybe 10 minutes" Vic said

"Ok" I said.

I then went to my dresser to find Mr. B to make a few quick cuts. "Fuck, fuck, fuck, FUCK NO!!!!!" I yelled out. It's GONE! I then ran to the bathroom to grab a new razor. I opened the shower curtain and there was none there. Luke. HE TOOK THEM ALL! I fell to the ground and in the bathroom and cried. I heard my phone ring about 10 times but I didn't bother getting up and getting it.

"ALEX!!!!!" I heard Vic yell. I was to upset to answer

"ALEX!!?!?! WHERE ARE YOU?!?!?" I heard him yell. I then heard heard his footprints run upstairs.

"Alex please stop scaring me like this!" I heard him yell finally I just broke down screaming on top of my lungs. Trying to let out all of my emotions. He then came rushing in the bathroom and hugged me he then carried me to my room not saying a word. He then put me on my bed.

"Ok, I'll be back in just one minute" Vic said and left my room. From hearing his loud shoes he didn't really go anywhere he just stood outside my door. I know it's rude to ease drop but I kinda did.

"Hey babe, can you come down here please I need a little help" I heard him say. It was just a minute of silence then Vic replied

"Ok, thanks love you" He said and walked back in here.

"Ok, just relax a little then we'll talk" He said to me. I shook my head and he smiled. He sat down on my desk chair and played with his phone. I just laid down and tried to breathe slowly and closed my eyes.

~10 minutes later~

I was practically asleep till I heard my door open. I then looked up and saw Kellin. He simply waved to me. He looked a little more pail and skinnier then last time I saw him.

"Ok so Kellin's gonna watch ya while I make us all some tea" Vic said and left

"Kellin?" I asked

"Yeah?" He replied

"From last time I saw you, you where a little darker and looked like a normal guy. Now you look pail and skinny as a twig. What happened?" I asked

"Didn't they tell you?" He asked. I shook my head and had s confused look on my face

"Well, last month you lost a lot of you blood almost half of all of it. When you got to the hospital they didn't have enough of your blood type to give you, so when I found out. I found out we where the same blood type soooo. I donated a lot of my blood to you" Kellin said. I was even more shocked and I wanted to hug him and thank him. But I was to weak to get out of bed.

"Thanks Kellin" I said and smiled. He smiled back, a second later Vic came bursting in the room with a tray of mugs. He handed one to Kellin.

"Here you go" Vic said handing me mine. He put down the tray and took his and sat down

"So, Alex what happened?" Vic asked

"Well umm, where do I began... So once I got back home from the hospital earlier today I started to think about how to tell Luke about my one night stand but instead of telling him I cut myself on my stomach. About an hour ago me and Luke where in his room umm about to y'know' and he saw the cuts. He stopped and stared. He told me 3 secrets of his. 1: That you told him what happened, 2: ermm he said he was the same. He cuts too. He showed me his cuts on his legs. And 3: He was bisexual and used to go out with Calum was with Mike and he became jealous and began to cut. So I don't know what to do" I sad beginning to cry again. Kellin and Vic got up and gave me a hug and sat on both sides of me

"I could feel your pain. It's hard. I don't really know what to say" Vic said

"Well I always think its best to move away from the pain. And your pain is Luke. I think it's best if you stay with us. This means you have to delete his number, unfollow him, block him, and ignore him if you see each other in public" Kellin said. I nodded my head

"Thanks guys. Your the best" I said and hugged them. After we finished are teas we began to gather all my stuff and put it in there cars. Once I got in Vic's' car I did what Kellin told me to do.

"Ok so, Oliver, Jack, and Andy all moved in with there girlfriend so now the house is only us 3 now" Vic said

"Ok thanks again" I said. I began to think that i'm ok with them being gay. But with finding out about a boyfriend being Bi makes me think it's a bigger risk with a lot of things like cheating, his sexual times, his thoughts. But now It's in the past. He's the past.

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